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eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wireless with Homebase 2 $296.65 + Delivery or C&C at The Good Guys eBay


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A very good price for a fantastic product. No monthly ongoing fees for cloud storage since everything is kept in the homebase onsite is a major benefit of the eufy Security Doorbell with Home Base.

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    *******Edit: sorry, got my answer from reddit.

    Hi, just a small query. Do you know if I can buy this now and later on add cameras, will I be able to work all of them with the same base. And is there a limitation in number of eufy devices that are connected to it?
    Edit: sorry, got my answer from reddit.

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      is there a limitation in number of eufy devices that are connected to it?

      Yes you can’t connect an infinite number of devices.

  • What was the answer? Will help others

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      Yes. The answer is yes. You can pretty much use any device on any of the available Homebases. I'll try find the diagram

  • The Eufy 2C security camera is also available

  • Thinking of getting the cameras instead of this since i already have a doorbell, it would do everything the doorbell does plus act as a security camera with more coverage obviously at a higher price tho

  • Hi there, anyone can please tell me what if I have eufy camera with homebase already can I just buy a doorbell without that homebase and connect my existing one?

    • Yes you can but the cost is fairly similar to this bundle (Amazon AU and others have it $249), so may be worth getting the bundle and having two Homebase units (not sure what you would do with the 2nd one though)

      I bought the doorbell bundle and had the same thoughts when looking at adding cameras to it - same sort of scenario

      • Well… Yes, and the bundled doorbell homebase seems the 1st generation only whilist my camera one is 2nd, so looks more useless to keep as well, thanks for your idea, cheers.

    • Yeah you can, special order from Bunnings at 229

      • Cool, mate, how does this doorbell go, is that good? thanks.

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    I think the lowest I've seen these is 279 which was around either Christmas/black friday sales.
    I'm holding out till then to hope for a repeat.
    Great doorbell from all reports

    • Nah, 270 delivered JB HiFi (and Amazon, iinm).

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    free delivery from here for <$3 more if you can't click & collect

    i assume you can use this for 10% price beat from bunnings?

  • Similar or cheaper on TGG Commercial.

    • Similar to GG commercial.

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    Can google home works on this? Tia

    • You mean 'hey google show me the front door' on hub/hub max when the bell rings? Yes, but apparently some people are saying it's very slow (up to 20 seconds) because the hub has to connect to the eufy app first. Not sure how widespread this issue is, I'd say YMMV.

      • Thanks mate I’ve realized this one is wireless and I’m really opting for the wired version.

        • Wired version doesn’t come with HomeBase. Inbuilt memory.

        • It needs wifi/internet for notification, answering doorbell and video streaming. It's a battery powered doorbell but you can hardwiring it with an ac power adaptor/your old doorbell transformer.

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    As it is quiet expensive, what is the best way to secure this camera so that it is not easy to snatched by thief or even youngster?

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      little plastic cockroach on top of it

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        thanks! would a spider be just as effective?

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          No. People will think it’s Halloween deco, cockroach only.

      • little plastic cockroach on top of it

        I have a half of that, is it OK?

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