This was posted 1 year 2 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription $99.99 (Was $159.99) @ Plex


Discount code opportunity for the purchase of Plex Pass

This offer is targeted. Please check your email for a one-time use code.

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    I've been a paid Plex subscriber for over six years, and have not once ever been targeted with these offers.

    Meanwhile, the Plex app usability seems to be getting worse, and they keep adding features I don't care about.

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      If you're already paying, why would they target you?

    • There was a coupon just about a month ago that anyone could use

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      Then why aren't you a lifetime member?

    • They don't send offers to people who already pay.

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      Create a second account and pay the waiting game.

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      the new TV interface is (profanity) terrible

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        yeah with the added "free" awful content. But you can customise it

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          Customise your sources and you’ll be sweet

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            @mitchins: Not referring to the sources, it's the new interface which shows you each episode that I'm not a fan of.

      • Use kodi with kodiplexconnect

    • Took me ages but there was a deal on OzB not too long ago that worked for me. They’re rare, but they do come up.

      Been using Plex for about 4 years, finally a lifer.

  • Anyone have a spare code they aren't going to use?

    • I'd like to jump on this as well if anyone has a second code they aren't going to use.

      • +1 :)

  • page not found…. OP please fix

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      Lol! What, do you expect a link to his mailbox?

  • Created four dummy accounts the last time they sent these codes out and still nothing this time.

    If anyone has a spare code, it'd be much appreciated.

    • haha wasn't just me :)

    • I don't think dummy accounts would work, they would know if you use plex or not.

      • hmm true…

        well nothing on the account I actually use either :S

  • Would love a code if someone has a spare! I never seem to be the target of these sweet plex offers :(

  • Although I'm already a Plex Pass subscriber, I've heard of people reaching out to the CEO and getting a code directly.

  • Wait for Black Friday… last year I think they had a generic promo and I jumped on it.

  • No code here, once I can buy it for $99 I will!

  • "This exclusive discount on a lifetime Plex Pass is available now through 11:59 PM PT on Tuesday, October 6, 2020. This code is for your account only and can be used once"

    • @Maxx Power. That is correct, the code is once only. The offers or requests for codes should read "unredeemed" codes.

  • What does it give that the free version doesn't?

    • Google it?

    • Hardware transcoding, Live TV & DVR features to name a few

      • Is hw transcoding the key features? Whats considered the reasons to buy. I have NVIDIA shield, no tv aerial we just stream and use Synology server as storage and Plex server.
        Deciding if I should get it

        • I'm similar to you. the only reason I want it is for the dashboard of all things :D So I can easily access watch history, etc.

          • @yozza: Check out Tautulli for a free plex dashboard

            • @adktz: oh wow, thanks very much!

  • silly question, always waited for this email , but it has never come for the past year. do i need to subscribe to something?

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      Check your spam as these deals often end up in there.

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