I'm about to Buy an Ego Mower, Someone Stop Me

I'm about to purchase the EGO 56V 420MM 5.0AH BRUSHLESS PUSH LAWN MOWER KIT LM1703E for $799 from Total Tools

  • I have a yard of 150m^2
  • My current mower has just died
  • The reason I choose this one is its currently the cheapest Ego I can find that has a battery included

For this $800 price point am I making the best choice at this very moment



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    Get it.

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      I started with the modular grass trimmer and then got a chainsaw and mower. Took advantage of 2 battery deals, so I have 2x 250W and 2x 500W batteries and two fast chargers. I keep one charger and my parents the other, and we just swap the equipment back and forth as we need it. No fumes, bugger all noise, no messy fuel, carby cleaning or heart attacks from trying to pull start something.

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    Have you considered the Victa 21"
    significantly wider and Steel (not plastic) deck, more power and twin battery pack

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    "Stop! Don't buy it" - I'm stopping you

  • Get a higher model comes with blower larger battery. Also is wider too.
    Or wait for the new version coming out soon.

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      Unless the OP has serious health issues, a SP mower for 150m2 is sledgehammer on walnut material and again being such a small area to mow saving time from width isn;t such a huge issue.

      EGO are good, well regarded - the only other one I'd consider is AEG if you can get a promo bonus (they're very aggressive with this) or Ryobi 36v if you have a few of their tools….likewise Ozito PxC if you're wanting to save a buck….but I am sure you will not regret the EGO buy if you proceed - try and get a model to qualify for the promo mentioned below, though one battery should easily do your yard.

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      I think OP would be ready to make his own Jim's Mowing service with those

    • any details on that new model and when it is expected to hit the market?

        • That one has been out for a couple of months already. I'd say that one is definitely overkill. I'm facing the exact same decision. I've got about a 200sqm combined front and backyard and I've wondered for a while if getting an EGO is just a bit too much splurge. I've been debating between the 1703 and the 1903

    • Or wait for the new version coming out soon.

      Or wait for the discounts on the current model when the new model comes out!

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    Don’t forget the battery promo

    You’ll miss out by $1 and I can assure you they are sticklers, must be in one transaction of EGO products

    • Thanks! Can I just add a cheap accessory to my order like a $30 spare blade to qualify? It doesn't say which products are qualifying

      • Read the T&Cs carefully, plenty of people got claims declined, from memory products only

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    I bought the same model a few months ago and it's perfect for my 120m² backyard.

  • aldi mower is going on sale in a few weeks - $399, 80V, 51cm cut width, 5yr warranty

    • Seeing the reviews it seems people have a lot of trouble though. Seems the Ego would have better longevity - albeit at double the price

      • yep, if it wasn't for the 5 year warranty i wouldn't touch it!

    • Scouting report on that Aldi-Ferrex mower is not that great - apparently spare parts and extra batteries are all but impossible to get - very poorly thought through by Aldi.

      If you wanted to save $$$, Ozito is a better choice - and you're also not stuck with a SP electric mower - which just adds extra weight and complication to whats already a very easy mower to push vs heavier metal based petrol models.

      • I would prefer an ozito, but they just don't come at this price for these specs
        If you can find me an ozito with a 50cm cut width for around $400 i'll buy it

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          Bunnings usually tend to drop the price on the equivalent model once the Aldi one is on sale, so keep an eye out for that.

          • @geech: Good thinking, I'll keep an eye out

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    Go get it. Everyone needs to trim their Ego from time to time

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    After a lot of Googling I bought the EGO 470mm self propelled lawn mower recently, best mower I've ever bought.

    Missed out on the battery deal though :(

    Total Tools price match other store prices without arguments and that saved me $50 on their current RRP.

    • Which store has it $50 off? And what size of a lawn do you have? I'm tempted by the same mower vs. the 42mm.

  • I have the steel base one, clean it after every use but it's pretty rusted after 8 months. CS said it was fine so hoping that it lasts

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    Sounds like overkill for 150m2 of lawn - unless you only mow it once a month in summer. I do my lawn around 350m2 with a Ryobi 36v 5ah with a relatively small cut.

    Next mower will be bigger.

  • Don't


    I'm dissapointed in it.

    My 20+ year old 2 stroke VICTA cuts through grass 10 times that height for 3 hours.

    • Is the battery flat or dead? That grass isn't long at all and looks dry.

      • Fully charged and catcher was empty.

    • Something wrong either with the mower or the battery.

      Mine cuts through both damp long grass and dense runner grass (couch?) without missing a beat.

    • That definitely looks like a power issue. I have the Bosch 36v mower and it does that when the battery can't provide enough power…
      If it is fully charged then maybe you need to grab a multimeter and give the battery a test.

  • I'm looking at Choice battery lawnmower reviews at the moment. They give the Victa 883255 a slightly better grass cutting score and an equal overall score with the Ego. $599 at Bunnings.


    Although Choice ratings are weird because when I look at the two side by side the Ego wins on pretty much everything except ease of height adjustment and that very narrow win in grass cutting.

    • Yeah its hard to know if its worth the $200 price difference

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        I have the 19inch victa 82V model which cost around the $500 a few years ago when i got it. Lawn is roughly 150m2 and if its not too long it will do it easily with a single charge. Have had it for 3 years now and have done literally zero maintenance and it still cuts well and runs perfectly. If the battery ever runs out it only takes 20-30mins to recharge so it has never been a huge issue for me.


    • Find it hard to believe that an 18V mower can compete with a 56V one!
      Are you sure it wasn't the Victa 82V?

      EDIT the Victa is a twin 18V battery, actually 36V mower.

  • At $800, you can get a very nice honda or toro petrol mower! All the power you’ll ever need.

    • and a massively wide deck as well..

    • Probably more power than needed for a normal lawn. Then there’s petrol, oil, servicing, extra grunt to start it not to mention noise and fumes.

      I know which I’d rather have.

  • Maybe see if you can find any of these at your local Bunnings?

  • I say get it, looks great. I've just bought this one https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-lithium-36v-5-0ah-18-brush... and it's wonderful. Bonus is no lawn clippings. I figure the mower is on mulch and I will leave it on that LOL!! So happy to be free of petrol and oil.

    • Agreed.. very happy with my Ryobi of the same..
      I have just done my 2nd mow with one of these and due to some wet weather and being away over the w/e it had been a few weeks and the grass was getting quite long and thick, just powered through it..

      It comes with the mulch plug installed, so to use the catcher, remove the plug.. but you have me thinking about trying it with the plug in..

      I also found that the smallish chute from cutting deck to the catcher is a bit small and there is always grass build up in there and needs clearing at the end of the mow, if not in-between when its a bit damp as the grass will act as a mulch plug.

      My yard is quite large and on one charge I can do front and back and also the small front of my 80+ year olds neighbors lawn, most of her front yard is garden…
      i must get around to doing a rough measurement to see what it all adds upto..

      • The no lawn clippings blew my mind. Someone else had told me about the mulch plug too but I was too lazy to read the instructions to figure out where it was. It's staying in now. To be honest I haven't tested it on long grass. This was only a small test of the new mower (but with my old Victa mower it would have been atleast a whole catcher full). But yeah I am now free of the curse of lawn clippings.. can't believe it LOL!!

        • @ voiletmay. I only use the mulching plug, saves emptying the catcher and the clippings help feed the lawn.

          The only negative thing is if you have unwanted runner grass in your lawn it spreads it into areas that are runner grass free.

    • Do you think this one with a 1ah less battery would be fine for my circumstances?

      Saves me $100

  • I’ve had my Ego a few years (from Masters - back then). Since added a line trimmer and hedge trimmer. They are all great, about 150sq mtr lawn plus nature strip. Nothing is too much trouble for it. And I don’t have to bother with petrol or starting issues. I have just the one battery 56volt still going strong.
    So easy even my wife uses it if I’m too slack - she likes using it.
    Do it! The pain of poor quality lasts longer than the joy of cheap price.

  • That lawnmower is making me wet. Get it!

  • YES… go for it. the batteries are usually interchangeable with other tools such as edge trimmers, etc. Even for handy tools as drills, etc.

    Some one take their money!

  • I've had mine for 5 years. Still on original batteries. Just under half an acre block. If I keep the grass short, it's less than a single 2.5 amp battery to sort it. I also have on of their whippers, using the same set of batteries I got in 2015. Same with the blower. Their chainsaw [I have a 2015 version] is also decent but for obvs reasons chews through batts.

    I have one dead battery that I'm going to pull down and fix … any day now… ;-)

    As to whether it's overkill for you, that's a decision only you can really make. But in terms of the mowers, yeah, they're great.

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    STOP - have you considered a manual mower for such a small space?
    I've got one the same/similar to this

    we've got an area close to our house which is approximately 200sqm of "grass" (it's a mixture of couch, fescue, kikuyu and half a dozen different weeds).

    Two weeks ago I timed cutting the area with the manual mower; 35 minutes from walking out the back door to walking back in.

    I have just completed a timed run on our 42 inch (1 metre) 18hp ride on mower; 20 minutes from walking out the back door to walking back in. It's fair to say that a 42cm electric mower won't keep up with a 42 inch petrol ride on, so the difference between a manual push mower might not be that much time over 150sqm

  • You don't need an ego mower.

    You need a missus.

    She'll cut you down to size.

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