This was posted 3 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Seagate IronWolf 4TB ST4000VN008 $165 Delivered @ Computer Alliance via Amazon AU


Best available pricing at the moment. A few dollar more expensive than ones sold at Amazon US.

Cheaper than previous posted deals.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • 159 at umart… (might be other issues/costs with getting it to a non-Brisbane location)

  • $158 at Shopping Express as well


    $147.05 with eBay Plus 15% off via Futu Online eBay!2155!AU!-1

  • $147.05 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay with eBay Plus and Coupon Code 'PLUSNEW'

    • You need to first have an eBay Plus membership to get that deal price. I suppose you could get a trial membership if already hadn't done so.

  • Wish the NAS cases are cheaper. Not alot of current sale.

    • You can look at second hand server gear, 120-150 range for T320 that comes with 8 hotswap 3.5inch drive bay and basically working system and if you're lucky get jackpot 64GB ram with it.

      Anything new is expensive but it more power efficiency but I personally like to run zfs for my NAS as snapshot is great. Personally it take couples years to recoup cost of more expensive pretty lockdown OS. It allows me save money on separated server for running services as you can put 10 core cpu(x79 platforms, so not that old) and shit load of ram if you need to.

      Also you might need to get wife approval for large ass server and in case T320 isn't that loud but others probably best located in garage or spare room.

      • A full server is OTT for what's needed at home. Gonna have 2x4TB on RAID 1 for mirroring. Mostly used to backup an internal HDD (once a month), as well light file sharing.

        Thought of attaching a USB to the wifi network, but decided not to:
        1. Very slow on accessing files stored;
        2. Security concerns, no encryption to content (esp connected to WWW).

      • wow ! Where can one find these for 120-150 ? A search on ebay only has results that are 4x-6x that price.

        • Off gumtree, I mean it large sever and I would imagine shipping that would cost alot.

          • @kentcerebrum: Damn where would you keep a large server at home. And what about the power costs.

            • @hollykryten: Just on my server rack lmao.

              I mean power bill is roughly same/a bit higher cost as using services like as paying for Google drive storage. Personally I can control my data and worth the higher cost with electricity. Solar panel basically offset the usages during the day and off-peak usages cost isn't that high. So personally from last couples of year usages, cost isn't that noticeable by wife so ….

              I mean it a hobbies for me.

              If you include music services like spotify it more worth while, as hate paying for subscriptions.

  • Yeah the $165 from Computer Alliance is a poor deal in comparison to what you can get from other stores. As i said even Harris Technology on their eBay store sells the hard drive for $153 delivered. No discount coupon required. No joke!.

    So i don't know where the OP got the claim from the "best available price at the moment". Ahhh no OP it is not the best price at the moment. Multiple stores have it for cheaper. Obviously didn't check much.

    • Yes. Feel free to neg this deal. As many others rightly pointed. This is NOT a deal - particularly compared to $147 from Futu Online via eBay. Compared to $159 + delivery, I still reckon $6 delivered is decent as delivery charge is usually $10+.

      Usually, my first place to turn to is OZB, and posted "deal" is lower than the recent posts.

  • computer alliance and futuonlie was selling them at $143, this one is 5900rpm instead of 7200 like 8TB or exos,i used this one to store 4k prores videos and they are played very slow