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Buy Three Get Fourth Free Bridgestone Potenza RE003 Tyres @ Bob Jane and JAX Tyres


This popular deal is back again. Available until October 30. Saw the deal advertised on tv for Bob Jane but it’s also available at JAX and possibly other Bridgestone retailers.

Another deal I stumbled upon when researching this deal is that Beaurepaires have buy 3 get 1 free on the Dunlop SP SPORT FM800. I’m currently running these on my car and have been really happy with them.

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  • Love Potenzas, however they don't last very long, you'd be lucky to get 30,000 on a set even if you're light on the throttle

    • Yeah they are soft compound tyres. The first couple thousand KMs are magic using them. You do feel a drop off after that but mine were about half tread or just under after 14,000. I probably used too much of the tyres early on, as well as a couple heavy braking incidents. But they stopped on a dime in heavy rain when needed. Literally saved a life of a person who decided to run across the road and tyres stopped like an F1 car.

      • Bridgestone Adrenalin are great tyres for the price. I have bought them for 15 years or so now, across their pattern updates. They do wear out faster than hard compound tyres but will save your (or someone else's) life.
        Chinese cheapies can last a long time or a short time. But never work well.
        Some "quality" and expensive brands are still crap, but have a good marketing budget/groupies.

        • Exactly - I can never understand how people put cheapo tyres on cars. They are literally the connection of your car to the road so have a massive effect on comfort, noise, performance and safety.

          • @ath: Some people never do any work on their suspension components either. They drive a car for 100,000kms on all the stock suspension and expect it to run like new. No point in putting expensive tyres on a car like that.

            • @Wazowski: Thanks you saved me money.
              I was thinking to buy it for my 2008 Lancer VRX but the car's suspension is probably stock I believe (second hand car).
              My current tyres are working fine as of now.

              So if I consider replacing tyres, should I consider changing my suspension first?

    • I've had 3 sets of RE003's and love them. My current set going past 20,000 mark and still plenty of tread left. Even if it only goes to 30,000, I'd still buy another set. It performs very well, both wet & dry.

    • This is true. I got a set of 4x18" in 2016 and the 2 front tyres barely lasted 2 years (or 30,000), but the rear ones are still on there. They'd have done probably 50,000 by now. So if you average it out, that's about 40k per tyre. I replaced the fronts with Hankooks (my car originally came with Kuhmos).

    • what about the Turanza range?. Do they last as long? mine seems to be asking for a change at about close to 30,000km

      • I think if bought through Bridgestone they give you a 50,000km warranty on Turanzas. Not sure about other stores

        • I bought my car second hand, tyres looks newish just via visual inspection. not much km done on the car :(

          • @georgegates5: Turanzas are a bit smoother over bumps but don't give you as much grip or feel compared to Potenzas. Any tyre that has done 30,000km isn't going to be that great though.

            • @Monstalova: is Turanza the longest lasting tyre out there or do you know any other ones worth a mention as well? Had a family car that could use a tyre change soon

              • @WillKillfor5Cents: Interested in this as well, i guess longest lasting with best grip on wet/dry condition as a higher priority.

              • @WillKillfor5Cents: If you buy from Bridgestone themselves then you can get all the benefits with it like; free quarterly check-ups with rotation (2 years), free puncture repairs and great warranty of 50,000km. Goodyear is decent for durability too but doesn't give the same amount of wet weather handling but the grip is decent. Pirelli is the other good one but can be more expensive as it's not sold in as many places, so less deals. For the comfort touring tyres it's usually between Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus and Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season. Wet weather handling, durability, comfort and noise is slightly better with Bridgestone. Dry weather, cornering and economy is a bit better with Pirelli. Not that much difference between them but with the added extras from Bridgestone, I know which one I'd be choosing

    • I have done about 30K with mine and still have around 10k left according to my local tyre place.
      Very good tyres.

    • I got 60 000 km out of my last set, and am hitting 55 000 on my current set but they're getting pretty low. How TF do you guys drive? I thought I pushed it around corners…

      Edit: For comparison's sake, I run 215/45/R17 91W's on an AWD Subaru Liberty Wagon

      • Your car might have a better suspension geometry than average. My current and previous cars both wear the inside edge of the front tyres. The outer edge is only half worn when I have to get new tyres.

        • Sounds like you're in need of an alignment to correct your excessive camber.

          • @B-Rad: Alignments don't seem to make a difference, but they seem to only focus on castor angle. I actually think it needs some shims to adjust camber and possibly new bushes. I weighed the price of getting that work done against buying tyres a year earlier and decided against it.

      • I think mine would have lasted around 25-30,000km. Had a Subaru Liberty GT. Strange how so many Subaru owners have Potenzas. Don't really drive hard, just on brief occasions. Always ease off the throttle slowly and gentle with braking. Tyres were wearing very evenly too. Now got a Accord V6 Luxury that came with new Goodyears and the difference is noticeable especially for that initial new grip which has a shorter lifespan.

  • Anyone knows whether this deal is available in Costco?

  • yokohama also doing the buy 3 get 1 free (ADVAN Fleva V701, ADVAN Sport V103, ADVAN Sport V103RF, ADVAN Sport V105 , ADVAN Sport V105RF, ADVAN Sport V107, ADVAN Neova AD08R.) in bob Jane as I saw now

    • how does V105 compare with RE003
      I'm very unfamilliar with the yokos

      • The Yokos are good tyres. Not quite as adhesive as the Bridgestone, but there's not much in it. The advantage is they're much quieter, smoother and last a bit longer. Average drivers wouldn't pick the difference.

  • Bob Jane? Um no.
    RE003s great tyres.

    • Also available @ Bridgestone themselves

      • Yes, beware that Bob Jane will provide zero after sales service, unless you get them to do a wheel alignment. My car did not need an alignment by tyre fitters - I have learnt this lesson in the past.
        Bridgestone Direct will actually support the product and you with after sales.
        I made the mistake of buying in last deal from Bob Jane - regret it. And had to deal with their attitude, I'm past being treated like a child.

  • What am I supposed to do with the extra wheel?

  • how about Hankook Kinergy eco 2 K435 Tyre?

  • never find 3 for 4 for my 225 /65 R17.

    • Just got Bridgestone ecosas 4 for 3 a few months ago. - Kia sportage. Think that's the same.

  • Holding out for a Continental 4 for 3 deal

    • I hold this idea for about 5 months and then got 4 primacy 4 last week

      • I know they just good but many says it doesn't last that long, is that true?

        • It depends how you use them. Honestly, the durability diff can be ignored if you usually drive in city. If the Goodyear or Bridgestone tyres can last 50K km, primacy 4 should last 45-46k. But primacy 4 has better wet grip performance, quiet and comfort.

          • @Liquid Pro: Serenity Plus tyres are superior to the Primacy 4's (for quietness), but not available in all sizes. All of my cars have MP4's or BS+ tyres. Both are the best in the business if you want quiet and comfortable, the complete package.

      • Did you get a deal on these or just bought full price?

        • A deal, just go to costco, michelin there is very cheap.

          • @Liquid Pro: Ah, not a member but thanks for the info.

            • @nc112: try 2 ask if ur friend has one….michelin tyre from costco is much cheaper than other tyre store

              • @Liquid Pro: I'll see if a friend has one. What was the difference for your Primacys? Do you then take it to a tyre store to fit, balance, dispose etc?

                • @nc112: Nah, costco will do everything for you (except wheel allignment) and just charge you the money for tyres (even lower than other tyre store).
                  Primacy has good wet grip performance, quiet and comfort, it is a all-round tyre. The only weakness i can say is durability is a bit worse than tyres which is designed for lasting. If you are not a tyre expert or has some special usage(offroad, long drive everyday), then primacy can be the first pick.

  • Bob Jane better than My Car. Don’t buy tyres from My Car. They secretly damage your car when you don’t do what they recommend. My friends have also complained about them.

  • All overpriced

  • OK tires for a daily. If you want something sporty step up to the Advan AD08R while they are on promo

  • before u go any stores, call them and ask if the tyres brand u choose are available.

    if u ask them in store, they usually say no stock at the moment and recommend u other brands which bring more profit I believe.

  • While these 3 for 4 deals look good the individual tyre prices are jacked up. Sure you save some money but not nearly as much as you would be led to believe.

    • +5 votes

      Jacked up for sure.
      Paid $630.00 for 4 245/45r18 RE003 Bridgestones fitted and balanced just yesterday at Donnellans The Tyremen.
      Bob Jane quoted me $711 (3x$237 +1 free)

      • I paid exactly same $630 for same tyres at Bridgestone centre in June deal. Bob Jane wanted more $$.

  • Anyone know if the offer will still be valid if bob jane or bridgestone stores price matches another retailer?

  • Does anyone knows what is the best tyer for an average person? Just driving inside the town.
    Did some research but still not sure. I got serenity plus and I'm sure it would last a long time as it's not soft. The handling is great but I need something less noisy next time.

  • I would have thought the Bridgestone RE004 would been available in Australia by now.

  • This offer doesn’t seem available for 225 60 R18… any alternate 4 for 3 options?

  • This or pilot sport 4s?

    • 4s are a lot more $$$, but I found them a little better. Not a massive difference though.

      I'm running RE003 just now, on my 3rd set of them, as I really like them. Tried the Pilot SPort 4S last time, and did like them, but too expensive this time round.

      I drive an FGX G6ET for reference. Drive around 1000km a week, mostly highway.

  • Which Tyers do you guys recommend for a VW Golf 90TSI 2012? I need to change them soon so I might as well buy them now. Don’t want to spend too much average quality is fine but must last more than 50000km on them

  • This is a decent deal and one that I took advantage of once, BUT…

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 were overall superior in my (ex) Golf R MK6: quieter, better handling around corners, more grip in wet and lasted longer than the RE003.

    PS I bought the Michelins during a cashback offer and pricematch and ended up paying a bit under $300 per tyre.

    • I run Pilot Sport Cup 2s - my personal recommendation to anyone who will listen are Falken Azenis FK510s

      • How do they compare to 200 tread wear tyres like hankook rs4, ad08r?

        I have re003 on the normal car and would not really recommend for really spirited driving. Good for normal tyre though

        • I haven't really looked into the Rs4's at all, yokohoma tyres are always good I just find them to be super expensive.

          I cant really fault my Cup 2s other than wet performance and cost but you sort of know that going into it.

          I've picked up a couple of screws on the shoulders and paying $400+ per corner is just something I'm starting to get over.

          I have friends with Falken's and I've read a lot of reviews that suggest they aren't as much of a downgrade as the price difference would suggest - and they should give me reduced road noise and better wet performance + when I need a new one it doesn't instantly blow a whole in any semblance of a budget I'm attempting to maintain.

  • Are they legally allowed to just give you 3, if you don't want 4.

  • This or Yokohama ADVAN Fleva V701? Also on buy 3 get 1 Free, with minimal price difference…

    • I'd take the Yokohama with minimal price difference. I'd reckon performance would be just about the same but would expect the Bridgestone RE003 to wear out a little quicker.

  • Wonder how much these stack up to the tyres I'm getting freighted over.. Currently have supercats on as Bridgestone staff said it's the only tyre that will fit the au falcon sharfin rims.. They're so dangerous especially in the wet on a 370xxx km xr6.

  • Hey guys need some help for choosing tyres.
    I have a civic rs yr18 with tyres 215/50/17 Bridgestone Turanza ER33 and I've done 85k. I need to change all 4 and I've been looking around for cheapest of the good one.
    COSTCO Moorabin:
    Michelin primacy 4 $218 each.($872)
    Michelin pilot sport 4 $232 each.($928)
    Brisgestone EP300 $195 each.($780)
    Bridgestone RE003  $194 each and ( buy 3 & 4th free)$582 no w/alignment.

    Bridgestone in South East Melbourne:
    RE003 (buy 3 & 4th free) $655 w/alignment.
    Bridgestone offer safe Drive Tyre Road Hazard Warranty & Run Flat Tyre Assurance

    Beaurepaires in South East Melbourne:
    Dunlop fm800 (buy 3 & 4th free) $761 w/alignment.
    Goodyear tripplemax 2 (buy 3 & 4th free) $650 w/alignment.
    Beaurepairs offer Road Hazard Warranty ( free puncture repairs for 4 years, impact fractures, accidental cuts, kerb damage)

    SO not sure which one to buy.
    Thanks for your help

    • Think you've answered this yourself. Do you need an alignment really - there are good and bad alignments.
      I would go with the RE003s, but I am may be biased since this is the third time I've fitted them. Currently on 2 high powered, heavy cars and I am still impressed.
      RE003 much better than EP300, do you enjoy your car or value more grip on road?
      Dunlop yeuch.
      Goodyear used to be good.
      Michelin may or may not be better than Bridgestone, mostly snob value for the extra money.

    • I'd go Bridgestone RE003 and no wheel alignment if your wear pattern looks good - you can get one somewhere else who specialises in suspension after getting tyres at Costco and should still be in front.

      The Michelins will both be better tyres imho (PS4 I have at the moment and they're still really solid in the wet after over 30K - the Primacy would last longer but outright performance won't be nearly as good as they're touring tyres). The price difference is just too massive to ignore the RE003 with this offer so I'd get those.

      The Goodyear and Dunlops are both decent touring tyres but compared to the RE003 offer they're too expensive in comparison.

  • Will get 4 x DUNLOP SP SPORT FM800 99H 215/60R16 99H fitted for $331 at mycare tyres and auto end of this month.
    Got them to price match this offer today and using the amex $100 off :)

    • Good luck with those Dunlops.
      How can they be so cheap?

      • Bearuespair is doing buy 3 get 1 free @ $145 each = $435
        Mycar Typres price match and gave me $431
        With my amex offer $100 back means $331

  • Getting a set fitted to my Kia cerato sport+ this afternoon :) also got 5% off with my Uber discount

    • Drove home highway driving with the new tyres and they are definitely quieter then my kumho ones !

      • Which one and how much did you paid for?

        • Got the 003 ones $596 fitted and also got a wheel alignment done $65 but later discovered there wasnt any point getting the alignment done oh well