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Casio G Shock Watches Half Price e.g. DW56001 $94.50, GBD-800U $139.50, GMIX $179.50 @ Rebel


Several Casio G Shock watches half price at Rebel Sport (see below) Some are available in store for click and collect, others available online only (free delivery on orders > $150)

Model Price
Casio G Shock G7900A4 Tide Watch $114.50
Casio G Shock Everlast GBA800EL4A Bluetooth Step Tracker Watch $164.50
Casio G Shock DW56001 Digital Watch $94.50
Casio G Shock Bluetooth GMIX Digital Watch $179.50
Casio G Shock GBD 800U 3D Tracker Watch $139.50
Casio G Shock GBA8007A Bluetooth Step Tracker Watch $139.50
Casio Baby G BG169G7B Digital Watch $99.50
Casio Baby G BLX5601 Glide Watch $109.50
Casio Baby G BSAB1007A Step Tracker Watch $139.50
Casio G Shock GBD8008 Step Tracker Watch $139.50
Casio Baby G Shock BGS100GS7A Step Tracker Watch $139.50
Casio G Shock GBD8007 Step Tracker Watch $139.50

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    No solar G Shock which i am waiting for ages to get on a deal.

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        good price but limited availability.

      • +23

        This is by far and away the best watch out of those on sale. The most practical, wearable and comfortable with the longest lifespan.

        I'd strongly recommend the G-5600E over the classic DW-5600E. They're not strictly interchangeable as there are minor differences between the two (they use different modules) and cosmetically they look slightly different, but for all intents and purposes for the non-watch nerds out there, the G-5600E is the solar-powered version of the DW-5600E.

        For the price difference between the two (usually $15-20 dollars), the solar cell means you'll get at least one if not two decades out of the G-5600E on the original battery whereas the DW-5600E will usually last around 6 years.

        The G-5600E is also a bit nicer to use owing to its more modern heritage (released in 2009).

        The module inside the DW-5600E hasn't changed one iota since 1996 so a lot of the older Casio G-Shock quirks that have long since been phased out in newer generations are still present:

        • Lacks world time mode.
        • Lacks silent mode (to turn off beeps/chimes).
        • Smaller, harder to read font (on a physically-smaller LCD).
        • Pressing the "Adjust" button once enters time-setting mode, which makes for a lot of annoying accidental presses, versus the now universal 3-second hold all Casio watches use.
        • The backlight button is bottom-right mounted instead of the now much more common top-right mounted.
        • The order in which you cycle through the watch modes is also anachronistic compared to modern G-Shocks.
        • +2

          G-5600E really is one of the best all rounder watches. It's comfortable to wear all day and tough enough that you don't have to worry about breaking it when working in the garden.

        • Great post, thanks for that.

          Looks like band is higher quality on the G series, which is a big plus in my books.

        • Suspicious 0 feedback seller with only 3 in stock but can be also had on eBay for $100 but buyer beware

          • @sk3iron: For a $10 - 20 dollar saving? Not worth risking the hassle of picking up a fake/used watch.

            • +1

              @Gnostikos: No stock anywhere near me from Rebel and no delivery option, just throwing it out there but I totally agree with you.

    • I just picked up a solar g-shock from ebay in the cashrewards 15% deal was about $110 after cash back.

  • -1

    Good for someone with good eye sight. Screen is too small.

    • +1

      I wear glasses and now, sadly, even need reading glasses. Fortunately, I also have an elbow!

  • G-Shock gbx100 what does everyone think of this?

  • +1

    this is feels like a kids watch. so big and chunky. like a 12 yo kids watch gizmo

    • +4

      I agree and brings be back childhood memories and owning a Casio watch (all we could afford) and the fancy LCD screens with back light. Then as we started working could splash out on a fancy Seiko…………..ah the good old days.
      Back then however, the looked all fancy and high tech. These day's, they just look like I borrowed my kids watch and are much chunkier (ug). I suppose they are still selling well being cheap(ish), hardy & reliable and not so much about looks. A tad overpriced though.

    • The classic squares are not that big but you're right about some of the range.

      They are great for yard work and mountain biking though. I understand they're also popular in some countries' armed forces.

      • +1

        I understand they're also popular in some countries' armed forces.

        Pretty much all of them, including the most elite tier-one special operations units like Delta, the SAS, Navy SEALs, etc along with tactical police units and law enforcement in general. Hence why they had Bradley Cooper wearing a DW-6600 in American Sniper, which the real-life Chris Kyle actually wore in Iraq and which was issued to Navy SEALs at the time. This was even a trend as far back as 1993; something journalist Mark Bowden remarked on it in his book Black Hawk Down, that Delta were known for wearing Oakley sunglasses and G-Shocks.

        If you look at the wrists of any Western coalition service members (especially US) serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in photos or video footage, 9 times out of 10 they're wearing either G-Shocks or Proteks.

        Not to mention, the DW-5600E/C is well known for being one of the few watches that NASA has certified for use in space.

        There's a reason G-Shocks keep being chosen for these occupations/professions; they actually do live up to their reputation as being indestructible.

        • Yeah their popularity in the US military is well known but I couldn't find much information about anyone else's. Some militaries even still have standard issue field watches!

  • Bought a solar version second hand off of Ebay for ~A$100 in 2013, haven't had to charge it till this day. Very durable, although my one is analog, highly recommend although it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing watch.

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    Is this cheap??? I thought normal prices should be $50-$100?

    • A few years ago maybe not now.

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    Looks cheaper than it actually is.

  • Is it possible/easy to replace batteries yourself, or do you need to go to a 'watch place'?

    • since it's digital i would only assume it has some tiny ass screws for diy, could be wrong

    • +1

      You can definitely replace the batteries in cheaper Casio watches yourself (more expensive models are a lot more complicated and really should only be done by trained watchmakers) however ensuring the watch is airtight and waterproof after you replace the seals and caseback is the main problem.

      Unless you have one of those waterproofing/vacuum testers like these that can test up to the rated resistance (which for G-Shocks is usually 100/200 metres and waterproofing testers that can go to those pressures are quite pricey) you really can't be certain your watch isn't going to be bricked the next time you go for a swim (or won't develop condensation issues when exposed to very high temperature differentials in a short period of time).

      Honestly you're better off just finding a reputable and cheap enough watchmaker to do it for you; given how infrequently Casio G-Shocks need battery changes, especially the solar-powered models, a $50-70 dollar cost over a span of 5 years or more is really nothing. My go-to watchmaker I get all my batteries replaced at charges me $30 dollars for the battery replacement and waterproofing test.

    • +2

      I have the DW56001 and you can change the battery yourself.


    • +1

      I don't have my phone on me at work and having the time as well as date at the turn of my wrist is convenient.

    • +1

      Let's see: pulling out an awkwardly-sized, sometimes-difficult-to-reach slab out of a pocket/bag dozens of times a day versus turning and raising my wrist ever so slightly to instantly know the time?

      I'll take arguments no one with common sense would make for $1,000 dollars.

      You realise not everyone works at a desk job where their phone is within a 30cm radius of them at all times? Ever worked on a mine site? How about a construction site? How about operating heavy machinery? How about surfing? Maybe kayaking? Maybe try not assuming everyone lives exactly the same lifestyle you do?

      which enables you to communicate with humans on the other side of the Earth in multiple languages just by talking into your wrist.

      Oh good. Another disposable miniature computer to carry around on my person and have to remember to charge constantly, which will become a frequent point of frustration due app/OS crashes and weird sync issues when you need it to work because it inherits all of the flaws of modern day computers and which I'll throw out precisely when the non-replaceable battery stops holding charge? Colour me convinced.

      • Fair enough. I understand a simple watch can be useful to some people. But I think your interpretation of the smart watch is a little biased. Plenty of people are easily capable of telling the time from their smart watch while simultaneously being able to respond to work emails, answer calls, check their heart rate while exercising, etc., and are also able to easily remember to charge their watch at the end of the day (since most people don’t like sleeping with a watch on, plus they have to charge their smart phone anyway). My Apple Watch 3, which I’ve now sold, easily lasted for 2 days of full use, and 3 days of light use. It was 2 years old and never had a problem with the battery.

        • Its why I gave away my New Samsung watch……….it only just made 3 days between charges. Way too much hassle. Stuck to the basic MiBand4 which I get a month between charges.
          Either of these however wouldn't be a good choice for out on the Field unlike the Casios which are indeed a tad hardier. Having said that, neither are a good apples for apples comparison.

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