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Qantas American Express Premium 100,000 Bonus Qantas Points + 50 Qantas Status Credit ($249 Annual Fee)


100,000 bonus Qantas Points and 50 Status Credits when you apply online by 4 November 2020, are approved and meet the minimum spend criteria of $3,000 in the first 3 months. Available to new Card Members only.

This is an increase from the 30k offered previously.

Via: Flight Hacks

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (3)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (19)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    • Yeah but the more expensive card looks sexier and is a bigger flex when you show it off to your mates.

      • +3

        Get a Revolut black metal card and cancel the premium after the first month ($19.99). Still usable for free and it looks almost as cool as the $1450 Amex Platinum card.

        • They've fixed that about 6 months ago.

          They changed their T&C's so that if you sign up and get the metal card, you've bought into a contract and have to pay out if you want to cancel it.

          You can keep your card, but you'd be paying out the entirety of the remainder of the contract.

  • +1

    Pretty peeved they signed up a bunch of us with the recent deal which was 30,000 less Qantas points.

    • +11

      Yes but that deal did have the annual fee of $249 waived/credited

      • +3

        Pardon me. I must have glazed over the fact the fee isn't waived.

    • +3

      It was only 25k less and there was no annual fee. So you got a pretty good deal.

      • +1

        Would say theyre worth about the same then! 25k for $250

        • Considering the $249 I saved in annual fee could have gone towards this deal:

          I don't think it's worth it.

          • +1

            @nightelves: Oh i meant id pref the $0 fee + 75k than 100k but $250, just depends how you value points i guess

        • Yep, $250 is the most I would pay for 25k QF points. For 100k a cost of $249 is a no brainer.

  • Good deal for amex, and agree with above comment

    But $200 qantas fee + 25 more status credits with the qantas money deal, both good! ($1k more spend yeah i know if you're gonna spend anyways)

  • If I have the QANTAS premier card (non-amex) am I eligible for this still ?

  • +1

    Not exactly like-for-like (Mastercard vs AMEX) but this card offers same points + 75 status credits with a $199 annual fee: Higher minimum spend requirement though. I think both are decent deals (considering the general lack of credit card offers in general).

    • Qantas Premier managed by Citi, which has very strange and unexplainable credit assessment criteria.

  • two complimentary Qantas Club Lounge invitations each year6 when you purchase an eligible Qantas product or service

    What's this?

    • +1

      Two Qantas airport lounge passes.

  • Probably been asked to death, but can I spend the $3000 on anything? eg. gift cards, council rates etc…

    And also any tips on what I could spend on to reach the $3000 (if I don't spend enough)?

    • +1

      Yep but most councils/ Util don't except AMEX

      • Ah, fair point! Didn't think about that

        • +1

          Its coming towards Xmas, you get your chances.
          Woolies gift cards from Cashrewards,
          Insurance renewal
          Maccas ;)
          KFC via Paypal

          One that don't support:
          Auspost Pay
          Most small shops/Services

          Make sure to apply via referral, someone else from OZ will get some extra points too ;)

          • +2

            @boomramada: Looks like the referral defaults back to 40,000 bonus points. Does that mean its not applicable to this offer?

      • +3

        use australia post billpay to pay most bills and use Paypal option where you have already added your AMEX card.

      • But using postbill pay (Aust Post) via PayPal, can be possible, some council allows

    • +2

      Prepay your phone/internet/electricity/gas bills.
      Get Coles/Woolies/Aldi gift vouchers in bulk and use that for future shopping.

      • Great, I'll probably go down that route, thanks!

    • +2

      I envy you! It's very hard to not spend $1,000 a month. Insurance, petrol, groceries, pet food, internet, phone, electricity, gas etc.
      If you don't spend enough and don't want to overspend, try pre-paying for stuff you will eventually need to pay for in the next 12 months. Or go buy a bunch of gift cards at your local Woolies. Or… buy something that's refundable.

      As a general rule of thumb, "eligible spend" is pretty much anything that would earn points on the daily. Definitely not: balance transfers, cash advances etc.

  • Assume you can refer people to this Amex to receive the referral points since it’s not a pointhacks exclusive etc?

    • Does the referee also get extra points or only the referer?

    • Yeah the referral link still has only 40,000 points for the person signing up.

  • Cant seem to find anything about not owing an Amex card within the last 18 months to qualify for the bonus. Anyone?

    • Under term&condition: 1. Bonus & Eligibility.
      "Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this Bonus Qantas Points offer."

      • thanks for confirming

        • What SickMyDuck said + some additional notes: you're also eligible for a bonus if you either; hold or have held a DJ branded Amex, held a supplementary card or if you have or had a corporate card (not to be confused with business Amex cards).

  • -2

    Where can i sell Qantas passes? about to obtain Qantas club membership, yet have 4 lounge passes?

    • +1


      • ?

        • I assume they're LOLing because there's an oversupply of lounge passes. Eg I'm sitting on 10 of them that expire throughout 2021. Basically with almost no travel (international or domestic) happening currently there is just no way to use the passes for most people. So they will have a dollar value, but I assume it will be far less than the typical ~$65 on eBay for 2 lounge passes pre-covid.

    • +1


      to all the international travellers at the moment. im sure somebody will want it.

  • What is the main reason to get this over the Qantas Money Premier Platinum Credit Card 100,000 QFF Points ($4000 Spend/3 Months) + $199 Annual Fee


    • Qantas Money seems to have issues with Apple/Google pay from what I can read

      • Yeah, non existant.

        • I would have jumped on otherwise. Not much else out there at the moment

      • …and managed by Citi… :(

    • Ongoing earn rate (probably not a big deal if you don't spend a lot), Amex offers (I earn thousands back across my cards each year. Here's what I'm up to for 1 of the 5 Amex cards I hold:

      Then there's also customer service, QF Money is notorious for declining applications.

  • +3

    Yay card already approved!

    Application took less than 2 mins and approved in 1 minutes. That was quick :)

    • Bloody hell. Took me four weeks.

      • They just said I'll hear something within 5-10 days.

        • I have had Amex cards before. So I wonder if that helped.

          • @Skramit: Actually I just called them, and was rejected. Never had an issue with AMEX in the past heh.
            Although, last time I left them I was -50,000 points ;) Can't remember exactly what happened - some points weren't coming through and I contacted them a few times about it, then double the points came through and I transferred them to the Frequent flyer which left my account around -50k haha.

            can't remember the exact circumstance how it became negative now but it was to do with their customer service reps manually issuing/moving points. I remember having to look up the AMEX AU terms and conditions which state that MRs have no monetary value - so they couldn't really ask me to pay them money for something that has no monetary value.

    • Hi Skramit - can i ask if you had an existing CC of any type active at the time you applied for this one? I am trying to figure out why i keep getting declined for AMEX, when i appear to meet all the requirements (obviously not) .. and they just give me generic "you didnt meet criteria" replies. I just had Citi VISA closed (declined for AMEX last month).
      I have had AMEX before too, never missed a payment .. CreditSavvy has me in the 'excellent' rating… never missed any monthly payments ever on any previous CC. Just trying to narrow down my application process by comparing with others. Shows the Citi card as still 'active', which Citi says will update to 'closed' on next billing cycle (early Nov)

      • Yes I have 2 other credit cards. And declared their total credit limits on the application

      • It’s probably your income then.

  • +1

    So can anyone confirm if the referrals work for this sign up bonus then?

    • Have you tried generating a link? Should work.

      • Yeah the link still generates but shows 40000 points as standard.

  • I finished up the old 100k one at the start of the year with $450 fee -> travel credit. Used the travel credit on a Qantas flight that got cancelled, and they refunded it into my bank account! Risky hack if anyone wants to go through the trouble in the future

  • If you think domestic travel will be back on soon, there is the QF Ultimate 100k offering with 75 bonus status credits on the Qantas website.

  • Instant approval wwwwoooooop!
    Living at home, no other credit cards, about 1300/ month living expenses
    Had an amex about 19 months ago

    • +1

      Got to love Amex for their efficient approval process. I wish the people at Citi/QF Money took some notes from them lol

      • And the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the Google Pay integration (most Citibank cards only have Samsung Pay, and most Qantas Money backed by Citibank cards have neither), and the totally transparent way that Amex shows the what points & lounge passes you earned for each purchase, and the ease of disputing a transaction (which thankfully I've never had to use), and so forth.

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