[NSW] $50 Rebate on Best Restaurants & Cafes in Potts Point & Kings Cross @ Sydney Lodges


Family owned boutique hotel group trying to stimulate Potts Point's eat & drink scene. If you stay at one of their hotels they'll rebate up to $50 per day of your expenses at their partner venues.

Awesome list of partner venues including: Cho Cho San, The Apollo, The Butler, Dulcie's Kings Cross, Franca, La Bomba (etc. the list goes on, check out their page for the full list).

Disclaimer: I used to work there, and took them up on this offer and had a nice little staycation with my special someone recently. They're nice people and it's a tough time so I thought I'd share.

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  • The participating Sydney Lodges properties are Hotel Challis and Springfield Lodge. Choose the "Stay Local Package - Sip and Savour Local on us!" when making your booking.

    • On departure, we will email you a form to claim your expenses rebate of up to $50.00 per day - you will need to provide us with a copy of the participating local venue docket(s) by scanning and sending to us (making sure you send us the venue receipt not EFT receipt as proof of purchase). After receipt of your dockets, we will credit you up to $50.00 per day for your stay (per room, not per person staying) as a thank you for choosing to Stay, Sip and Savour local with us at Sydney Lodges. Please note that you will only be entitled to claim the lesser amount of $50, or what you actually spend per day at participating local venues.

    Pay first, rebate later

  • I'm confused. I checked the pricing for one of the hotel:
    The price difference between "Stay Local" package and basic "Earth Lover" is $50 / day.

    So you pay extra $50 to book the room, then get up to $50/day rebate after going through the hassle of sending receipts.

  • Anyone dine out at Potts Point regularly? Why do they charge such a huge markup prices over there?

    The pricing on the food is unreal. $14 for 4 pc Har Gow @ Fei Jei? (Fat boy in Cantonese)


  • cos they are fancified cantonese places. Just like Mr Wong, 3 har gao for $13.50…

    • What so "fancy" about it

      It amazes me how Sydney locals are willing to pay such a premium for a basic dish

      If you want proper har gow or dim sum just go to a proper yum cha place.

      • exactly my point, theres fancy chinese places that some people like going to like the fei jei's and mr wongs that target a certain market. Or theres places where knowing locals go to for good old no frills dim sum.