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Red Rock Deli Multipack 2x 30x 28g $12.99 ($0.2165 Per 28g) Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


This Red Rock Deli multipack is ideal for kid’s lunchboxes, conveniently packaged in single serving sizes.

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    so this is for 60 bags?

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      The Costco web page is confusing. It said 2 x 30 so we can assume it’s 60 bags. But under the photos it said “0.44 per each“ which is approximately $12.99 divided by 30 bags.

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        Could be a listing error, screenshot the page just in case you only get 1 box. Costco have excellent customer service.

  • Ordered, thanks!

  • Seems to be an awesome deal. If my maths is right. This is cheaper than big bags of red rock deli at half price at woolies?

  • ordered, thanks.

    kid's lunch bag is solved for next term. =)

  • Anyone know if this is in store? Heading to Costco on the weekend but happy to order online if its an online only deal

  • Cheers OP, normally get these from Colesworth who sell 2x 10 packs for $9.80 (49c per bag) this is way cheaper at only 21.65c a bag

  • Don't schools ban junk food now anyway?

  • Thanks Op, ordered

  • 1 pack = $0.44 each according to website

  • Just went to order - product page still saying $12.99 for 2 x 30. But when I added 1 to cart, it tries to charge me $29.99!

  • Price just went up 😔

  • I must have got them just in time mine is showing $25.98 on invoice. I ordered 2 hoping 4 boxers turn up, screen shoted just in case.

    Costco has been Oz bargained they must have realised the mistake.

  • Seems like the price has been corrected to $29.99

  • Got mine delivered today and it’s only 1 box of 30 even though my order is listed as “Red Rock Deli Multipack 2 x 30 x 28g“.

    • Same here… wat to dooooo

    • I got mine yesterday only one box, however I have a 2nd notification from Auspost of another delivery coming form Costco. I have not ordered anything else.

      • I also got my second box today.

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    they are cancelling my order.

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      same here. cancelled my order. :(

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        Mine too apparently batch date error. I said I don't mind having them if they're past the use-by or I'll come pick them up in store if that would be easier I'm going down tomorrow, no sorry we have to cancel the order. Liars

        I was told I could come into store and buy them off the shelf when I said but they were on special sorry we have to go by the price on the shelf

  • My order got cancelled as well. She said it was a batchfeed error. I'm assuming that means someone made a mistake while entering the prices.

  • Order cancelled