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[VIC] Free Bun Noodle Salad Delivered 11am-2pm This Friday within 10km Radius @ Roll'd Camberwell


Fill out the form for some free food on Friday. As stated in title, only for those who are within 10km radius of the new store in Camberwell, VIC.

You can register now but will deliver on Friday.

Update 1/09/2020: Just received a text message confirmation with order number. Fingers crossed.
From website:

To celebrate the opening of our new Camberwell Vic restaurant we’re giving you a FREE Bun noodle salad (valued at $12.50). And the best bit, we’ll deliver it straight to you. Complete your details, sit back, and wait for the Roll’d delivery on Friday, October 2 between 11am – 2pm.

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  • Wow that is an amazing deal, thanks Ewand7 you legendddddd!!!!!

  • In exchange for your address

  • Lucky I am 13kms from the store so free bun for me.
    Thanks OP!!

    EDIT: read it as 20km from store, my order still went through so it will probs come

  • Very nice, thanks ewand7

  • Wth where is the bread roll bun? All I see is salads…

  • OP, you should change your username to elegend7

  • absolute legs

  • I am 9km away :D Got one. Thanks OP !!!

  • Amazing deal - thank you, OP!

  • Thanks for posting, the online form didnt even recognise or capture my full address so I don't know what to expect ?
    Do you receive a confirmation email ? I used an old unused email address so hopefully that's not an issue

  • Can you choose a delivery time within that window?

  • fingers crossed

  • partner and I got one each. very generous of them to allow multiple people in the same household. but I have a feeling some people will absolutely abuse this…

  • thanks OP I am 9.99km away. fingers crossed.

  • 1500 clicks. I wonder if they have thought this through?

    • They definitely underestimated the ozbargain factor. I imagine it was intended as a targeted Facebook ad.

      • When the first few registrations came through they are like oh good few people are ordering.. 15mins later wtf 10,000 orders

  • Did anyone receive a confirmation email?

  • It's now Ozbargain'd

  • -3 votes

    Ok so just before many people get their hopes up, this is a really small Roll'd and staff are brand new and not super well trained yet (I was in last week and they were really slow and the food very very stingy and ordinary). If we've just hit them up for a couple of hundred soups there's no hope in heck this is going to happen for more than maybe the few dozen people who got in most immediately.

    • There is another Roll'd in Tooronga Village. Maybe get the normal order from them instead if you wish to order from Roll'd. I believe the delivery is still free.

      • I got in before the cutoff and I'm unphased if my order shows up or not. I'm just pointing out to others that they're not a large outlet or yet an efficient operation so if they have received a terrifying amount of orders (I expect they have) then people are probably going to find that this freebee doesn't show up.

  • “And because you’ve been so welcoming, we’re also offering 50% off + free delivery on online orders from Camberwell VIC for a limited time from this Saturday 3 October. Terms and conditions apply. Minimum spend $15. Online orders only.”

    Not a bad deal for those who missed the freebie!

  • Got a message now.

    Congratulations ! Thanks for registering for your FREE BUN NOODLE SALAD! We'll be delivering tomorrow between 11am-2pm.

    That's so nice of them delivering free meals to so many people.

  • Anyone in CBD received the message?

  • Received mine. Wow large size and with with cutlery and all… impressive

    Feel sorry for them, apparently they have 1800 deliveries to get through.
    Should prob head over and give them 5 stars

    • I got mine as well and so did the rest of my family. I think I will have to go there again, I feel kinda guilty for those 1800 deliveries.

      • likewise here, do you think this specific branch is copping all the cost or would head office contribute? I assume they were aiming for sub 300 but ozbargain got it ozbargained lol

        • I don't really know, however I hope it is not just the one store that is copping all the cost, as that might be difficult for them to recover from. Nonetheless, I think I will order from them again as I am very impressed with their food and I think if they didnt have the pressure of 1800 deliveries it would be even better still.

    • +2 votes

      Wow! Waiting for mine still… hungry hungry. Pretty amazing of them to follow through, especially delivered on top of being free.

  • They actually sent me a text to say sorry they are running behind. Very nice of them seeing as they still have an hour to go

    • Yup just got that text too … maybe it's a sign we'll be having bun for dinner though instead of lunch, it was nice to get the message.

    • I am quite impressed that despite being ozbargained they are trying to complete all the orders.

  • One of my orders cancelled

  • Just received - big serving, very deserving of a high rating.

    • You got lucky, just before they cancelled due to power at the store

      I do find that a bit strange though at exactly the deadline!

  • Power failure in the store!

  • Just got cancellation cause they ran out of power?

    Looks like a very late lunch for me

  • Awww just got the text, it's not coming. Lucky for those that got one - enjoy! This poor store.

  • Oh wells never had high expectation anything would come… but what a tease with the sms’s. Lol.

  • I got the power out message, but then mine came!
    not bad tofu is a little bland but great Free meal

  • Didn't receive a confirmation text, but i just got my food! wow thanks roll'd!

  • Poor store probably can only come up with this 'power out' excuse now. Feel sorry for them.
    Text says they will be in touch with those who haven't received the meal. I guess it's gonna be some sort of free meal voucher.

  • https://imgur.com/FXzVefs.jpg

    Despite being free, I feel like it is a bit scummy to offer a free lunch, spend 3hrs telling us it's on it's way and then pulling the plug, few ozbargainers gonna be a bit hangry today.

    Congratz Roll'd you got my phone number and info for free while making me wait for 3hrs for a lunch that was never coming.

    Edit: Not saying I had a right to free luch, just not having been offered one, then told to wait for 3hrs and then left hungry. Don't feel like they owed me anything in the first place, just not being left hungry when I would have eaten hours ago had they not offered.

    Plus I am not sure how they got this email out so quickly and designed if the store had no power.

    • Wrong address detail? 69 or 96?

    • They wouldn't have email servers on site, that would be ridiculous. A manager/owner would've sent out the message from their phone/laptop.

    • what they should have done (given their texting system seems to run smoothly) is to review the number of orders and their locations then send text to cancel some orders they can't fulfil. People would feel differently. It is just not a nice thing to do letting people wait for 2-3 hours getting hungry then be told that it's cancelled.

  • Out of power may mean out of resources, ingredients, man power

  • I got the out of power text message and 5 minutes later my order of chicken ribs was delivered. I got a veg one instead of the beef but both were delicious.

  • Thanks, received.

  • Can't believe some low lives actually want on to give them 1 star at Google review.

    Way to back Vic businesses in such a time.

    They did all they could do. I saw how frantically the lady that delivered to me was working, seemed like they tried but seems some are just ungratful

    • The wording sounds it's not even cancelled, my bet is they'll offer a free voucher for a later time for them…just annoying that a business who had a generous offer, prob delivered close to 1k, and end up with shit on google

      • I am somewhat annoyed that they offered it, had us wait for lunch for 3hrs with updates to then cancel on us, but no way would I give them a negative rating, especially when they said they would rectify it. Either people don't realize how much of a negative impact those ratings have on their business or they find enjoyment in punishing others over a mistake.

      • Anyone who did get their food should consider leaving a 5 star rating just to counteract it. That's what I'll be doing

  • I got the "Out of Power" we'll contact you about it message around 2:20pm.

    Made myself a big sandwich for lunch.

    3pm Roll'd turns up.

    Big serving, probably 85% rice noodles, 8% carrots, lettuce and coriander, 7% meat

    Thanks Roll'd!

  • Also got the out ot of power message.

    Order just came in now though

  • Very impressed by the quality and quantity. Now have high regard for the store. :) The 50% off menu prices till oct 18 mean we’ll defo end up ordering more.

    Nice that their service boundary is 10km and not less than 5km like Uber. Our delivery was by a girl and looks like she’s employed by the store. Great initiative. Thanks for posting this op.

  • Yeah same here. Throw in free delivery as well. Absolute steal in my opinion.

  • Soo… for those of us who missed out, do we get our food?

  • Lame, signed up and got all the text messages. They said that they would contact the people who didn't receive food because of the power outage.

    I haven't heard anything from them yet :( guess nothing is coming!