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40% off Moments to Memories/Timor,1kg from $25.50, 500g from $14.55 + Delivery ($0 w/ $69 Order, Delay Opt) @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

Keeping this one short and sweet for you :)

We're offering you a 40% discount off our a time crowd favourite Moments to Memories blend and uniquely delicious Timor-Leste Water Anaerobic (process described in link below) Natural Single Origin. Links and more info below:

1) Moments to Memories, only $14.55 per 500g (usually $24.25 per 500g), and $25.50 per 1kg (usually $42.50 per 1kg)

2) NOW SOLD OUT Timor-Leste Water Anaerobic Natural Single Origin, only $15.59 per 500g (usually $25.99 per 500g), and $27.59 per 1kg (usually $45.98 per 1kg)

Deal valid for orders placed until 02/05/2024, unless sold out before. Dispatch can happen for you as near as Monday and as far as the last Friday in June (28/06/2024). Once a given dispatch date is at full capacity the green circle will be removed and date will turn red, first in best dressed :)

Some helpful info:

  • You're welcome to place multiple orders scheduled for dispatch at various dates (delayed dispatch) to make the most of this deal, we strive to dispatch our fresh coffee within 48 business hours of roasting
  • We're happy to accommodate dispatch date changes, you just need to submit your request within 60 days of your order being placed and at least 24 hours prior to the current dispatch date selected. Please submit date change requests via a reply email to your order confirmation
  • One dispatch per order
  • If you select 500g as a quantity please ensure you also select 500g as the packaging option. If 500g is selected as a quantity with 1kg as the packaging selection the product will show as "unavailable"
  • 500g bag packaging (it's resealable) is also available for orders larger than 500g this is an extra $3.60 per kg including the discount (normally $6 extra per kg) to cover the extra bag/s, label/s and time it takes to pack
  • Complimentary gift notes can be submitted via a reply message to your order confirmation email
  • The largest bag size we use is 1kg and it has a zip (it's resealable), for example if you order 4kg with 1kg packaging you will receive 4 x 1kg bags, you will not receive a single huge 4kg bag

Following the success of our recent trials of new shipping rates, we've decided to extend these for this deal too :)
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69. We recommend freezing any excess bags purchased to quality for free shipping, without compromising on enjoying fresh coffee.

  • $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference Flat Rate Shipping (No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Courier's Please Flat Rate Shipping(No Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect)
  • $7.99 Australia Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $8.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)
  • $9.99 Express Post Flat Rate Shipping-reduced from $12.99 (Parcel Locker/PO Box/Collect available)

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  • +2

    MtM is my favourite blend and so well priced. I've stocked up for the next couple of months. Much appreciated.

    • WOW @ninnypoop what a wonderful way to kick off the comments, your uplifting vote of confidence does mean a lot, you've brought a big smile to this side of the screen :)

      Thank you so much for more terrific orders and your continued support, love your planning ahead skill to ensure you don't run out of the good stuff!

  • Can u pls remind me how do I store it? Need to order pour over grind.

    Edit sorry just noticed to put in freezer

    Question: when taking out of the freezer after say one month, I assume wait for like 10-15 to cool down?

    • +2

      Hey @sauce2k love the efficiency of the question and answer all in the one comment. No need to wait :)

      Thank you so much for your order, it really is appreciated!

    • +1

      Yeah. I always wait for it to come to room temperature before opening my bag or container.

      • +2

        Hey @Slasher nothing wrong at all with waiting. However, there's no specific need to generally speaking. The main need to wait would be if you're grinding beans and would like to dial them in without needing to tweak the grind setting for a little while…depending on how cold your freezer gets and the grinder you use, super frozen coffee may be able to be ground a bit finer than room temp coffee due to the brittleness of frozen coffee the grind particle distribution may be more uniform than grinding room temp coffee. More uniform grind particle distribution should mean a more unform extraction, thus a tastier coffee :)

    • +1

      If it is preground I would say keep the coffee in the freezer the whole time, just take out the portion you want to brew each time and pop the bag back into the freezer.

      • Ok thx legend

  • Any deals on Sao Paulo Single Origin? Would really want to order that.

    • Morning @sfahad15 never hurts to ask!

      Right now these two coffees are the only ones we have a deal on. I'm sure we'll feature our Brazil São Paulo Single Origin in a deal at some point in the future, however I'm don't know when that'll be. Perhaps you could get a small bag of São Paulo at regular price to tie you over and then make the most of the deal pricing using our unique delayed/scheduled dispatch feature. If you're really keen on jumping on a deal now, then based on your enjoyment of our São Paulo I believe our Moments to Memories blend may be a real winner for you :)

      • Ok thanks. Will try that one based on your words. Otherwise, Sao Paulo SO is the best coffee for Flat whites!

        • Terrific news @sfahad15 thank you so much for another order, it's truly appreciated!!!

        • Morning @sfahad15 our famous Brazil Single Origin is now live on a deal, if you're all stocked up then our unique delayed dispatch feature may be a winner for you https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/844981 :)

  • Would you mind giving me your recipe for these two coffees, including pre-infusion and temperature. It will give me a great starting point.


    • Hey @gregeeh appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

      We always print brew guides for each coffee on our bags, so you'll have all the details for whichever coffee/s you order nice and handy when to good stuff arrives to you. In terms of any pre-infusion; the extraction time listed on our guides includes any pre-infusion settings machines have built-in. We don't specify pre-infusion in details because every machine generally has a unique take on the output volume/pressure of pre-infusion. In terms of water temp, we recommend 94°c for both of these coffees :)

  • Does anyone know how this compares to Inglewood downtown?

  • Glad to see a deal with ground beans back again :) Order placed!

    • Fantastic to hear @ham0718 very happy this deals a winner for you :)

      Thank you so much for another order!!!

  • +1

    colombia cauca is my go to. 1kg is still remaining. I'm waiting for the next deal on these

    • Sure thing, sounds like a plan @Dr-Bargain always a great feeling when you find your "go to" :)

  • I’m usually a fan of coffees toward the CM / anaerobic natural end of the spectrum - is this one a particularly fruity or funky example, or is it a little more of the traditional flavour profile one might expect from Timor Leste? Cheers!

    • +1

      Hey @NedStark102 great to hear you're a fan of some of the newer fermentation/processing methods!

      I'm glad you reached out to check. I'd say this special Timor isn't particularly funky nor traditional in flavour. I'd say it is uniquely fruity. In terms of fruity spectrum, I'd some if super funky winey fruit way at one end of the spectrum and super bright (acidity level) crisp fruit was at the other end of the spectrum, then this Timor is about 65% of the way between the two. Slightly closer to super crisp than super winey fruit. Overall you're going to get clean fruity notes with a hint of winey fruit, but just a hint. If you enjoy delicious, fruity, unique coffees then this one should hopefully be a real winner for you. However, if you're only keen on the super fermented winey fruit notes, then it may be best for you to wait for a future release from us, as we do have the winey fruit note coffee from time to time :)

  • I'm getting $31.19 for the Timor coffee. Is there a discount code somewhere that we need to apply?

    • +2

      Hey @eutama always better to ask than wonder!

      Good news is it sounds like the discount is working perfectly. It also sounds like you've got 500g packaging selected, which essentially means the price you're seeing is for 2x500g rather than 1x1kg bag. All you need to do is change to 1kg Bag/s on the packaging menu on the product page and you'll see the price instantly drop to $27.59 :)

      • Got it! Thanks for that!! I can see it now

        • Perfect :)

  • I got an order of your previous deal 3kg delivery later this week, could I modify the order? Would like to remove 2kg of that order and add 1kg each of both your listing blend.

    • Hey @Sunman appreciate you reaching out to check!

      To request a change to an existing order please simply send a reply email to your order confirmation. As your order hasn't been dispatch yet I believe we'll be able to make your request happen. However, given how busy tomorrow is looking and the fact we strive for a roast-to-order model your proposed order change this close to dispatch will likely mean your order will need to get dispatched next week instead of tomorrow :)

      • Email sent, all good if it doesn't work tho!

        • Received and replied to, glad we would make it happen for you and I appreciate you understanding if we couldn't :)

  • Just the right time. Thank you

    • Fantastic @bbpiggy love to hear when timing works out perfectly!

      Thank you so much for your order, it's truly appreciated :)

    • +1

      It’s Tom’s secret algorithm that knows just when you’re about to run out of beans, thus triggering an alert for him to have a special. At least, he always seems know when I’m about to run out of beans - it’s rather uncanny, really.

      • Hey @Chazzozz WOOHOO for perfect timing striking again :)

        Terrific to hear the deal went live before you ran out of the good stuff and thank you so much for what I assume is another order, your continued support means the world and will never be taken for granted!!!

        Your comments has brought a fleeting thought I had a while back about creating some sort of coffee calculator/predictor tech contraption to make planning ahead and deciding how much to order a real breeze for our wonderful customers…I think I need to bump this up the to do list so my "luck" on perfect timing for you is more than just luck :)

  • Hey, just wondering which coffee in your range has smooth flavour and low acidity.

    Thank you

    • Hey @snajper nice question!

      Our lower acidity level coffees include our Brazil São Paulo Single Origin and SWP Process Decaf. We do have a few other options will closer to a medium acidity level which I think may also be winners for you, they include our Moments to Memories blend featured in this deal and our Peru Chanchamayo Single Origin :)

      • Thank you

        • :)

  • Got the ongoing 4kg bundle of Moments to Memories a couple weeks back - felt like a big risk at the time.

    Gotta say, this blend is absolutely brilliant. Smooth, sweet with milk but not too much, for me it's that delicious Sunday morning cafe coffee taste, but from home and anytime I feel like.

    Only problem is, now I need to invest in more Yetis for work!

  • is this similar to the Thankyou Blend? Really enjoyed that one!

    • +1

      Hey @Brick Tamland really appreciate you taking the time out to check and thank you for your recent order with us!

      It's terrific to know our Thank You blend is a real winner for you. Although different in flavour I'd be astounded if someone who enjoyed our Thank You blend also didn't enjoy our Moments to Memories blend. The main differences you'll notice is our Moments to Memories blend will have stronger chocolate notes and a slightly lower acidity kick compared to our Thank You blend. Hope my answer is helpful :)

      • Thanks, will give it a crack.

        • Terrific to hear, thank you so much for another order!

          Fingers crossed you love Moments :)

  • Giving both beans a go :) thanks!

    • +1

      Absolutely fantastic to hear @frogduck !!!

      Thank you so much for placing such a terrific combo order with us, it really is appreciated :)

  • Grabbed moments to memories, new to coffee and always bought from lime blue, to my novice palette it's always fantastic. I only drink one cup on work days, so I vac seal and freeze in smaller portions.

    • Terrific @Mijak thank you so much for another order and your uplifting positive comment, it really does mean so much!

      At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether you sip it like a fine wine or drink it faster than a cup of water after a marathon, all that's important is that you think "it's always fantastic" :)

      p.s. love your vac seal, freezing skills

  • +2

    Just came to say that I got the Thank You Blend when it was on a deal last time, and that coffee is sublime! I typically cannot tell many of the notes in the coffee, but that one had a distinct (and delicisious) taste. So far my favourite from the ones I have tried.

    • +1

      WOW @sabuf it really does mean so much that you've taken time out of your day just to post such a wonderfully positive review of your experience with us thus far, very thoughtful and not something we take for granted!

      I'm absolutely thrilled to know how much you've thoroughly enjoyed our Thank You blend. Technical notes are interesting and helpful, but it's hard to beat a description about our fresh coffee which includes "sublime!…had a distinct (and delicious) taste. So far my favourite." I think you're excellent (of course not a biased comment from me at all) at describing coffee :)

  • Legends picked up another 3kg yesterday.

    • +1


      Thank you so much for such a fantastic order @tnarg it really does mean so much :)

  • I’ve been buying lime blue coffees since when they first posted in Oz bargain.

    Handsdown one of the best coffee beans freshly roasted and great crema. Most importantly, fast delivery and awesome Customer experience

    • That's so thoughtful of you to say @mstwtd and amazing for me to read, thank you so much for your continued support and sharing such outstanding feedback :)

      We'll keep working hard to stay in your good books and not take you for granted!

  • I really enjoyed the Peru Chanchamayo Single Origin when it was on special, so I I’ll give the Moments to Memories blend a go.

    • Fantastic to hear @TekniqAU thank you so much for placing another order with us!

      It's terrific to know how much you've been enjoying our Peru and I have a hunch you'll enjoy Moments just as much and maybe even a bit more :)

  • hey limeblue, I'm trying to order some of the Timor-Leste but it's only letting me order 2x500g instead of 1x1kg. is that a website issue or just isn't available in the bigger bag? cheers.

    • Hey @heineken016 appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

      We are almost sold out of our Timor SO, so I've just made it available in a single SKU to ensure we don't sell more than we have. All orders are roasted/packed to order, so we can 100% do a 1kg bag of it for you. I've just rearranged the SKUs so you'll see 1x1kg now available :)

      p.s. I'd recommend jumping on it at super speed as we literally only have 2kg of the Timor still available to be reserved

      • ahh you were too speedy for me, only just checked for a response now and someone else has jumped on the 2kg..
        put in an order anyway for 2x500g and some other types. Thanks for the quick reply anyway.

        • Got to keep is speedy when I can @heineken016 mastering perfect speedy timing always is still a work in progress for me :)

          I'm wrapped to know you were able to secure the very last 1kg of our Timor-Leste Single Origin; thank you so much for such a fantastic combo order, it's truly appreciated!!!

  • Thanks for another round of the good stuff Tom. Any chance you will get the Santa Elena SO again? That stuff was from another world.

    • Hey @Disused Crumb very happy to know we're in your good books!!!

      Indeed, the Santa Elena sure does stand out, we purchased all the available stock. Right now I'm not sure if the importer will get more, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out :)

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