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Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder 90 Servings (Grape) $59.90 Delivered ($53.91 with S&S) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest in a long time. I have been monitoring the prices on Amazon and iherb and this works out to be the lowest price ever I believe on Amazon.

My personal experience with BCAA's have been good. They do make a difference to my training programme and this is the best one I have found so far to work for me apart from Evlution Nutrition. Flavour is a bit sweet, so you may need to increase the water mixture to nuetralise it.


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Unfortunately no cashback on offer for this category on CR and SB(If anyone still has their accounts active. lol)

UPDATE: Price has now reverted to $75.29

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  • Best flavour or mix this with blue raspberry!

    I freeze a bit of water at the bottom overnight and fill up the 2L bottle and 1 scoop of this. Best drink to have if hungover as well haha 😉

    • I have read some good reviews about the Mango flavour. Apparently its their best tasting flavour, but I can never find it on sale for this cheap!

      • i tried mango a while back before the new packaging and didn't like the flavor(too sweet/chem aftertaste) - but then again i didn't like olives back then either and now love them haha - so maybe ill give it another go! thanks OP

      • I like it, always grabbed it off eBay for $55-65
        It depends on timing, ATM prices seem steep.

        I don't waste money on Lolli water anymore, too many studies show they literally do nothing.

        You need full EAA profile for the small benefits.

  • thanks, purchased

  • Damn missed out. Off topic but does anyone have any experience with BCAA's while training in a fasted state?

  • nothing beats the amino Z deal that were past use by date!