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McLaren Vale & Barossa Valley Shiraz Dozen - $199 w/Free Delivery @ Wine Direct


12 great Shiraz at an average of $16.58/bottle with free delivery!

Any questions or queries, please email [email protected] as comments section is not going to be attended :)

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  • So, this is just an ad?

  • 3 x Martins Vineyard Limited McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 @Dans $100 each so its a good price just a bit too refined for my taste:)

    • I wouldn't go off the Dan RRP - I have this wine (from these guys actually) and personally would not pay more than $20 for it. That said, for under $20, I think it is a good price.


      They have it on their “secret deals” $22 a bottle on a 12 pack. Placed an order regardless.

  • +2 votes

    Have had no regrets with any of my purchases from Wine Direct over the years.

    Yeah, some of the RRPs are silly. I would never pay $100.00 at DM for the Martins Vineyard however I have very much enjoyed quite a few bottles of the Martins Vineyard via this site.

    • Same here. Not sure why there's always negative posts for these guys, unless it's competitors.
      The Dan Murphy price for the Martins is ridiculous - but who buys wine based on discount off RRP anyway? If that's your criteria for wine just stick to the supermarket.

  • Strange that the "comment section will not be attended". Isn't the whole point of a post like this to engage with potential customers?

    • -1 vote

      There have been some less than helpful arguments caused in the past. I'd prefer people to see the deal and enjoy it rather than argue with people :)

      • So not really part of the OzB community


          this is precisely the kind of thing i don't care to engage in. I hope you have a wonderful day

          • @Dboc1987: Others may disagree, but in my view this site is based on a community of people engaging and sharing 'bargains' or 'deals' or 'competitions' or 'forums'.

            I don't come to OzB just to see a list of ads (which are provided free to posters).


              @GG57: Agreed. That is correct. But store reps are allowed to share deals that they think people might be interested in, or they wouldn't be able to post as store reps. You, like everyone is entitled to their opinion though, so if this is offer is not something that interests you, please feel free to disregard it

              • @Dboc1987: And by sharing deals, store reps are:
                "It is recommended that reps respond to comments and reasonable enquiries about their deal, product or service."

                By stating "comment section will not be attended", your post effectively just becomes an ad.
                This post may or may not be a 'bargain', but your behaviour in not engaging with the community is in question.