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SCA 4 Shelf Galvanised Storage Unit - 2 for $24.99 @ Supercheap Auto


SCA 4 Shelf Unit Galvanised 50kg

Not the best shelving unit out there but you can't go wrong for $12.50 a piece. Pretty decent unit for what you pay for.

Length: 710mm
Width: 300mm
Height: 1370mm
Weight: 6kg
Load Rating: 50kg per shelf

Easy to complain about the difficulty of putting these together but I think this review sums it up well:

"Many other reviews bang on about how hard they are to assemble. Sure there are a few nuts and bolts but nothing a handy person can't take care of. I'm sure all the others saying it's a pain in the proverbial assembling them used a hand screwdriver and not a small battery operated screwdriver or battery drill with an appropriate bit. Cuts assembly time by 20 odd minutes to about 30 minutes per shelf."

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  • Ikea used to sell this for $9.99 each.
    Yes it's painful for one single person to put them together with a hand screwdriver.

    • Pity IKEA price jacked them. Got a couple sitting out the backyard (covered) to hold pots and other gardening stuff.

      The Bunnings equivalent which I bought for a diff project is flimsy by comparison.

  • +2 votes

    Got a whole bunch of these, outstanding VFM, good find!

    YES, they are a PIA to assy. but after you have put a few together you can bang them together rather quickly, use power-tools.

    WORST thing to assy. is a ABSCO shed, not only a zillion self tapers, rough sharp finish, poor instructions, holes not punched out, holes not aligned, zero customer support, a real "quality" Aussie Made Product…NOT

    And to think they make fun of Made In China…..

    • I am trying to understand what this comment means

      • My best translation:

        These are good value for money
        They are a pain to assemble, but can be done quickly with power tools.
        Absco sheds are very hard to assemble and have terrible customer service even though they're made in Austraila.
        China > Australia.

    • I picked up quite a few initialisms from your comment

  • These shelves are garbage, so many stupid nuts and bolts to assemble and each shelf can only hold a limited amount of weight.

    • 'cant go wrong'

      hospital visit for gash, saggy shelves, easy to topple because flimsy - 'can't go wrong'

  • I bought the $14 shelf from Bunnings which looks extrememly similar. Great little shelf, like others have said it took a little while but the shelf is great for shoes and a toolbox (I left a shelf off). If you got a bit of time go for it, i only used a hand screwdriver and small socket to make it a bit easier approx. 75 minutes to make.

  • Are these easy to assemble?

    • Yes but time consuming without power tools.

      I have bought about 10 of these in the past. This is a fantastic price.

  • Guaranteed to screw up a day

  • Individually they are just ok… I ended up assembling/joining 2 of these together and they became fairly solid… I plan to get more and keep adding to the chain until the space is filled.

    FYI.. I got mine using the free credit that SCA gives out every now and then so both of mine coated me less than $10 each.

  • I went a bit overboard with the last one I got and after carefully squaring the sides mig welded the bottom half together. Behaves itself pretty well. Also screwing them to the wall of your absco shed helps too.