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Lavazza & Harris Coffee Beans 1kg $15 ($13.50 with S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheap for coffee delivered!
Variety of Lavazza & Harris 1kg Coffee Beans available atm.

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  • I normally avoid the store bought beans like this because they can be up to a year old from their roast date, but I'd have to say the Lavazza beans I bought a few months ago were okay.

    They still had a good taste, and while there was not a lot of crema (the effect of stale beans), it was still a drinkable coffee, while I was waiting on a shipment of fresh beans.

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    At this price point/quality, I'd rather go for $12 Aldi coffee beans

    • Aren’t Aldi beans blend of Robusta and Arabica?

      • One type is the combination between Robusta and Arabica. The brazillian is 100% Arabica.

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      I usually roast my own, however, the Aldi medium are fantastic (roasted in Melbourne by a very good roaster)

      Personally would not by Lavazza etc., as they are generally stale (but not oxidized as they are nitrogen flushed) when you get them.

      Learned in Coffee School:

      Green beans 'last' 4 years
      Roasted beans 'last' 4 weeks
      Ground Beans 'last' 4 minutes

      If you have a grinder, grind a shot and put it on the side of a dinner plate. 4 minutes later, grind another shot and put it on the other side of the plate, then smell both (or at least try to smell the first one!)

      p.s. nothing 'wrong' with Robusta, those give you better body and crema usually

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    I quite like the Aldi ones, my first time picked up 500gms to check and it is really nice.

  • Good price so I tried the Oro recently. Cancelled after one delivery. Found it too weak.

  • The Aldi beans are not bad for the everyday not too fussy coffee drinker, but they are baked longer giving the coffee a punchier taste, the reason why some people would say that the Aldi coffee is better compared to this one because it tastes stronger. Even though the flavour is stronger to me it has a tarish and burnt flavour, manufacturers would do this to disguise the flavour imperfections of the lower quality beans. In my opinion these beans are much better quality but you might end up with pack the is not as freshly baked, however I think the Lavazza have it vacuum sealed(ground coffee) so it should not be a big problem. At this price point, this is the best you will get for your money.

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      Which ALDI beans are you referring to? Medium, Dark, Brazilian, Honduras, Columbian?

      I think the Aldi dark beans are a favourite here? I love the Brazilian (hey who doesn't), but it's seasonal and currently out of season.

      • I didn't know there are so many variations. I was referring to the cheapest Aldi brand beans, ever time I've been to my local Aldi they only have dark roast, whole beans or ground.

      • Honduras is very weak imo

      • I got the black one.

    • Aldi Lazzio Dark is a mix of Robusta and Arabica.

      Still tastes great to me! Works well with Woolies' Macro Organic Soy.

      I can now stop hunting for 50% off beans from St Ali, Adore, Inglewood, etc

  • The Oro is also currently $15 @ Woolies

  • It seems to not have many favourable reviews.

    • I wouldn't trust product review sites as people will mainly post their negative feedback. However I do agree with the negative reviews found on the website,as I always have purchased Lavazza and they did have a few bad batches some 4-5 years ago. I remember giving the company feedback, but they never responded back to me. I stopped buying it, then gave it another chance a couple of years ago, since last time the coffee has been improved but isn't what it used to be as I remember it.

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      This is my everyday coffee. I think it is reasonably good. It ticks the box of not being burnt (some people call that "weak").

      It is very fine grind though.

  • Can somebody recommend good coffee beans which don't break your wallet either

    • Aldi.

      • Which one at Aldi ?

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