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Maker's Mark 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 700mL $60 (Save $27) @ BWS


Deal looks like it's at all bws stores in brisbane at least. Haven't tried the 46 but it gets great reviews on YouTube etc.

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  • This is the standard price at Vintage Cellars these days. In my opinion it's the best value bourbon on the market at this price.

  • 59.95$ at DM

  • Looks like Amazon has matched the price as well with free delivery for Prime Users: Amazon Link

    • Thanks! Ordered from Amazon

      • There's something wrong with that Amazon listing:

        "Courvoisier X.O. Cognac is a selection by our Master Blender of beautifully matured eaux de vie, aged from 11 to 25 years, to highlight the complexity and richness of cognac aromas."

  • Confirm this is the price in SA too.
    And btw it has been this price or thereabouts for a while now.

  • Enjoyed it, but you really need to enjoy it straight or on the rocks to get any value. If you plan on mixing, save your money and get a standard version.

    • Maybe if you're mixing with coke, but you'll definitely notice the difference in using this in a decent bourbon based cocktail. The standard MM has an ABV of 40% which is too low for a lot of cocktails - when diluted with ice the abv goes down too far, and the whole drink tastes watery.

  • Never tried this one, the only American whiskey I've taken a liking to has been George Dickel. Anyone able to give a comparison of them? Dickel tends to be quite sweet IMO.

  • Got this for $44 at BWS during the price glitch

    • That wasn't a price glitch. It was a stack of the $10 credit everyone got (on the app only I think) with the 10% offer.

    • +1 ! thinking should have gotten 2 - might get another to drink and keep the other one for special occasion/gifting…

  • Last time I drank this I fainted and spewed half it all over a relatives walls. Good memories