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[Pre Order] AOC AGON AG493UCX 49" Monitor $1,660 + Delivery @ Skycomp


Good alternative to the Samsung CRG90 49" monitor or the Philips 499P9H1 49". I only chose the Samsung as it has 1000 nits brightness but the AOC has a built in KVM, USB C and a arguably better stand without the plastic shroud which the Samsung has.

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  • Still waiting on an IPS 49" deal from DELL or LG

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      does that even exist ?

      • Sure does;

        Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor: U4919DW
        Has been $1280 via a price error honored by Dell (Now $2K)

        LG 49WL95C-W

        • Is it 120hz though?

        • Dell is 60hz and not curved. It is for work, not for gaming.

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    Nice, reviewed pretty well not a bad alternative for those that don't need some of the aspects of the sammy but want kvm and usb-c

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    Would still choose the BingLee price matched Samsung one at Officeworks for $1519.

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      I just got Samsung yesterday from OW with $1519. Great monitor.

      • Are you gaming on it?

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          I play games and do a lot of work on mine. The 120hz is great even for work, and even better in games.

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            @white300: I just got a 144hz monitor. I didn't expect it to make such a difference just using windows. It's amazing. Obviously not anything critical, but a really cool added bonus!

            • @Joker042: Are you saying the difference between 120hz and 144hz is big or 60hz - 144hz?

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                @white300: 60 vs 144. And a crappy 8 year old TN 60 at that!

            • @Joker042: Crg9 can do 144hz.

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    Great monitor, I am using it for WFH these days.

    The PBP means I can have my laptop via USB-C on one half, and home computer via DP on the other half. Built in KVM switch which is pretty quick and easy to switch via the monitor's built in software, it comes with a handy little remote to quickly navigate the menus.

  • From their web site:

    Approx 8-12 WEEKS due to COVID-19

  • How’s warranty with AOC?