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Free 1 Year Subscription to Infuse Pro for Those Who Already Own Pro V4 or V5


Was browsing the infuse forums and stumbled across this 1yr freebie for those who already own the pro v4 or v5 of Infuse.

From the website:
For a limited time, v4 and v5 users can receive a free year of Infuse Pro when upgrading to Infuse 6.

To take advantage of this offer follow these steps.

  • Install your latest paid version of Infuse (v4 or v5) and ensure your Pro features are active.
  • Download Infuse 6 and tap the Upgrade to Pro option in Settings
  • Choosing the Yearly subscription option will provide you with a free year of Infuse Pro (note: ensure the 1 Year Trial text appears below the price)
  • After upgrading in v6 the old app can be removed

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    I must confess I am getting heartily sick of apps going subscription model. I have Infuse 6, and Infuse Pro 4 and 5 and really cannot think why I would want to pay yet again for something I may not need.

    • I hear you… there’s arguments both sides but I kind of feel like developers take the user base more for granted with a subscription.

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    $14.49 a year is not bad to support developers of apps (in this case firecore) that offer regular updates and technical support for an app I use on a daily basis on my Apple TV.

    • Agree, one of the best apps made. Been using it daily for over 4 years.
      Although I wish I initially splurged for the lifetime plan.

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    I use to love Infuse but moved away from them after they switched to a subscription model. Since then I bought a lifetime subscription to PLEX for $99 and haven't felt the need to go back to Infuse

  • All my media is on Google Drive so Infuse works very well for me.

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