Menu Said 'Donuts', Singular Donut Was Received

So last night I decided to treat myself and order takeout pizza. I ordered through UberEats, I normally try and order directly from the restaurant so they dont lose out on the commission taken by UberEats. However they had no direct online ordering system and I did not feel like communicating with a human.

I ordered a home alone deal which consisted of a large pizza (calabrese), garlic bread and 1.25L drink (Pepsi Max…healthier). After adding the home alone deal to the cart I was prompted to order additional sides. One of the options was 'donuts' for $2, no further description was provided. Naturally this option sparked my interest, it seemed like good value and who doesn't love donuts. I suspected they could be some sort of mini donuts given the low price, I was okay with this as it would make it easier to dunk them directly in the peanut butter jar. Anyhow I added the 'donuts' to my order.

As you may have already worked out by the title I was dismayed when my order arrived. It was one singular hot jam donut! Just reliving it now makes me salty. How can you advertise something as a plural and only provide one? The quality of the donut was very bad, however I was mentally prepared for this, I was ordering donuts from a pizza shop poor quality was to be expected. What I was not prepared for was the quantity debacle. I had minimum expectations of two donuts, anything greater than 2 would have been a bonus. One donut is an atrocity!

I am yet to leave a review for the restaurant. I didn't want to leave the review when I was still angry and take time to reflect and leave a fair review. What are your thoughts? I mean it has to be one star right? The pizza, garlic bread & Pepsi Max were all good. Worthy of a four star review in isolation.

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    1 star - Comments: All food bad & donut debacle
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    1 star - Comments: Donut debacle
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    1 star - Comments: Donut debacle & rest of food good
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    2 star - Comments: Donut debacle & rest of food good
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    3 star - Comments: Donut debacle & rest of food good

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    The delivery guy probably forgot the other donut under the bonut which kept it warm.

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    Do nut order from them ever again

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    OP I would just like to applaud your capability to spot a topic that is definitely going to wind up the OzB community. The topic is benign, the stakes are non-existent but the argument is real. Well played.