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Hong Kong Holiday for 2: Return Flights from SYD/MEL/PER/BNE + 3 Nights Hotel from $1829 ($914.50 Per Person) @ Cathay Pacific


Dive into the heart of Hong Kong with Cathay Holiday’s specially curated packages for two*.

These exclusive packages allow you and your travel companion to immerse yourselves in the vibrancy of Hong Kong, complemented by the exceptional comfort of our carefully selected hotels.

Whether you are seeking elevated luxury, urban chic, or a central location in the bustling city, these packages are bound to help make your journey truly memorable.
Get planning on your dream Hong Kong adventure today!

*This package is available on a first come, first serve basis and subject to availability.

Booking period: From now until 30 June 2024
Travel period: From now until 15 December 2024

Terms and conditions

  • All package prices are subject to change according to availability.
  • This offer is only valid for Economy Class bookings for two adults.
  • The "Flights+Hotels" Package Offer will be automatically calculated and reflected in the “Package total”. The price includes hotel accommodation, air fare, fuel surcharge, taxes, fees and charges.
  • Fare is applicable for adult only (and fuel surcharge, taxes, fees and charges).
  • Both passengers must be booked in the same booking and travel together for the entire flight journey.
Accommodation options:
  • The Upper House 711 Google reviews 4.6 stars - Package for two from $2,644 (Bonus offer: Enjoy daily breakfast for two guests per room)
  • Mandarin Oriental 4.2K Google reviews 4.6 stars - Package for two from $2,554 (Bonus offer: Enjoy a upgrade from a City View room to a Harbour View room with black out dates)
  • The Ritz-Carlton 2.5K Google reviews 4.6 stars - Package for two from $2,554
  • Hotel ICON 4.5K Google reviews 4.4 stars - Package for two from $2,140 (Bonus offer: Complimentary breakfast for two)
  • Dorsett Wanchai 2.2K Google reviews 4.0 stars - Package for two from $1,829 (Bonus offer: One complimentary dim sum combo coupon from Lung Dim Sum)
  • Prudential Hotel 2.7K Google reviews 3.8 stars - Package for two from $1,874
  • Metropark Hotel Kowloon 2.1K Google reviews 3.8 stars - Package for two from $1,829
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  • +2

    Ooff 3 nights isn't enough and not worth it. Possible to extend to like a week minimum by paying extra?

    • +8

      I need my wife's boyfriend back at work to finish an important project, so 3 nights is ideal.

      • +2

        Your's wife boyfriend. ….

  • +1

    I keep seeing this error message "No flights are available for your selected itinerary. Please amend your search criteria and start a new search."

    How do you search for the packages?

    • +2

      You have to enter the dates in the two drop downs from “Search your event package dates”.

      Just had a look, website was difficult to use.
      The $1829 is FROM , and depends on your fly out city. I had a look at Melbourne , and the cheapest I could find was ~$2300.

      Suggested flights were early morning options only .
      Skyscanner suggested current ticket pricing is $1150pp , so essentially only getting 3N hotel stay for free.

      Think I’ll hold out to book separately tbh.

      • Tried that. Tried Melbourne, Sydney, perth, all no results

  • Doesnt seem to work, cant get any results

  • Yeh cant get any results either, even when entering the dates in the two drop downs.

  • +3

    Check your Amex for a statement credit offer…

  • Doesn't work - no results

  • +12

    HK gov trying hard to get people to visit when no one wants to go there anymore lol

    • +3

      Correct, even the local residents, they all go to china for food & entertainment, so much cheaper and better services up there. All my frds weekends doing day trip to Shenzhen. Not willing to spend money in HK.

      • You mean the HongKong local residents go to MAINLAND China.

        • +2


      • All my frds weekends doing day trip to Shenzhen. Not willing to spend money in HK.

        This doesn't prove anything. Hong Kong residents have always gone up to Shenzhen for holidays and cheap food, entertainment, services, etc. Some even have holiday homes up there because they are much bigger houses than the tiny HK apartments.

        • -1

          Mostly for fake goods though

  • +5

    Is in Hong Kong just China now anyway

  • Doesn’t even come with breakfast ?! Yet alone half board. HKG is expensive

  • +3

    Be careful, Hongkong can capture any visitor and transfer to the mainland as a spy prisoner.

  • Looks quite limited on travel dates. I found some in August and October from Perth. Looks like you can stay longer than the three nights but just have to pay for the extra nights for the hotel.

  • +6

    Australian authorities updated their travel advice on Hong Kong, saying those travelling to the city should exercise a “high degree of caution.”

    does travel Insurance cover hong kong traveling ?


    • Most travel insurances cut off at Level 3/Orange (Reconsider your need to travel) and Level 4/Red (Do not travel)

  • +3

    Really wish I visited before China broke the 1997 deal and annexed Hong Kong. No Bueno now

  • +2

    Just got back from hk. Its really sad, city is really quiet relative to back then. Heaps of older residents in Kowloon trying to sell personal items on the streets for some extra cash.

    Avenue of Stars harbour view was depressing, the buildings used to light up the night sky, now half are vacant.

    But as a tourist its nice as its less crowded.

    • +2

      Username checks out.

      Just been there myself and 100% agree. It really has that 'this city is dying' vibe which is heartbreaking.

      • How about Macau?

  • Kids not included?

  • Hopped off the phone with Cathay multiple times to get this working (it was painful).

    There are two date selections - the first one is Select Date/Time. It won't work if you select today's date/time. Select the date of planned departure (make sure there are 2 tickets).
    Then select the Event Package Dates (planned travel period).

    Then when you get to part 2: Select - make sure to tick "I just need a hotel for part of my trip" and pop in the 3 nights of accommodation. Hit the search button again to get the hotels and the updated price (price changes depending on flight selection/hotel peak periods). There is a price listed if you don't "Select I just need a hotel for part of my trip". I'm not too sure if that price includes the 3 packaged nights - I wanted to stay elsewhere.

    Ignore the pre-selected flights now, you can change that in step 3. Once you select the hotel you'd like, you can then alter the flights to match the accommodation.
    Hopefully that helps!

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