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ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UX463FA Notebook - i7/1.8GHz - 16GB - 512GB SSD - 14" FHD - $1529 @ Bing Lee


Been eyeing off this laptop for a while and should be able to get it for under $1500 with some cashback. After a 2 in 1 so I can browse on the couch as well.

Posting this deal as I value the knowledge on laptops from the OzBargain community.

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Bing Lee
Bing Lee


  • Great laptop, just be aware the 11th Gen version will go on sale in the next month.

    • definitely wait for 11thGen for the igpu alone… then again it might not be cheap hehe

    • Notebookcheck just did a review of a Tigerlake based Zenbook and it's not very impressive.


      "Raw multi-thread performance is about 20 to 30 percent slower than the Ryzen 5 4500U according to CineBench benchmarks. In fact, it's barely any faster than the older Core i7-1065G7 that our i7-1165G7 is supposed to replace."

      Gaming wise, other than 3dMark. It's slower in all the games Notebookcheck tested vs AMD Ryzen laptop they used or Nvidia MX250 or 350 GPUs.

      • The new laptop is great for egpu and other types of expandability however. Also the new zenbook 14 will have a version with MX450 graphics, although its not a convertible.

      • I think ASUS always tune their thin and light laptops to have lower TDP that can limit the CPU performance, which is very similar to what LG gram does.
        To get the best out of the CPU, I will go with Lenovo as they usually include beefy dual cooling fans that can support Peak 50W and constant 30W TDP.

        • That's putting it in H series CPU TDP territory and could significantly reduce battery life.

          • @shellshocked: All the theoretical performance tests are performed when the laptop is charged and powered externally. This is what you care as you shared a link of such test so this is what I'm discussing with you.
            The laptop's capability of 50 or 30W TDP has nothing to do with battery life as the power draw is only on-demand and you can always lower and limit the TDP at will. However when you need performance for gaming or rendering at home or at the hotel. then you're limited with what you have.

  • Does anyone know if this is the new 11th gen will support charging the laptop from usb c?

    • It's not 11th gen intel, no.

      • Oh far out fat fingers.
        "Does anyone know if this OR the new 11th gen will support charging the laptop from usb c?"

        • new one does. I clicked through this link and it says usb for all the ports (no thunderbolt 3) and I can't see PD in the picture of the ports so pretty sure it doesn't.

        • USB is required to have the PD logo for power delivery, thunderbolt supports it natively.

          • @AlmightyBeing: Oh champion! Thanks. So the new one with TB4 must support it. Really appreciate the research =)

            • @incipient: yes and it's faster than TB3 and also doesn't limit the bandwidth of other devices such as egpu, thunderbolt storage, dock, etc (daisychaining). Although, I'm pretty sure it depends on the cable. I know that you need a TB4 compatible cable for the expandability features (obviously) but idk if power delivery works with a USB3.x or USB4 cable.

  • New version has thunderbolt 4, pcie ssd and loads of other features so will be a big step up than this one. I'm not sure about the flip, but they also have a secondary screen on the touchpad on a lot of the new zenbooks.

  • Price match-able?