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Star Trek Voyager Season 1 DVD 5 Disc Set $23 @ Kicks


Star Trek Voyager Season 1 DVD 5 disc set only $23. While Stocks Last. Limited Time Only. Includes bonus features.

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  • dvd yuck

    • Usually the special features on Trek DVDs are worth it, though.

      But yeah I'd rather have all 7 seasons for $95

    • I was always the guy that told people to stop being ignorant when they said "people still buy DVDs?". But now we're at the end of 2020 and bluray is the norm. DVD is the new VHS. 4K is the new bluray.

      Unless you can't find a bluray version or if it's tons more expensive than it's DVD counterpart, I can't see why there is much of a market for DVDs these days.

    • They stored the master copies of TNG, DS9 and Voyager on NTSC video, even DVD is overkill really.

      Assuming they kept the original film maybe one day they'll pay someone to recut them from film for a HD release.

  • Complete dvd set (season 1 to 7) is $95 at amazon and kogan.

  • It's on Netflix for those curious. Same as TNG and DS9.

  • After watching the remastered version of TNG it is hard to go back and watch Voyager and DS9.

  • My all time fav Star Trek series