Tenda Nova MW3 Wi-Fi Security WPA/WPA2 (TKIP)

Hello Everyone,

I am using Tenda Nova MW3 which my iPhone is showing is weak security. As per my iPhone WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) is not a secure network. I contacted Tenda on how to change to WPA/WPA2 and they advised it cannot be changed and they advised me WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) is a secure network. I don’t know much about wifi security. Can you guys please advise if it’s safe network? Thanks in advance.

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  • TKIP is very old now and there are many tools that allow you to crack TKIP within under 15min depending on hardware. Are you able to enable TKIP/AES? If not I suggest upgrading to a more secure device that supports AES/CCMP.

    • Tenda advised me it cannot be changed.

      • In that case you might want to invest in Google Nest Wifi as they offer WPA3.

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        TKIP has been cracked for more than 10 years.
        I suspect the person you spoke to at Tenda has NFI and you just haven't found the correct setting.

        • Person I spoke to is the only person who answers phone when you call them. He confirmed it cannot be changed. As per their website it’s Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK (default). As per my iPhone it’s connected to WPA/WPA2 (TKIP). I don’t know if there is any difference in WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) and WPA/WPA2-PSK.

  • WPA2 (AES) is the only "secure" WiFi protocol..
    And I'd be incredibly surprised if modern equipment like this did not support AES encryption

  • I emailed a few weeks ago for the MW5C - They said they'd removed the ability to set it to AES, implying it used to be possible.

    I returned mine today for that reason.

    • I have messaged guy from Tenda link to this post. Will see what he will say as he told me WPA/WPA2(TKIP) is safe. I think I will return them too if they will agree and will invest money in better mesh.

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    This is quite interesting, I have a mixed setup of MW5c and MW3
    My Windows laptops are all reporting WPA2-CCMP
    But my android devices are reporting TKIP

    • Yeah my Windows 10 pc also reports WPA2 AES…

  • Do you think the MW5 is any different? Have just bought one and want to use but this is a downer :(

    • Yes it is…
      In that thread, the user has either misconfigured the AP or it is a coding issue with iOS14.
      The Tenda is showing TKIP on Android according to @choofa above.
      And according to the setting name is broadcasting WPA1 alongside WPA2

  • With the tools available now, none of those are safe. What is safe is a long, non dictionary password with randomly spread symbol and numbers. Check https://random-ize.com/how-long-to-hack-pass/.

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    Using NetXPro on android. Discovered I had WPA/WPA2- PSK TKIP + AES mode with my network. Enabling Fast roaming fixes this as it removes older device compatibility and now falls back onto WPA2 only with CCMP/AES.

    On a side note. Noticed my fritzbox now supports WPA3

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      Enabling Fast Roaming Works!

  • Dammit I have this installed. What to do..

    • Turn on fast roaming.

  • Good news everyone! Tenda finally updated firmware to disable TKIP.
    This is probably thanks to apple who started to the "network is not secure!" warning on all iOS devices for Tenda WM3.
    Firmware disables TKIP and forces AES.

    • Thank you for letting us know.

    • Sorry for a random, late reply…. my firmware is showing as the most recent… where did you get this firmware update from?

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        In the Tenda Wi-Fi app go to settings then firmware upgrade.

        • Yes, I've done that, however continue to get a message that Firmware is already up to date (as

          • @supafly: Strange - perhaps it may take a while to get through to everyone. Worth restarting both the devices and app/phone to see?

            • @The Hobo: Yes, definitely strange. I only got the kit a week ago too.

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            @supafly: Just be patient - it's normal practice to do a staggered rollout of such updates 👍

    • Currently updating to now!

      Great news indeed.

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    I am updating now to V1.0.0.29(5834) I have Tenda Nova MW6 (3 + 1), how do I get

  • Just came across this cheers!

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