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Siemens iQ300 SN436S01JA Under Bench Dishwasher $1,044 Delivered @ Appliances Online


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$1,069 list price and get $25 off with the discount code.

($1,631 at E&S)

I'm shopping for a new dishwasher and noticed this model which is unusually cheap for a Siemens. Good price for a German-made dishwasher in these COVID times and Siemens seem to be highly regarded. I can't find much info about this model besides what's on the Siemens website but it's manufactured by BSH Group so I reckon it's based on a Bosch design.

I plugged in a bunch of delivery postcodes and it looks like this is in-stock for all the capitals except Hobart and Darwin. E&S have a price match promise so you could try that if you're in Tassie or the NT.

Thanks to manuemasse for the $25 discount code. Note this code expires 8th October.

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  • 5 year warranty also :)

  • I hate finding Siemen under the bench!

  • Can't find many reviews on this one. Anybody has a recommendation on whether it would be a good purchase over Bosch series 6/8 or a Miele?

    • Wondering the same thing. This seems cheaper than a Bosch series 6, better warranty, similar feature set, but is only 2 vs the normal 3 racks.

      • All I found is this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyB3JnPCW6M. This video talks about iQ300 and covers some of the features.

      • I keep seeing mixed reviews on having a 3rd rack for cutlery, people saying it kills space for the other racks or items not getting cleaned properly. So I was happy to stick with the classic cutlery basket.

        • Just my opinion. My folks have that top drawer and while it spaces things out for a good clean, I think it's a real hassle and not much of an improvement on the basket.

        • We recently purchased the series 6 Bosch and I've got to say the cutlery draw is a game changer for us, you fit so much cutlery in the draw and it frees up so much more room for plates etc down the bottom in lieu of the basket. We have tall plates and we still have a lot of room but on top of that the middle rack has 3 moveable positions if you require more clearance (we're in the center 1). The cutlery rack is also a great place to wash large knifes, etc whilst the basket won't fit them.

          The only item we have found not cleaning properly is caked on natural peanut butter on knives in the cutlery draw, so we just wash them by hand if we have them.

          Overall I can't fault the dishwasher, it's so much better than our old one.

    • I'm in the process of buying a dishwasher right now, my thoughts are as follows:

      Bosch - can't really go wrong. My current place has a serie 4, reliable, gives a pretty good clean. Serie 6 / 8 have added features (cutlery draw, wash modes, controls / control panel, display etc). No real complaints with the serie 4, except the draws are a bit janky - in particular the bottom draw feels a bit cheap / light and falls off its tracks easily.

      NEF is also built by BSH group. Seems like the premium model Bosch. Slightly better build quality.

      Miele - built like a brick sh*thouse. Had one in my last place. Can't go too far wrong if you can get over the slightly dated styling of the lower end models. The styling can also be solved by getting one of the integrated / built in models. Never had too many issues with the cleaning. Harvey's was doing a 10 year manufacturer warranty on these until yesterday.

      I'm actually tossing up between an Electrolux and an LG. Both around $1300. LG has better drawer quality, Electrolux has a cleaning arm dedicated to the top cutlery tray, which should result in a better cutlery wash.

      • Electrolux has a cleaning arm dedicated to the top cutlery tray

        Wait. Are you saying some machines with cutlery tray don't have it?
        I was never expecting this.

        • Bosch don't, they state in their booklet that for hard to wash cutlery you are better off using the basket in the bottom so that they are hit with the jets from the arm. As I mentioned in an above post, the only cutlery that hasn't washed properly up the top is caked on natural peanut butter, I'd rather wash them by hand than put the basket in and lose a heap of room.

          • @donkcat: Most dishwashers that have a cutlery tray rely on a spray jet at the top of the dishwasher (some that have small redirecting nozzles on that jet) and the one that hangs off the bottom of the top tray.

            it is something to consider along with the space you lose having a cutlery tray..

            • @NinjaChicken:

              Bosch don't

              Ouch. Now I understand why they included basket as well.

              Most dishwashers that have a cutlery tray rely on a spray jet at the top of the dishwasher

              Yeah, that's what I have in Miele.

            • @NinjaChicken: You are spot on, Just checked and there is a small spinning game thing attached to the jet up the top

              • @donkcat: That's an advantage Electrolux (and their fancy brand AEG) have over many others - they have a miniture version of one of the bigger spray arms above the cutlery tray. In theory you should get cleaner cutlery..

  • @OP, did you end up buying it?

  • We have the IQ500, and can recommend it highly. Quiet as a church, and the default "Eco 45" washes everything, even really dirty stuff. The IQ300 seems to have pretty similar specs, so should have similar performance.

    Top shelf utensils rack? Once you get used to it, you can wash a lot more "stuff"…

    Siemens stuff seems to be on par with higher-end Bosch (is Serie 6/8) from our experience.

    • I see lot of good reviews on iq500 but not much info on iq300. I can see some differences between the two when I compare them on the website but not sure if I will be missing on something major with iq300 when compared with iq500.

  • Perfect timing. Old Bosch washer of exactly 15 yrs decided to no longer want to wash dishes (Requiesce in pace). I jumped on to OZB and here we have it. One new iQ300 + $199 install service. Code worked. $1,243 all up. I've tried my luck with CR for $16.14 cashback which tracked instantly - will see if it pays out.

    • Sorry to make you feel bad. I wanted Install Service as well and noticed that E&A had installation for $99 so I got E&A to price match it and added $99 for installation. Total price: $1168.

    • I tried the same but they said it will take 4 weeks for them to get the supply from Siemens.
      @ozioziozi - Did you get it in stock at E&S?

      • I was told that they would receive it on 17 Oct and they will then call me to organise delivery/ installation. I wasn't in rush so I said ok to it. I have paid only 30% deposit now and will pay the rest when I get a call from them to organise delivery. Price on Appliances Online has gone down further since this deal was posted so you should get an even better deal now.

  • Update. Arrived and installed. Very professional team. The unit works well (doing load 2). For the coin, very happy with it.