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Further 20% off All Sale Styles - Skechers


Take a further 20% off all sale styles at Skechers + 6.3% Shopback

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  • Love cheap skechers. Now I’ve got 5 lined up after my current pair wear out. Haha thx op.

  • It's a shame they don't do half sizes outside of their gowalk/gorun line, their 10.5 fits me perfectly. Anyone had any issues with their returns before? I know 11s are too big for me, wondering if I can go a 10 instead but will need to rely on their return policy.

    I've read a few reviews saying the Equalizers are great for a standing desk and this brings a pair down to $40, but it's only full sizes.

    • If its any help, I'm a 10.5 and 11 fits fine.

      • I'm guessing it depends on the individual shoe as I have an 11 of theirs that doesn't fit. It felt a little big on purchase and, like the other comment, it stretched a bit and is worse now. If I line it up sole to sole it looks about the right length difference (third of an inch) but the toe in the 11's has a lot more space for that style so it's a bit less of a snug fit to start with.

        Might try the 11, worst case I send it back. If it's just for my standing desk then it's hardly going to be an issue anyway.

    • Same, bought US11 - but became too loose after prolonged use. Have an old US11 in different style & it's a good fit. Recently bought US10 - too tight, but should loosen over time - I hope.
      Should have bought a pair of each size & returned the one that didn't fit.

  • I entered the promo code : TAKE20
    But the website said

  • Sale Skechers are Super Sneakers!

  • What sort of sale was this, one day only?

  • If you use Paypal you HAVE to send it in. Luckily Paypal will pay for the return but it was damn annoying. I prefer to return into a shop where I can but they refused last time due to this issue.