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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.
While the promo says $400, the person on the phone line said the voucher amount is currently $500

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

Works out to about $17.3 a month after the voucher.

Offer available by calling 13 52 44.

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  • Just to clarify is this $520 total including monthly credit or $500+120 monthly credits?

    • It's $(69 - 10) x 12.

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      You get a $500 gift card and your monthly bill is reduced from $69 to $59, so it's $500+$120=$620 all up, and you pay $69 per month.

      • Slightly misleading. You get a $500 gift card and you pay $59 a month.

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        this is unnecessarily confusing to read…

        • $69 plan, less $10 credit = $59 monthly repayment
        • 12 month contract brings it to $708 for the life of the plan
        • Buy yourself all the friends with an upfront $500 JB HiFi Voucher

        If you'd planned to spend $500 at JB HiFi then you could realistically say:

        • The plan itself costs me $208 for 12 months (i.e. $708 - $500)
        • That works out to be ~$17.33 for 80GB data and U/L calls & text every month!!
        • I also get the benefit of the Telstra 4G and 5G network on this plan

        I really hope this is available to me in coming months! :)

        • Good explanation for people who are lazy enough to calculate :) This is really good for people who need 80 GB per month to use inside Australia.
          an alternative way would be to buy Boost's 12 months plan that includes international as well with a much lower price. so you save 500 directly that you can spend anywhere not just locket to the JBHiFi

          • @Ash20: Yeah… sort of. It's a bit of give and take between the two.

            • Boost is $200 for 85GB for the year - so $16.67 for 7.08GB a month.
            • Boost advantage is International Calls & SMS
            • JB/Telstra advantage is local data, 5G access, Plus points accumulation, Thanks bonuses, etc.

            Boost only ends up being "much cheaper" if you don't want to spend $500 at JB Hi-Fi. :)

        • @wellzi — you said :
          "If you'd planned to spend $500 at JB HiFi then you could realistically say:

          The plan itself costs me $208 for 12 months (i.e. $708 - $500)
          That works out to be ~$17.33 for 80GB data and U/L calls & text every month!!"

          That is not correct.

          When you spend $500 GC at JB Hifi, you get the item/device for value of $500. You still HAVE to pay $59 per month for 12 months.

          You cannot use GC to pay Telstra bill.

  • Will this apply to new plans, or port ins only?

  • Damn this is pretty good deal! When does it expire?

  • I'm currently out of contract with Telstra. Do I have enough time to port out and try to port back before the 30th? Whats the easiest way to do this?

    • Nope.. They usually want ppl to be min of 30 days with another carrier.

      • So even Boost customers can’t port in directly as Boost is Telstra network?

        • That’s correct. Some stores are hit and miss with it but a lot have picked up on those porting out for one day then trying to hop on this deal.

        • Telstra owns Boost actually but it's a special separate department on it's own with it's own system. When I worked for Telstra, customers inside Siebel were treated as another carries (Port). It was a hassle moving people form pre to post and once again had to be done by the Boost mobile department.

          Having said all that, I can with 100% confidence tell you Telstra was the most incompetent, disorganised and unprofessional place I ever worked for.

      • Some have reported here that they ported out and were accepted back to Telstra within days to get similar deals.

        A good thing to tell them is you went over to either Vodafone or Optus Network ( pick the one that has worst reception

        near you ), but were not happy with bad signal reception. Tell them you want to go back to Telstra.

        Might have good chance of that working.

    • Try. I did 2x already port in one day and re contract again and worked.

    • Depends on your relationship with Telstra. In my case, i had other services (mobile + fixed line) associated to my name so, although i’d ported the service out, my acct was still active and they could see the cancel order so knew i couldn’t qualify for the port-in promo until +30 days. If others are able to get around this, i suspect either a new acct is created (but not sure how when you need photo id?) or the rep made an error and probably gets docked.

  • So the sign up process is all done over the phone or do you have to go in store?

  • Just signed up on the $500 GC only (port in) plan on Saturday any chance we can cancel and take up this plan if the existing plans sim hasn’t been shipped yet?

    • Just done exactly the same thing on Friday damn, will call tomorrow to see what they can do.

      I can't see any of this on their website tho?

      • Let me know how it goes :)

        • Called, can confirm vic only.

          My request to change is now with the manager as the person cannot change my order as its already in the system.

          They say they will call back soon but i will follow up after lunch.

          If it already ported i would not seek this, but since i don't even have a sim yet i think its fair.

          Will push for it.

        • Called again to check progress, jb said can't do anything because its already in the system.

          I suggest to cancel and redo but they said i cant do that as i wont be eligible for the promo then.

          Such a disappointment, at least i still get the $500 gc….

    • Just jump on the Telstra live chat and ask nicely for the discount. I did when I signed up a few months ago and go the $10 discount per month

      • Will try that when my SIM arrives, do you know if it’s possible to earn Telstra+ Points on the plans?

      • I have contacted several CS, even with the supervisor, but been rejected flatly there’s no such thing as $10 discount a few months ago.

        Either Telstra has double standard on deciding who’ll get the discount or it’s only bad work culture in their staffs when deciding who’s their “friends and family”.

        • Their not suppose to be giving further discount on these plans, just some of the staff or not adequately trained Providing these discounts and also promising peace of mind (data capping)

  • This being a good deal depends on if you buy sh!t you don't need with the voucher, that you wouldn't have bought otherwise.

  • Definitely jumping on this, I'll use the voucher for ps5 games!

  • Why can't we see this on their webpage?

    And to accept this, they take your details over the phone?

  • I assume there's no ETC on this sort of deal?

  • Can you get this with a phone plan or just sim? And can you get this with a student discount?

  • Is phone companies paying out your contract to join them still a thing?

    I have 5 months to go and around $300 on my current plan with Optus but would love to jump on this deal.

    • Is that a thing mate? I know if you recontract with same provider they would waive the remaining 3 months usually..never heard of a competitor paying off your contract so you can join them..

      • I got it with optus many many years ago.

      • I asked Telstra and they weren't offering anything for recontracting. I'm 22 months into a 24 month plan and they want to charge me the full 2 months to recontract early lol.. how to lose a customer in 1 easy step…

  • Does this include 5g access? Was on $65 60gb jbhifi plan and lost 5g access from September. Telstra was nice enough to cancel jbhifi contract early without fees and put me on medium month to month for $65 80gb with 5g being restored.

  • Does anyone know how often this deal happens? Waiting for iPhone 12 to land first

    • The $500 gift voucher does not expire until iphone 12 is out for sure so why don't you join now, hold on to the old phone you are using with the new sim from this plan in it and wait until iphone 12 is out?

  • That is cheaper $ per GB than NBN plans from most providers after the gift voucher.

  • Question - Can you pay your Telstra Bill at JB Hi-Fi? …if so, don't you just throw the $500 gift card at your bill, put it into credit and average $17.17/month for 20GB!?

  • What’s the general lead time to port over ?

  • So i can get Xbox series s for $153 (94+59-500 gift card)?

  • Does anyone know Telstra had Data-pool, like optus?

  • Can I get this deal and the when the iPhone 12 comes out get it through telstra month to month without getting a new sim plan with it?

  • Oh ffs. I been waiting for this deal for 5 months, moved off boost, been using amaysim who were.terrible. literally just went back to boost a week ago and this comes out. But I bought a boost 12m value pack so stuck with this… 🤣 And this includes 5G
    Just be patient one more week and I'd have this.
    Anyone know if you can transfer boost data and stuff to someone else? I don't want to lose my number

    • That boost plan is stuck on your number, if you port it's gone

      • Yep. Called them yesterday the voucher turns into 400 today he told me. Yesterday it was 500. Oh well. Would of been a great find, Il just keep boost now until the next deal. If I had a 5g phone is be contemplating it

  • Where is this deal listed? Their website says $300

  • Isn’t this like an ever running deal? It, or some variation of it has been always available at JB Hi Fi.

  • +15 votes

    The fact they able to give you so much shows you how much they are overcharging you

    • Yes well if you compare it to sim slut plans that gives you an even better idea. I pay $5 or less per month doing this but it's not on the full Telstra network.

      • which one?

        • Currently on Belong - bought the $40 starter pack on special for $15 then used option 2 to activate. Also got some referrals which added $20 credit each time (2 more months on the $10 plan) & bought some extra data cheap from an Ozbargain member in the classifieds.

          Will prob sim slut to Kogan 60GB 90 days $14.90 after I run out of referrals, then repeat.