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[PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $15 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PS4, $15 + delivery (free with Prime or with purchase of > $39)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Might be a dumb question but anyone know how to get the PC version for a comparable price?

  • Why do I get a strange feeling that is going end up like the Spider Man Ultimate Edition upgrade path when we get closer to Forbidden West?

  • Reckon this would work for the Cyberpunk 2077 trade in?

    • doubt it, it's a playstation hits title - from what I've heard, those don't count.
      I think (and I'm hoping so based on reports) that anything EB currently sell preowned > $25 will most often net you the $10 minimum trade in value for those deals.

    • Nope.

      From that thread, some have discovered any PlayStation Hits titles are not eligible.

      The trade-in value is about 25% to 33% of a game’s pre-owned price.

      • Thanks, my plan is Spider-Man and something else I can find on the cheap!

        • Spider-man won't work either. It's too cheap already.

        • FYI I did that just this morning. A few current trade-in values for the ones I checked:
          COD WWII $14
          COD BO4 $14
          DB Xenoverse $14
          Far Cry 5 $10

          That was mostly better than I thought they would be so might be a lot more options than you would think. Compared to the pre-owned purchase price Far Cry was the worst at 29% of the value up to Xenoverse at 50%.

  • Damn, paid $16 last mth..

    I'll return & re-order it…

  • Is this game any good?
    Just got GOD OF WAR in the mail :)

    • Nah, only one of the best game of this generation

    • Yes very much so.. playing it at the moment… open world Zelda type of game, gather resources, quests .. side quests etc… if they improved climbing mechanic in the next version it would be perfect.

    • I must be one of the rare people who didn't really enjoy it, and didn't finish it.

      It wasn't bad, but I just felt like it didn't do anything great. Maybe it was because I played it after God of War, which I felt was pretty much flawless.

  • Just want to say this game is awesome!

  • How much extra content do the additions to the base game have? Loved the base game… Unsure of buying this. Worth it?

  • Just unboxed the fortnite ps4 pro I got last Nov from bigw. Now just need more $10-20 games.

    • I only bought a PS4 earlier this year and I think its been a great decision as all the big hits are dirt cheap nowdays and they are quality games! never spend more than $20 for a PS4 game.

      • Yes I got the same 500gb PS4 with Fortnite code for $220 sold the code for $20

        • Think I paid 300ish for the pro. I use my pro in the gaems vanguard, but I think its a terrible idea as its bloody hot and loud.

          I'm the same, I haven't spent more than 20bux for the ps exclusive games.

  • Bought it in anticipation of a PS5 in December.

  • Is this better than FF7 Remake? If not the same comparison is this better than Tomb Raider or Uncharted?

    • Never played ff7, uncharted and tomb raider are different, this is open world with side quests etc. Im currently playing it and its very good, if you played zelda botw its similar in how it works as an open world game. I got it for $19 a while back and its definitely worth it.

    • I’d say it is more like Ghost of Tsushima.

      Both are two of my top games of this gen.
      Super easy to manage open world.

  • Question: I have the original game but haven't played it before. Is it actually cheaper to but the Complete Edition again than to buy the DLC?

    • I haven't checked the price of the DLC on the PS Store for some time but I paid ~$20 for the DLC alone a year or so ago..

    • probably the complete edition will be cheaper… even a preowned disc still got everything in it.

      I got a preowned a while ago for $5…

  • Started playing this a week ago. Feels very similar to Far Cry Primal.

  • Can ps5 play ps4game discs?

    • If you have the version with a disc drive it should do.

      They're not guaranteeing all games will work, but the vast majority look ok.

      I've bought this in anticipation that it will as it was released fairly recently.

  • By the way, price matching at JB Hifi works too. Faster than waiting for Amazon and supporting the local shops!