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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Cashback: $100-$200 Split Systems, $200-$300 Ducted Systems


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Cashback up to $300
Reliable work horse
Just got mine installed but was before the promotion :(

Update: Extended to 31/01/2021

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    Spewing, I had 2 spilts installed 2 weeks ago… Great units though.

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      Hi. Which units did u go with and what was the install cost for each please.
      I m in VIC & looking for one unit to keep my downstairs area cool which has TWO rooms 5m by 4m. Thx

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        Avanti series 2.5kw was $720 and 5kw $1190
        About 5-600 bucks for install.. All depends on location and difficulty of install etc..
        Get a price through an installer, they usually will beat bunnings or the like to get your business..

        • Sorry, I assume 500-600 install cost for each unit? Will they give install discount for multiple units as opposed to just one unit?

    • Bugger… same goes for me, as I had mine installed 2 weeks back while doing some reno.

      Really like how quiet and sleek the new designs are as compared to my Fujitsu units.

  • Where is a good place to buy them?

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      Get good guys to price match bunnings and then use gift cards

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        $659 after cashback for the 2.5kw

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        bunnings will price beat by 10% if found cheaper elsewhere. like this one here($798 at bunnings), good for small 3x3 rooms.

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          down to $521 after cashback

          • @immu999: Got the exact same deal in Melbourne from Bunnings. Wanted the Avanti Plus but not available at the comparison store. Home office and Computer gaming room. Ordered Today.

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        Just looking at the T&Cs and then the 'Where to Buy', I can't see any of the major retailers listed. It's all the small air-con companies. So does that make The Good Guys ineligible?

        Furthermore, if they are eligible, are The Good Guys Commercial eligible? I purchased two units yesterday so trying to work out whether to cancel and re-order.

        • When you search, you need to change the filter settings. It defaults to independent dealers, but when you change it to retailer, Bunnings and The Good Guys should pop up.

      • Is there a good place to buy gift cards?

  • Thanks OP

  • What's the difference between Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy?

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      The latter will last for 10+ years

      • Does it make a huge difference in a residential installation? I relaised mine are just bog standard Mitsubishi Electric.

    • From the manufacturer brochures and data sheet, it seems that MH has higher performance and efficiency rate compared to ME.

      Based on same capacity, the cooling rate is higher from the graphs.

      Durability wise, I won't be able to comment until 10 years down the line.

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      they are completely different companies. They just both happen to have Mitsubishi in their name and sell some overlapping items

      • Probably doesn't help they both use the same logo which appeared on the front of my car (granted, in a different colour).

    • Think MHI and ME were split a few decades ago with Electric focusing on electric appliances only. I chose MHI for my installation last year.

    • Mitsubishi heavy always seem well regarded. These prices are quite tempting I need one for a couple of bedrooms.

  • Thanks OP, just in time !

  • How are MHI compared to new Samsung Duct S2. https://www.samsung.com/au/air-conditioners/ac-cac-acxxxtnhd... I was thinking of getting a 10kw Samsung ducted installed in Melbourne.

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      A few installers have told me never get Samsung air conditioners. They are not reliable, frequenting requiring repair.

      • Yeah a few installers have told me that too. They all recommend MHI though. Few recent quotes I got for ducted was for Samsung - some are saying that the new samsung Duct S2 are really good.

  • Damn, no multi-heads in this cash back. Thanks OP for sharing!

  • Get MHI Avanti Plus, only a bit extra and so much better in terms of quality. ZSXA, not ZXA!

    • Thanks for the info, why is the Plus series so much better? Seems none of these have wifi built in and you need a module for each unit :(

    • I got the Plus after a lot of research and definitely worth the extra $$ very quiet and has 7 star rating for efficiency and is also more stylish than the standard Avanti that is available in Bunnings etc.

  • Do people buy split units from installers+installation cost or buy aircons separate from bunnings for example? Looking for good options to buy standalone aircons

    • It can go either way. Sometimes the installer can find a deal you can't, other times they are buying from same retail and adding their own margin. Installers might know which models are good or bad, and some only provide models from a particular manufacturer.

      I would say get them in to quote for both installation-and-supply or just installation. Note the price difference and see if you can find the model they would supply (or similar) for less.

      Keep in mind very cheap units generally have less longevity and installers may not offer the same guarantees if you get them to install something they wouldn't recommend.

      Very dodgy installers might not pass on rebates like the ones above, and claim them themselves.

      • Thanks. This was insightful :)

  • I had two in our house installed (one 5kW and one 3.5kW) with native WiFi modules , absolutely happy and highly recommend them

    • So you have MHI units and purchased the additional wireless unit? Are the wireless functions good/worth it?

      • PM'd you mate

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          Can you post here or PM me too please, cheers.

  • May I also add do not get the crappy wifi module. Get Ambi Climate 2, it is divine.

  • Which units offer $300 cashback?

    I'm looking to get a Bronte 7.1kw to replace an older air conditioner depending on cashback.

  • Could be great to use with the Good Guys Commercial access

    I bought a MHI unit through that deal obviously before the promo was announced and it was already pretty good. An extra $200 off is a steal

  • Hmmm, only brings this 2.5kw reverse cycle down to $699. Good but not 'great' so no deal for me. Under $600 and I might consider it. Tough crowd I know ;)

  • I've never bought an air con unit before. When I buy one, do I get the outside unit (compressor?) along with the unit that goes on the wall inside as well?

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      … then expect to pay $500+ on top of that for installation! Installation costs have skyrocketed in recent years :(

  • How are the MHIAA A/Cs compared to Daikin? Wanting to install a couple in the house but mother in law prefers Daikin (slightly more expensive), while I've been trying to push for Mitsubishi Heavy.

    • They're close enough I don't think you'd notice the difference. The real question is how much you're willing to pay to win some MIL points.

    • Daikin is well known in the industry.
      I believe they are both equally good and durable.
      Matter of choice and preference like Merc and Beemer

    • Have a look at the FB Group "My efficient electric home" lots of reviews on the Daikin vs MHI. I went for the MHI Avanti plus as the Daikin equivalent was quite a bit more expensive and I didn't need the humidify feature that the Daikin had. Both have 7 star ratings for the smaller 2kw units.

  • Can anyone recommend a good installer in the Inner West of Sydney? Cheers.

    • GlobalRez
      Air Conditioning Guys

      Get quotes from them both. They both do supply and install only.

    • Recently got a ducted MHI system installed by Globalrez in Western sydney, give them a shout.

    • Thanks guys.

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    I have one of the MHIs since last 5 years and there is nothing to complain. It cools / heats the whole place in no time, and it is super quiet.

  • Mitsubishi have a few different series, makes it hard to choose

  • Can anyone help me with cheap installers in ACT

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      Ah…cheap and ACT don't belong together

  • Just be aware of terms and conditions i.e. eligible product at participating outlets. In my area which has nearby good guys and Bunnings, both do not come up as participants when you search through the site as a “where to buy” outlet, in order to successfully claim cashback. Without doubt, I rate Mitsubishi split systems as the best, from personal experience and via my work

    • Same with me. Bunnings and tgg are not on the list…

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      The default filter is independent dealers. Try changing it to retailers. Bunnings and The Good Guys come up in my area.

      • Thanks for the info. Weird thing is, I have 2 bunnings very close to me, but it it only lists 1. It also lists another bunnings that's been closed for nearly 1year. The 2nd bunnings that lit didnt list has been open for about 7mths.

        I can only assume that the retail list isn't up to date.

    • Not sure if this helps but I bought my Bronte 7.1kW from a supplier not listed in "where to buy" but I still got my $200 cashback.

  • We've had Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split systems (upstairs and downstairs) for three years now and they've been extremely effective and reliable. Would recommend.

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    Would I be able to buy one from let's say this shop online and be eligible for cashback? Looking at one of the Avanti Plus 2.5 systems


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      Doesn't seem to matter where you buy from as long as you can provide a tax invoice and serial numbers on the wall unit and the outside unit.
      That being said, there's a suppliers filter you can check on the website.

      • Can anyone confirm if they've received cashback from buying from a bunnings not on the list?

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    Bought a MHI 9.5kW last week at Bunnings for $2160 by price matching https://www.cheapsplitsystems.com/mitsubishi (they also have good prices on smaller units)
    Wish I waited as under 2k is unheard of for a 9.5 MHI split.

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      Thanks for the tip. I was able to do the same. Took a bit of work as the service desk person had to check with a manager and then corporate, but we got there in the end.

      • Awesome! Yeah they were a bit nervous to do the price beat I assume because of the value but once the store manager gave the OK was all good.

  • any recommendations for installer in doncaster vic area?

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      Try JRC electrics , he installed my units at cheaper than I could find online, sourced the MHI at a fantastic price. Believe you can stack with this deal

    • I am in Doncaster East, just installed couple of units.
      You could contact AA Air-conditioning Daniel 0433 374 229.
      Very competitive rates with great workmanship.

      • Eugene, I think you dropped your wallet..

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    Can anyone recommend an installer for Wyndham Vale, VIC?

  • Thanks for sharing this OP eventhough you missed out

  • Can the cash back from MHI be redeemed if aircon is bought from any Bunnings or only the Bunnings store listed on there website under dealers as there are quiet a few missing from that list ?

  • does anyone know if any retail chains stock Avanti Plus?

  • Did anyone find a good installer in Brisbane?

    • Hi, just wondering if you found anyone reliable in Brissy?

  • Can anyone confirm if bunnings is authorised for the cashback promotion?

  • Anyone found local stock in sydney for SRK20ZSA-W. Trying to price match Bunnings but they're wanting to add shipping which ruins the deal.

  • Getting another three SRK20ZSXA seven star units for three bedrooms… this will make all aircons at home MHI. They're expensive here in the top end I've been quoted $1110 each (or $960 after cashback).

  • I've been quoted by an installer for an MHI unit + installation (together as one total cost). Am i still eligible for the cashback if i upload the tax invoice from the installation? I'm guessing not but it doesn't hurt to ask…

  • Can anyone recommend good installers around the Dandeong area, Victoria.

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    Received email a few days ago to say that my cash back was approved and would receive funds in 3-4 weeks. Then received another today to say it had been processed and should be in my account in 3-5 days.
    Refreshing to not have to chase a company to get them to do what they say they will do 😀👍

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