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Bonus $700 Harvey Norman Gift Card for Optus 80GB/ $65 Per Month (24 Month Contract) @ Harvey Norman


Multiple values of giftcards for signing up a new optus plan!

Best is the $700 giftcard :)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • $700 gift card is for 24 months $65/m over 24 months.

  • 2 year contract eww
    12month ones work out better in my opinion

    • but it was Telstra… not for everyone

      • 24mth is insane idea these days, when you have the likes of boost mobile and so many other good month to month deals.. for the gift card it's understandable but 2 years lock in these days is nuts.

        Also, unless the Data is what you need most, the $65 12mth offer for $400 gift card is better than 24mth for 700 gift card, it's 350 a year that way, and you only get an extra 20gb..

        Smart offer is the 12mth deal and then next year swap optus to telstra and back again etc. Network is moot these days, you'd be hard pressed to see any real differences in metro areas, sure, not always true in certain spots but very limited, i've gone voda 2yrs back to optus last year to telstra this year, all much the same for where I am.

        • Exactly this. You pay the opportunity cost of not being able to claim another ~$500 in a years time.

          This deal should be able to be claimed at $400 for 12 months 65p/m (min cost $780) according to this table

  • 24 months is a NO NO

  • It's a deal, but nowhere near as good as the JB/Telstra one a couple of days ago.


    Same data, cheaper, only 12 month contract and it's on the Telstra network

  • nope nope nope …

  • $500 for 12 months much much much better, but not the best

  • “Gift card available from 3rd August until withdrawn.”
    Does that mean I would only receive the card after august arrives?

  • Would be good if I wasn't already with Optus paying only 40/month for 100gb… Mobile plans these days suck.

  • Thanks. Been waiting for an Optus version of the late Telstra deals since Telstra only gives me H+ at my place near Castle Hill.

  • 24 months? No chance. Telco prices are bound to go down and this is without even considering the coming of 5g

  • Sweet was tempted to add a Pixel 5 to my account to claim the Hub Max but I'll do this and port back into Telstra next year, wonder if I'll keep my Telstra Points though

  • Has anyone tried downgrading the Optud plan like you can do do with the Telstra JB plans? Although they say you could get charged a fee I never have with Telstra.