This was posted 1 year 9 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ferrex 51cm Self Propelled Electric Mower $399 @ ALDI Special Buys (10 Oct, Excluding VIC)


Similar to last year's deal though mower warranty is now 5 years instead of 7.


  • Brushless Lawn Mower: 510mm cutting width
  • Push-button start
  • Includes a powerful 80V battery and fast charger
  • Self propelled rear wheel drive
  • Mulch function
  • 6 position height adjustment
  • 50L catcher capacity
  • Easy fold handles make for vertical storage
  • 5 year warranty on mower, 1 year warranty on battery and charger

Would love to know the experience of those who bought this in previous years.

I think a close Bunnings equivalent - at least in terms of cutting width - is the $499 Ryobi 36V 4.0Ah 18" Brushless Mower Kit. Happy to be corrected.

  • Special Buys™ Update - Stock Availability

COVID-19 has impacted the delivery of some of our Special Buys. As a result, this product will not be available in VIC stores on the advertised on-sale date of Saturday 10 October. We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused.

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  • Victoria not included?

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      It's a secret… Victoria's secret.

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      Victoria not included?

      Aldi probably think Dan has still banned mowing lawns.

      • +1

        Jim too

      • -2

        Please get it correct, it “Dictator Dan” for us peon.

        Ignore all science and medical proof/facts unless it’s fabricated / done under flawed premise / acted with intention to perform murder. Then praised corrupted organisations and individuals for supporting “science”. Threaten and lied to doctors so they can’t treat their patients based on their medical knowledge and experience.

        Not that I am saying Covid-19 isn’t real or link with 5g or that I am selfish.

        My paranoia half is saying to me that Dictator Dan end game is to prevent some of us from purchasing this lawn mower!!!! Yes that must be it!

  • Remote control included?

    • From robot vacuums to robot mowers… the day may not be too far away, but one has way more damage/injury potential than the other!

      • +2

        They already exist, just pricey and slow

      • just make sure you have pure green lawn front to back that made of buffalo only, it will nag you until you remove that cricket ball in the backyard or the dandelion on the front ;)

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        robot mowers… the day may not be too far away

        Kids can't find their guinea pigs since we got one though.

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    Any know if they sell spare batteries for this mower?

    • Yes, but not at Aldi. You can get them from the Ferrex distributor. They were available for $199 here last year after the sale:

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        Wow thats a rip off for a 2AH battery…

        • It's an 80v. Not an 18v…

      • I tried to get one for the past 7 or so months with no luck. Seems they only stock them around the special buys time.

  • Last year they didn't sell spare batteries.

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    Awesome, if it doesn't want to turn off, you can just remove the battery if it's URgent. Saves you another OzBargain post.

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    Somehow always had issues with the Aldi mowers as the last one self propel stopped working which i beleive is a common issue and then the mower failed to start after a few use…hence had to return it to the store for refund after which go Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Telescopic Lawn Mower Kit from Bunnings for $399 which actually makes lawn mowing fun experience compared to finding it painful always…highly recommend the Ozito mower….as i think its surely a better brand then the ones which Aldi is selling…

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      The Ozito at Bunnings may work out cheaper than the Aldi deal, depending on what items need to be added to the "skin". Ozito also seem to offer a longer warranty on battery (2 years instead of 1).

      • +1

        I have that Ozito one and it's like a toy. The size of it is laughable. If you have anything bigger than 5m2 you'll want something bigger. The Aldi one has double the catcher capacity. I'm thinking about getting it to replace my Ozito 🤷‍♂️

        The Ozito steel deck ones looked good but they're long gone now

        • +1

          Don't lament not getting the steel deck Ozito. I wasted time looking for one and buying one when they're were going out of stock.

          Didn't even get to consider battery life because the deck (and/or blades) were positioned too low even on the highest setting, which resulted in the mower jamming into even the slightest incline, which made it impossible to push.

          Went petrol self-propelled and haven't looked back.

          • @somethingguy: Good to know, thanks 😊

            I had a self propelled petrol from Aldi years ago and eventually the self propelling stop working, kept using it and one day the folding handles all fell apart and it went in the too hard basket. Was good while it lasted. Might try another one.

      • +1

        I would hope that a 18V mower would be cheaper than a 80V mower :-)

        Generally higher voltage implies more power - the EGo mowers are about 54V I think. An 18V mower will be ridiculously underpowered - like trying to vacuum the loungeroom with an old 3.6V B&D Dustbuster.

        • Does the AH referring to the working time? The Aldi 80V is just 2 AH

      • I have had that mower for about one year and use it for my small front lawn, about 30m2 or so. It gets about 1/3 battery power left after the job is done. the most inconvenience is its height adjustment. you need to turn it on side to do it. It also has a smaller catcher. but for small lawns and mowing regularly it works fine.

  • Anyone know if the petrol version is any good?

    • I'd like to know also… I'd much rather petrol

      • +1

        I wouldn't mind moving from petrol to see how electric compares.

        • +3

          Yeah but 1 year battery warranty and new ones at $199… Not bargainy enough for me

          My old petrol is still going after 13 years… Pretty sure I haven't even put oil in it…. Just sick of pull start

          • @betheball: Electric start conversion using your drill?

            I've seen a few mods where you change the pull-start top section to accept a socket attached to your drill, and lift the drill away once the mower is idling. Would really like to give it a crack myself, but I'm not 100% sure if it requires complete removal of the pull-starter cord or not.

            • @Switchblade88: Did mine, just remove the top cover with the pull cord, you will see a big nut (mine is 24mm) just use the drill and enjoy 😆

            • @Switchblade88: That is brilliant!!! I'm going to give it ago

    • Same issues with the Aldi Petrol Mower also….read my comments above.

      • was it the same model as whats on offer now?

  • Curious to know the battery capacity or mowing minutes.

    • Odd the minutes are not mentioned.

      • Am guessing 30 - 45 minutes per charge.

        • +1

          More like 20 mins

          • @aNoPHeLeS: I would put it between 20-30 minutes per charge. For anything bigger then a small yard you will need a second battery. I could not justify the $200 more for another battery so I mowed half in the morning, charge over lunch and finish in the afternoon once the battery recharges.

    • I read some info last time and it was only 2Ah, so not very good runtime. And the battery easily overheats and cuts out until it cools down. Even the charger wont automatically wait for it to cool down, it just wont charge it. So you have to manually wait for the battery to cool down before you can put it on charge.

    • +2

      Cant speak tot he Aldi but I had an 80V one from Masters when they were closing down, lasted maybe 15 -20 minutes. Was great, I had three batteries and used 2 to do the lawn. No where near as powerful as petrol so if you're the sort that let the grass grow long then cut it once every three months then this will suck but for a small sized suburban block, mowed regularly, awesome. Your neighbours will however love you as its so quite and zero maintenance (expect a blade sharpen) and wash underneath occasionally) in the few years I owned it. I moved into an apartment and sold it, as I had no need of a mower

      A self propelled battery is a bad idea I think, they are lighter then petrol ones anyway, so no need and the motor needed to drive the wheel will suck too much extra power.

      • +2

        Not sure who negged you, I’ve the same model and it is still going strong after 5 years

    • +1

      It depends on thickness of grass, dampness and mower height in my experience. I am on a corner block (standard suburban housing development style). Normally I get 1/2 done and run out, after about 15mins. But I don't now regularly enough and half the time it's still damp. I've managed the whole front when it was bone dry and not too thicc. Wouldn't recommend for corner block. Also, see my below comment, I noted today the black paint/surface is coming off near the blades. Might need to investigate warranty…

  • I like see an Aldi caravan or electric car

  • +1

    Using a petrol mower from Aldi. Looks great, massive piece of crap. Belt came off that propels the wheels after 3rd use and a nightmare to access. It doesn't turn off properly either. Thankfully i didnt actually buy it, a handmedown. Aldi sell some great stuff, and some total junk.

    • I have a petrol one from Aldi. I think it's nearly ten years old. The pull cord snapped after a couple of years. I called left a message on the helpline and a replacement turned up after a few days. Easy to replace. The self propulsion stopped after about 5 years due to a connecting spring falling off. I was going to put it back, but misplaced it. It's light enough and with a flat yard I don't really miss it. It still runs well enough. But given I haven't changed the oil since new it would benefit from a full service. I'm happy with the purchase.

  • +1

    I bought one of these in august 2019. My lawn is around 200 square meters and I do my neighbours sometimes. Have never run out of battery and the charger is very fast with its own cooling fan. I would highly recommend. It is a great price for a large mower.

    • It takes about 1-2 hours to charge for me.

  • +2

    So if anyone is interested i had this last from last year before i ultimately returned it. Here's what i posted about it in the last thread on this one:

    Was initially great but had the battery rapidly die, and probably reduced in capacity to a third of what it was within 9 months or so. Unfortunately was told that Aldi couldn't replace or even sell me just the battery so i returned the whole thing. While it worked it was good, but just couldn't last long enough off a single charge for me. Rapidly would overheat and deplete although in all fairness i do leave my grass longer than other people between mows.

    Other major annoyance was that battery wouldn't charge while hot (which was always the case after using it). If you put it in while hot, it won't charge once it cools downs, it must be reinserted again in once cold. This meant that after you finished mowing you had to go out to the charger an hour or so later to slot the battery into the charger. Quite annoying, haven't used other mowers so not sure if this is usual.

    The self propelled was also a bit annoying. Due to the battery issues i only ever used the self propelled when going up hill, or cornering. When pushing it though you still have to push against the self propelled mechanism, which adds to the resistance.

    Despite what I've said, it was a very pleasurable mower to use not counting the battery issues. It's quite light and quiet (compared to petrol). You could always just buy it and return it if you run into the same issues.

    • Thanks for the tips, but looks like I won't have the opportunity to try this time round: not available in Vic.

      • +1

        The petrol ones have been at the 3 VIC Aldis I went to today (I was looking for an edge trimmer).

        • That's a surprise. Cheers.

  • +1

    I had one for about 6 months until it suddenly stopped working. Motor would clunk rather than run. Took it to a the closest repair facility that was 45 mins away. They then told me they had no spare parts and told me to take it back to ALDI for a refund. Very disappointed. When it worked, it was great. Was told by the repairer they had seen a number of the mowers and that they could do nothing with them.

  • I also bought the petrol key start version from aldi a couple of years back, big and heavy but it's keystart and only cost about $250 at the time we were looking around, normal price for similar specs would be at least $700. Still doing the job fine. Petrol would be more convenient than electric (without the cables) especially for big areas.

  • I bought the self propelled mower petrol version two years ago. The grass catcher lid doesn’t sit into the grove very well so it builds up with grass then blows grass all over you. Called the number for help with many promises of call backs etc but no help. Aldi said to return it to them but haven’t been able to get it back. Wonder if they’d still take it?

  • These are rubbish. Black paint/surface inside blade area already coming off and rusting. Really need two batteries to do my front lawn, which is a corner block. I had wanted a second battery after buying last year, but they were out of stock until just recently. However $200 for a 2nd battery is way too expensive. Also, the unit is very large, so great for large open areas, and bad for smaller spaces.

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