Qantas Money Premier Platinum Credit Card 100,000 QFF Points ($4000 Spend/3 Months) + $199 Annual Fee


Offer Ends, Nov 30 - 2020

The 100,000 bonus Qantas points, $199 annual fee

Bonus 75 status credits for eligible spend
2 lounge passes

Min spend $4,000 in 3months.

    Annual Fee: $199
    Ends Tuesday, November 30th 2020

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  • Ok. Not bad but not many options either considering the COVID climate. Take what points you can get I guess.

    • It is a shame at the moment, not many good deals I agree. Each bank basically has 1 deal and that's all

      Makes it hard for those who have had every card this past 12months

      • True. I just closed my Citibank 100K for 49 card and just got points for St George Amplify Platinum 60K. Everything else looking pretty bleak.

        So tempted to buy stuff off Qantas Store like Nvidia shield but trying hard to be patient til international flights start again :(

        • just got points for St George Amplify Platinum 60K

          How long did it take to get the points?
          I got the card on 1st July, points met within the first month. Still haven't got anything.

  • I nearly jumped on the previous 20k for each month of $1.5k spend over the first 4 months, but this is much better. Will be jumping on this later in the month.

    • i did sign up for the previous deal. citi are pretty shit to deal with. I book fully refundable accommodation via expedia to guarantee i meet min spend and they are the only bank I've had that applies the credit retroactively to the previous statement rather than when the booking is cancelled. they also start the clock on the spend period when the card is approved not when it's activated which is another gotcha.

      • What? Surely you only cancel the hotel booking once your bonus points have landed. To not do that is just asking for them to deny your bonus.

      • I'm keen to know how this works.

        If you book an $xxxx refundable booking for let's say 6 months in advance, then wait for the points, then get the refund, won't the card provider then take the points away for the minimum spend not being met?

        Maybe a work around would be to ask the travel provider to refund another card.

        Keen to know how you do this.

  • Additional card holder $50. Money grabbing that is

  • Would have liked a discounted or waived fee, but not bad. Will wait for something better though I think.

    • It is discounted…

    • from qantas money, this is about as good as it'll get

      the only way it'll be better is a lower minimum spend. I've never seen bonus points from the premier card higher than 100k

  • How many cards is too many? I am on four cards since April 2020:

    ANZ Black - Closed
    Westpac Black - Closed
    St George - Open, hope to close by end of October
    AMEX - Open, hope to close by end of November

    Is opening a fifth card after closing AMEX and St George too much churning?

    • Not at all. If you can get approval for them why not.

      • I know credit rating isn't all that important in Australia, though I assumed that haven't multiple previous credit cards would be frowned upon?

        I'd be looking to buy a house in the next three years.

        • If you buy a house then get rid of all your credit card 6 months prior to applying for a loan and you should be fine. That's what I did and was all good in the end.

          • @nightelves: Don't cancel all of them. At least 1 in good health shows you're a credit worthy customer and can manage repayments. In the lead up to your application, have 1 or 2 max and pay them off completely every month.

        • I’m buying a house at the moment and had the bank ring me yesterday about my card churning habits. I churn 2-4 cards a year depending on how my points balance looks and they asked me to justify all of the hard inquiries for all of these.

          As long as you’ve closed all (or all but one if you need one normally), and can justify why you opened them (points churning was acceptable and backed up by CCR data on my file), you’ll be fine. Just make sure they show as closed on your report before applying otherwise they may factor it into your servicability calculations and reduce the amount they’re willing to lend.

          • @mezmo: 100% this. Just have closure letters ready and they don't really care.

            Also reduce your credit limits to something very low/close to your needs. Banks reduce the amount you can borrow and monthly maintenance potential by the whole limit of all you cards (doesn't matter if you never use it).


    Any idea how long you'd have to wait after cancelling to get this deal?

    • 12 months

      • This must be a new restriction with Qantas branded cards.
        I could have sworn that I could previously apply for multiple Qantas cards in the same year.
        Good offer for those that can take advantage of it.

  • Can you sell these passes?

  • 100,000 QFF = $1000 cash
    less $199 fee
    = $801

    Decent deal!

  • No mention of minimum salary requirements?

    • buried lower down on the page from the link:

      To apply for the Qantas Premier Platinum credit card you must:

      Be at least 18 years old
      Earn at least $35,000 per year
      Be a permanent Australian resident
      Have an Australian mobile and residential address
      Be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member
      Be a new primary cardholder

  • What's the minimum credit limit?

  • Personally, think its better off waiting for a ~60k points deal for 0 or $49 first year annual fee.
    They come around fairly often so don’t fret

  • Should be able to squeeze this one in before the end of the year.

    Will make it a very productive one on terms of points. With very little outgoing (obviously).

  • I keep forgetting how PAINFUL Citibank are to deal with when applying for credit cards.

    Lucky I am a committed churner.

    • hopefully not as bad as ANZ… just applied

      • Citibank easily the worst.

        The big 4 are easy I never get knocked back for their black or signature level cards

        but just got knocked back for this card last night. Such random credit criteria

        • No issues from my end, called to upload Medicare and now approved, thankfully, unfortunate to hear for you.

  • Applied for the card. Let's see.
    Has some strange questions.

    • I got called about my application, only to be asked all the same questions again by someone who could barely speak English - hate to imagine how they transcribed my answers, bet it was like a bad form of Chinese whispers

      Then 2hrs later, declined.

      Maybe Ill cancel my NAB signature card and try again in a month or 2

      • Asked me silly questions like- have you worked here? (none of the answers were even close) , and have you lived here? (again, none of the answers were even close).
        Good luck trying to call me during office hours, esp if it is not a known number/ no number id… Mostly busy with work or in meetings.
        But I always return the calls in the afternoon.
        (Do prefer when people leave a message).
        Downside of being particular about returning calls is that I have sometimes called back only to hear pre-recorded Chinese stuff (mostly scam calls, that were promptly blocked and reported).

        • its just frustrating the way citi deal with applications, its like they have a huge problem with fraud and people not paying their bills

          their quick credit check on me would see many many credit cards applied for over the years, but all paid on time, no outstanding debts but all cancelled. so whats the problem.

  • thanks, applied.

  • Got this card approved through Citi in 2 days. Uploaded 3 months payslip but then got a call to provide bank statement for 3 months with salary deposits. Will churn and then jump ship again to another card.

  • is this a Citibank Credit Card? is the minimum waiting period 12 month? i cant seem to find it somewhere if someone can confirm for me thanks

  • got approved without a call which was strange, unless it was one of the calls I missed, but no voice mail was left.

  • I hold an ANZ Black frequent flier card, in 2nd year now and cleared bonus sign up >12 months ago.

    Am i eligible?

  • Datapoint;
    - Applied on Sunday
    - Received approval e-mail today PM (Tuesday)
    - No phone calls, no follow up for more info.

    Currently have 1xCC with ANZ (15k limit), and just closed ANZ 6k limit card 2 days prior to applying.
    Last applied for a card 5 months prior.
    No current/previous Citi cards.

    Was apprehensive applying for a Citi backed card such as this one, given all the negative stuff I've read in the past, but this has been quite painless. Hope this helps.

  • I signed up in September to a different deal, for the first 4 months, spend $1,500 in that month month and receive 20,000 QFF points. IMO this is a better deal, and I called up to ask if I could switch because I hadn't activated my card yet but they said unfortunately I could not… bummer.

    Here is the weird thing though, I can't find any reference to the deal I signed up for in OzBargain, on the qantas money website (the new deal shows up) or in my welcome pack. Does anyone have a link?

  • Could go for this except Citibank dragged my credit score through the dirt when i last tried to sign up with them after they said my existing Citibank card hadn't been closed and that would put my credit liability over the threshold (They had previously informed me the account had been closed by email and letter a year earlier…)

    Luckily NAB were more than happy to give me a card after trying nearly every other bank. Hopefully one day providers will realise how terrible Citibank is and find an alternative.

  • If you have a Citibank Card already (have one of the free for life premier or whatever it was it's been updated to) are you still eligible for this?

    Can't see existing Citibank customers in terms being excluded?

  • So I've churned through AMEX, ANZ, St George and now Qan/Citibank. Who have I missed?

      • Is westpac not the same as St George?

        • No. St George is Bank of Mel & BankSA only.

          Here’s a copy & paste from a St George CC T&C currently, “Existing customers who currently hold an Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.”

          Westpac is stand alone and one of the ones I cycle through including Bank of Mel and have never had a problem collecting the points.

  • How to sell the Lounge Invitations?