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Seagate IronWolf NAS 4TB $159 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


In a follow up to yesterday's deal, this offer has a much higher limit of 8 per order.
Could be a good option for a 4 bay NAS?

Works out to be $0.040/GB before delivery and 1% surcharge.

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Shopping Express


  • How do these compare to the WD Red NAS drives?

  • To each their own, but 4TB feels pretty small for any NAS application these days. Fill your system up with these and you won't have many upgrade paths beyond tossing them for larger ones.

    • Casual home media server? I have like 20 1080p TV shows and 100 1080p movies and I haven't even gotten through 2TB.

    • What are you filling your NAS up with? I have 5x 4TB's in my 5 bay NAS and it's more than enough for the movie collection and server backups.

      • All I’m saying is if you were looking to put drives in a four bay NAS, surely you’d be better off future proofing by using say a couple of 8TB instead of 4x4.

        My home media server stands at 15TB, my work one at 70TB.

  • Or you could keep an eye on those WD Elements 10, 12 or 14TB drives on Amazon and just shuck them. They have Hellium filled drives in them and are ideal for NAS.
    I have 3x8TB (shucked) WD Elements in my FreeNAS server.

  • I beleive all the Wolf Warrior II drives include free cloud backup to their Beijing servers.

  • I have been researching a lot about NAS drives and I'm interested to get started. I took a look at Synology 218/220 as the hardware and then this as an addition. Will be mostly using it as a personal cloud and to store a few movies. I dont think I will be looking at redundancy (assuming the rate of failures are low) - Whats the best bet? I also took a look at the WD MyCloud. Somewhere I also found a suggestion to have a desktop and chuck in a external HD loading FreeNAS into it. But I just want it to be set and go and not wasting much time getting it to work. What are the suggestions?

    • If you're not planning to have redundancy then you would need a strong backup solution/strategy in case one or more of your drives die.

      My suggestion would be to setup RAID5 so that if one of your drive fails, you have some kind of protection. You would have time to go buy a replacement and your data can still be online.

      I have 4 bay Synology which I setup with RAID5 and complement it with a weekly backup into another 2 bay Synology NAS with mirror - to protect if the main NAS or more than 1 drive decides to die. Backup also protects me in case I accidentally delete files.

      • What's the likelihood of the failure happening? Is it just bad luck ?

        Also looks like you are more inclined towards Synology. What are your thoughts about WD mycloud ?

        • i'm with WD my cloud. the 2x4tb version. serves me well and practically set up a login and you are able to access your files from any internet point in the world. not as powerful as the synology bays as these are more powerful and able to do much more than just back up and view data. Though i must admit, wd's simple login and get your stored files is really easy and painless. there's the occasional down time due to it file indexing but after a couple of days, its pretty fast.

          • @EnegueWeil: Thanks for that quick review. Do you store any movies on the disk ? If so, is it easy to set up Plex Pass? This is another use case mainly for music and movies that I'm looking for.

            • @ModiWar: hey there mate, i do store movies [nearly 50 of my favs and tv series and some animes], and yes i believe it has a plex app to run that. but honestly i've tried and the hardware is just not powerful or fast enough for me. streaming movies directly seems fine. back to plex. i've set plex server in the pc and pull movies from the wd drive. this seems to work faster for me instead of the 1-5sec loading time before it starts playing.

              again, with synology, you wont have this down time as my friend has shown. xD

      • What are your use case on why you need this setup for home use?

        • My use case is very simple. Just to store all the files from different computers in one single place. Maybe a few movies. I dont want to go Google Drive / One Drive or any thing like that. Ideally access these files from anywhere (private to me).

  • Im still in prehistoric time using 2x nay hdd docking station.

  • Has anyone purchased from ShoppingExpress? The reviews online aren’t great. Should I risk it? Hmmm

    • Go for it, they are quite good. Most of my orders arrive within 2 - 3 days

      In case anyone doesnt know, Futu Online is actually Shopping Express

  • Are these drives that park their heads every 8 seconds or so?

  • Big thanks to you OP

  • Can I use the NAS drive into PC desktop with the normal sata connectors? Thanks

    • Yes if you want, there are probably better options however.

      • Thanks, I am using xpenology as a VM on my esxi host and wanted to add that drive into esxi and attach it to xpenology.
        edit: ESXi host is my old desktop pc

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