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Logitech MX Keys US International Layout QWERTY $164.41 + $17.79 Shipping ($0 Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard.

Cheapest it has been for a while since COVID has hit (RRP $199) if you have prime and don't mind the different keyboard layout.

NOTE****: This is the US International Layout QWERTY (920-009415). This would differ from AU keyboards (920-009418) as the enter key is larger and the "| \" key is in a different position.

If you are lucky you could get Officeworks/JB Hifi to price match and get a local one.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -3

    Is this mechanical?

    • It's a chiclet keyboard but with good key travel.

  • +3

    Awesome keyboard, worth every cent I spent on it.

    • @Clain Can I please ask where you bought yours from and if your layout looks like this (1) or like this (2).

      Just need to look at the shape of the 'Enter' key. Would be really helpful! Seeing a lot of conflicting information - including from Logitech, on what the layout actually looks like!

      • +1

        @poppingtags the way to check is the part #: 920-009418 is the one that is locally bought (i got it from JB and it's 920-009418).

        The one posted here on amazon is #920-009415 which has the picture of the ebay one you linked but actually is 920-009418 (i suspect they used the generic pictures ebay suggested).

        • @blaze92 Hey, thanks for the reply! This is what's confusing me - all Australian retailers technically carry #920-009418 and not OP's #920-009415.

          However, all the below retailers have the picture for #920-009415, while claiming that its #920-009418. I wonder if its just poor image selection on their part, or if there's actually two different layouts being sold under the same product number!

          JB Hi-fi

          Amazon AU


          Bing Lee

          • @poppingtags: Yep hence the warning on the post, that it is the US International version which is #920-009415 so not the standard keyboard for AU.

            Some images may be wrong but best to go off the part #.

    • Yep, can confirm. Feels like great quality. Really nice to type on.
      I did have trouble with the wireless range being dismal, but moved the dongle to the front of the PC and all good now.

      • @bmerigan Can I please ask where you bought yours from and if your layout looks like this (1) or like this (2)?

        • +1

          Bought from JB Hi-fi for $199. Looks same as the Harvey Norman picture.

          • @bmerigan: Thanks so much for the info! Very interesting - and only adds to the confusion unfortunately!

            JB Hi-fi's product page has pictures featuring a different layout to what they're actually selling. Despite having different pictures - Harvey Normans, Bing Lee's and JB Hi-fi all have the same product number (920-009418).

            I placed an order from Bing Lee with the eBay cashback offer yesterday, I really hope its the same layout as yours!

  • Note colour-wise there's a stealth all Black/Noir version and there's the standard Graphite version (plus the Space Grey Mac version which is an even lighter grey). The Graphite keys are dark grey and look faded, unlike the true black of the all Black version. Not sure if the all Black is sold in Australia though I haven't been able to find it yet.

    • What colour is the one on offer, anyone?

      • I've been told Australia only receives the Graphite version. Only America gets the all Black version.

    • I actually prefer the graphite version, the all black version looks a bit cheap imo. The keys on the graphite version are fine, don't look faded at all - but I can see why the black seem even crisper.

      From the Amazon images, it appears that this is the Graphite version.

  • +2

    I've been waiting ages for a sale but gave up, went and bought one from jb hifi last week. Asked for the best price and managed to get it down to $171, then bought a gift card for 5% off through suncorp so I paid $162.45 in the end. Loving the keyboard so far

    • Hey there @bighorse, could you please help us out? I think a few of are struggling to understand which layout is sold in Australia.

      Does your keyboard layout look like this (1) or like this (2).

      Just need to look at the shape of the 'Enter' key.

      • +1

        I have option #1, with the standard enter key.
        I bought from amazon au

        • Thanks for the reply! Looks like AU gets the standard enter key.

    • Might do this as well. 173 is what JB corporate price is so this is better

  • Is this a good price for this?

  • Not sure about the price, but I have the craft version… Great keyboards

  • +1

    This looks more like a euro layout than us. All normal aus keyboards are usa layout

  • You could have got this for $180 on ebay from Bing Lee yesterday. I should have posted that deal given the interest.

  • Thanks for mentioning the difference in the layout. It’s kind of a deal breaker to me. Will wait for new deals hopefully coming up in Amazon Prime days.

    • What don't you like about this layout? Just checking before I buy.

    • +1

      It was a deal breaker to me aswell, so I gave it a shot and went to JB and got it price matched.

      @PSEACT - I am using it for work purposes so it would mess with my brain each time I docked my laptop and using US layout keys vs the AU layout keys on the laptop.

      • @blaze92 I think we're referring to the layouts incorrectly based on the images in the Amazon link.

        The layout in this deal is the ISO layout, which is not the US layout.

        The US layout, which is commonly used in Australia is actually the ANSI layout.

        This link describes the differences well.

        This again, makes things a bit confusing!

  • what is the normal price?

  • I'm actually not sure which layout is being sold in OP's link vs here in Australia, there's a lot of conflicting information.

    For example, Harvey Norman, Logitech AU, Officeworks all show one layout, which is from my understanding, the US layout.

    HOWEVER - JB Hi-fi, Amazon AU, M-Wave and Bing Lee all show a different layout, which from my understanding, is the AU layout.

    The real kicker is all of the above links have the same product number! (920-009418).

    • On the Harvey Norman link you provide, when you scroll down, the layout is differ from the picture on the top, too.

      The pictures on JB Hi-Fi and Amazon AU are confliting as well, some are US/AU layout, some are UK/EU layout.


      • Thanks for that! Your take appears to be the consensus so far

    • +1

      G915 for gaming, MX Keys for productivity.

  • I swear, sometimes I feel as though I'm living through my very own Truman Show lol. Whenever I buy something, it somehow always appears on Ozbargain as a deal within a day or two. I had been eyeing this Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3 combo for a while. Having tried my colleagues and found how pleasant they were both to use, I decided to bite the bullet and just get the pair today. Also, I've driven my household insane with the constant clickity clacks from my mechanical keyboards since working from home.

    Officeworks is hit and miss when it comes to price matching. They tend to make the rules up as they go along, but I did okay with them today. Just a heads up, although their site lists the MX Keys as black, I can confirm that it is graphite (two tone). They also only stock the MX Master 3 in the graphite as well. Thought I'd mention this because my colleague has a mismatching colour pair as the MX Master 3 mouse comes in either graphite (910-005698) and black (910-005710) and he mistakenly bought the black one.

    I ended up paying the following with the 5% price difference:

    Logitech MX Keys - $180.45 ($189.95 - $9.50) price matching it with Megabuy (https://www.megabuy.com.au/logitech-mx-keys-wireless-illumin...)
    Logitech MX Master 3 - $122.55 ($129 - $6.45) price matching it with Umart (https://www.umart.com.au/Logitech-MX-Master-3-Advanced-Wirel...)

    • Yeah OW is selling the standard AU Graphite model, I saw it instore. The Black description is a mistake. Though there appears to be Black models being sold on ebay/gumtree, not sure if from overseas.

      • +1

        I much prefer graphite in both the Keys and the Master. My colleagues mouse seems to show up all the mushy fingerprints being black. The graphite colour scheme looks cleaner and less boring.

    • Good pick-up…. equal to the best price I could find for the AU variant [920-009418] on ebay >>>>


  • +1

    I have both the craft and the MX with MX Master mice using flow between computers. These are really good and after using dozens of different keyboards and mice - they are my go to choice. This is productivity not gaming use.
    I prefer the MX Keys over the Craft as I find I accidentally hit the wheel on the Craft sometimes and it's kind of in the way when I hit escape.

    • MX Keys also has better battery life

  • Anyone had luck price matching with JB? Got some gifts I prefer to use. Also know if can price match through calling? My closest JB is 6km from home :(

    • +1

      @Baratheon i was able to get it priced matched at JB (amazon prime cost) and officeworks (+ delivery cost). YMMV.

      • Terrible question.. when you price match for officeworks online… do you just email/contact form them?

    • I didn't price match, just rang up nearest JB and asked what the best price would be for this? It was RRP $199, but the JB guy on phone said he can do it for $185 and I asked if he could do better…and he said $182. Asked him to put it aside with my name and details and I picked it up later that day. Paid with discounted gift cards for further 5% reduction.
      Edit: This was 4 months ago, when the stocks were really low and price everywhere was $199

  • Might be a stupid question but I have the MX Master 3. If I buy the MX Keys can i use the same dongle that the mouse uses or do I need to use 2 usb ports for each dongle?

    • Same dongle. Both use the unifying receiver. You'll just have to manually add the the other device using the unifying software that you can download from Logitech website.

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