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LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 $359 Delivered @ Target AU


Hello guys, if anyone missed Amazon AU deal, Target is back in stock if you want to take your chances with the cancellation.
This set should be retiring soon.

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Target Australia
Target Australia


  • Thanks OP. Placed an order, fingers crossed it's fulfilled.

    Assembly Square also appears to be in stock at 20% off.

  • Retiring soon?

    • No they won't stop producing the above 2 sets till sales cool . Could be 2-3 yrs more wherever Lego think they have maximized profits .
      Shanghai the best retirement set there follow by Vegas .

    • yeah…
      every post here every lego set is retiring soon…lol

      • Hahahah it almost had me as I want this set but don’t have the $$$ atm but when I saw retiring soon I thought hmmm I have to buy it now hahaha

        • Dont get me wrong it is a great price if you want it now. 28% off. last few years I have been aiming for at least 30%. During covid any discount was great, however it looks like discounts coming back as lockdown ending and people going out more. This set has definately not been announced as retiring as yet…but Lego group can pull any product at anytime really so you never know. But people saying 'retiring soon' on ozbargain on nearly ever. single. lego. post. which is quite annoying and very misleading.

          • @cumova: Thanks for that mate

          • @cumova: sorry if the description is misleading.
            This is based on brickeconomy predictions as well.
            Judging by how long the Ferris Wheel and Carousel set is in the market, it is about the time.. either end of this year or early next.

  • Thanks OP, just bought for Xmas. Let's see if it stays unopened until then…

    What do you mean about cancellation? Due to limited stock?

    • Target have been accepting orders and then cancelling them a few days later due to no stock. It's a bit random if your order goes through or not.

      • I see. My order has gone from 'processing' to 'preparing your items', so I hope that's a good sign. But perhaps they are preparing my items to be cancelled!

        Edit: Item is now being packed - I'd say this is looking pretty safe now…

      • I bought a lego millenium falcon on Sep 19 and got confirmed about 8 hours later. Have heard nothing since and it's been about 9 days now. I've emailed them but got a standard response of being busy. Hopefully they have stock. Bought as a guest so can't se what the status is unfortunately.

        • Have you tried signing up an account with the same email you used as a guest?

          I purchased as a guest, but already had an account with the same email, and when I signed in the order had been assigned to that account. Not quite the same but could be worth a try.

  • placed an order got cancel straightaway

  • Thanks OP. trying my luck!

  • Thanks. Hope I will have some luck getting this beauty.

  • Finally got one at this price. Combo with a gift card makes it most attractive.

    Thanks OP.

    Funny, no email from BH though for this, or the Amazon one from yesterday.

  • No update yet on my order, I think it may be cancelled. Have others got shipping confirmation?

    • Order arrived today. Took a few days to get confirmation. Mine came from online store in VIC.