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[NSW] E10 Petrol $0.499/L @ Metro (Milperra)


Cheapest petrol by far. Not sure why. I only filled up 26L :(

Location: 146 Beaconsfield St, Milperra NSW 2214

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  • 10% carbon

  • May be their petrol is expiring

    The self life for E10 is about 1 month

    • I know nothing about fuel but deal with transport company rates and my workplace is getting charged some of the lowest fuel surcharges for the past two or three months. Usually around 9-12% between the companies now 6.5%

      Not sure how that translates to unleashed but I've had a few good full ups for around $1.10/L lately in Sydney

  • I am always suspicious when it is so much cheaper than 'normal', definitely keep your receipt just in case.

  • Get to the Jerry can!

  • Close to expiry date? 😂

  • Wouldn’t use E10 even if it was 10 cents

    • What's wrong with E10? I thought most modern cars primarily run off E10 and ULP91 unless you have a euro or high end vehicle.

      • Plenty of euro vehicles with run on E10, and there is nothing wrong with running E10 in a modern petrol car.

        I've found the consumption of E10 is substantially higher than the saving over standard 91RON, so it effectively costs more, not less.

      • Just not great for cars based on info by mechanics. You get a lot more mileage with 95 or 98 too, even if they cost less they’re better in the long run

        • Old cars sure, but modern cars that have been designed for it won't have any issues.

        • My M135i takes e10 and there's no noticeable difference to the mileage. Works perfectly even with the start/stop. It also helps Aussie sugar farmers. Take a look at the percentage of ethanol that Brazil uses, as well as most of Europe.
          It says on the petrol flap that my car takes e10, so I'm following the manufacturer specs. I'm guessing BMW wouldn't risk advising that e10 is suitable if it had the chance of destroying their cars.

        • I wonder this too, sometimes when I’m empty almost and the 95 is cheapish I feel like that 95 full tank would last longer, then on days when it’s super expensive then I just go back to e10. Having said that I also notice just plain 91 also has a slightly better long run than e10, this could all be in my mind butbyeah.

        • You get a lot more mileage with 95 or 98

          And 91

          • @spaceflight: Really depends on the car. So this shouldn't be a general statement.

            My Focus has no difference in mileage regardless of E10/91/95/98. So I just use E10.

        • Depends on the car. Our 2 modern cars deliver the same economy on all fuels.

      • The facts about E10:
        Higher octane; ~94RON (YMMV)
        At a 10% mixture, we get 3.4% lower energy density
        Improved emissions
        Higher latent heat of vaporization in pure ethanol (854kJ/kg vs. 289kJ/kg)

        The benefits of E10:

        • Higher octane allows ICE systems to potentially advance timing, increasing the effective compression ratio and improving thermal efficiency.
        • Lower emissions are obviously beneficial (but less convincingly there is also some evidence to show that cleaner exhaust gas will lessen the efficiency impact of EGR's)
        • Better thermal properties; pure ethanol has a much higher latent heat of vaporization resulting in improved thermal load removal (mostly around cylinder heads and walls). Although too much cooling can be a negative (changes your emissions makeup, certainly not the case with e10).

        The negatives of E10:

        • Cost; it's rarely more than 3.4% cheaper than unleaded91 (YMMV)
        • Reliability (controversial); we've known and used ethanol blends for at least 30 years now, and it's ubiquitous nowadays. Millions of engineering/research hours have been spent across the globe on the topic, I'm gonna go ahead give them the benefit of the doubt as opposed to the local mechanic or the random guy on an internet forum (me).
        • Hygroscopic properties; pure ethanol readily absorbs water, reducing life span. Not really a problem unless you have a specific use case.

        Basically, YMMV give it a test in your car, go about your day, collect the best data you can and come to your own conclusion regarding fuel efficiency. Some cars will show no difference, others will show a large decrease/increase in efficiency.

        Please add more if anyone can think of anything or somethings wrong.

        • I'd read that in older cars, the plastics that are in contact with the fuel might deteriorate because of the ethanol… But that's gotta be a really old car from the 70s or something

        • I know that the E10 United petrol use is 95 RON. That info is on their website. I have been using it for over 2.5 years now and get my car V. W Jetta MY12, regularly serviced and never had an issue. I get over 800 kms to a 55 litre tank of mixed driving about 65/35 % country/city.

          As it always 2 cents a litre less and United are an Australian owned company, I will continue to fill up with their E10, unless someone who actually knows what they are talking about advises me differently.

        • Thank you for this.

          Almost every comment is comparing ethanol as a pure product, rather than E10. People think its as simple as looking up the properties of ethanol and saying 'this has less energy than the average gasoline product, so its worse".

          Its also worth noting that the comparison should be on a volumetric basis, your purchase is based on L, and injections are done on volumes not masses.

        • If your fuel and oil are mixing, you've got bigger problems mate.

          Also have a look into why run race cars on an ethanol mix… it's not to make them run hotter.

        • I monitor my engine temp and it sticks to 90C so I'm not sure where you get your information from… Especially when people here are saying there's less energy density. I think you'd better watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix!

          • @maddoglee: On a different note, I think everyone should watch The Social Dilemma… It's such a good documentary and really opens our eyes up to the fragmented world around us in regards to the information we receive

    • How about 9 cents?

    • Depends in the servo. The ethanol in e10 can absorb water so not approved for marine or aviation use. Metro Servos are very dicey, and you have to be careful at some 7 elevens. Caltex woolworths and Coles express have newer generation pumps, and double walled fibre glass tanks underneath the ground, so generally less water ingress. I use 95 myself at select Servos as you end up getting 98 for a cheaper price as they literally run the same tanks for 95 and 98 and the only difference is the colour of the nozzle and stickers.

      • 95 from Coles?
        Mostly see 90 unleaded, E10 and 98 premium.

      • Very true about ethanol absorbing water which is no good for any infernal combustion engine.

        Also ethanol is quite aggressive to several elastomers, such as nitrile. Even viton isn't completely compatible with ethanol over time. These elastomers make up the fuel line, seals and gaskets.

        TBH, if you're planning to keep the your car for 10 years or more just stay away from E10 which will avoid the seals degrading quicker because of the E10.

        Heck! Just stay away from E10 generally. The savings are not there in terms of millage per $.

        • Any water would have been boiled away by an infernal combustion engine.

          • @alvian: True, water doesn't ignite, but can cause misfires, rough idle, but I doubt you would absorb enough water for these symptoms to present themselves.

            Infernal was used as an in-joke.

        • What are the Brazilians gonna do if they live by your credo?
          I had a 92 corolla the took e10 for 15 years and still started 1st go every time

          • @maddoglee: Very true, ymwv, it all depends on so many things, the engine design, the type of seals used and where. What we don't know is if any seals had been changed, or if the car burns more oil then usual.

            The worst that would happen would be a seal doesn't seal, a valve stem seal goes prematurely. I don't think leaks would occur, but things like burning oil might occur. Nothing that new seals can't fix.

            My advice to avoid E10 is based on a few things, that E10 doesn't offer any cost savings for millage (note: based on my own unscientific tests and what I've read)

            Also, replacing a $100 worth of seals in Australia could require $1000 of labour, which might be all the car is worth in 10-15 years.

            I believe there is a trend worldwide especially in Europe to introduce E5-E10 blends, mostly to reduce carbon emissions. This should translate into better handling of ethanol in cars, in terms of fuel economy (engine management) and reliability.

            If I was getting substantial saving using E10 and was planning to offload the car in 5-7 years then I might consider it.

        • What was hilarious was that initially when e10 came out, some of the older Servos had 30 year old steel tanks underneath the ground, and the sediment at the bottom of the tank was actually what was stopping the tank from leaking into the ground. The ethanol mobilised the sediment and caused the tank to leak. E10 is a kinder fuel to the environment and ethanol is much more cost effective to produce to the planet. Most cars rated at ron91 are fine with it without knocking, particularly with jap/Korean engines. I wouldn't put it e10 into a nicer car. The seats debate is a little mechanic talk and again, if you are going to shitty Servos you should see the crap that ends up in the tanks.

      • so you are saying they sell 98 at 95 prices because it's cheaper than having to manage stock for 2 types?

        • Yes, and you can see that there is only a few tank markers and plates on the ground.

          • @mousie: I've read somewhere (possibly on OzBargain) that some pumps can mix the 98 + 91 in the tanks to "make" 95. Does this not occur? Or is this only with quite new pumps?

            • @spaij: No, there are either petrol pumps or petrol dispensers, and both have lines for each grade inch the tank. Pumps pull their own fuel whereas dispensers have a turbine that pressurises the whole line, similar to your water at home. No mixing at all. Some larger Servos have enough turnover to warrant the savings of stocking 95 and 98, the giveaway is the tank makers on the ground, those coloured plastic rings that no one really notices.

      • I use 95 myself at select Servos as you end up getting 98 for a cheaper price as they literally run the same tanks for 95 and 98 and the only difference is the colour of the nozzle and stickers.

        Which stations do this specifically?

  • Well you can certainly bet it ain't that cheap as a favour to the customers. It's probably been sitting in underground tank for too long.

  • Fuel excise and GST make up 46cents of this, so their price is actually 20cents/litre

    • My maths must be bad. 49.9 - 46.0 = 3.9. No?

    • Ethanol in fuel is subject to excise at the rate of 38.143 cents per litre. Production of ethanol is also subsidised by the same amount. Consequently, the 'effective' rate of excise on fuel ethanol is zero.

      • Ethanol in fuel is subject to excise at the rate of 38.143 cents per litre. Production of ethanol is also subsidised by the same amount.

        So the gov has a department setup an excise, another one to charge the excise, another to check it, and another one to enforce it, then a whole bunch of others to work out subsidies and apply them, check them and enforce them etc
        So for the net result of zero income it is probably costing the taxpayer millions.

        • Further to that the subsidies probably encourage inefficiencies in production which in a free market would not exist.

  • Just to add their prices are generally really good. It used to be my go to when it was on my route home

  • I would go just for the mr whippy thick shakes I do not think we have then in QLD anymore

  • Yes that E10 is expiring. If filling up keep receipt and use the tank reasonably quickly to be safe.

    I can't use E10 in my older car anyway, but even if I could I'd stick with 95/98. Some things are worth spending a little more money on in my opinion. As strange as that sounds on OzBargain.

  • Milperra LAWL!

  • Can i fill up a fuel tanker withthis deal?

    Asking for a friend…

  • Now at 49.9 cents and the queue is lengthening.

  • Good price, too bad its not 91, my 2016 Hilux chews through E10 Faster than water through a punched 10L woolies water jug

  • Last cars. The attendant has turned off the sign and the lights above the bowsers. I will expire the post.

  • $1.2-1.4 in TAS.

  • Is it bad that the first thing I think about when I saw the post title was Massacre, or did others think so too?

    Outside of this, great price!

    • Haha how old are you mate?
      But yeah, that's all it's known for. The fuel was probably the same price on the day of the massacre!! Which was across the road! Haha

  • I think is price is cheaper than when I was learning to drive, approx 20 years ago…