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[HACK] 4x Pieces of Chicken or 5x Tenders for $6.95 @ KFC via App


Just wanted to post this hack in case people were interested. You can get 4x Pieces of Original Recipe Chicken or 5x Tenders for only $6.95 in the KFC App. To do it follow as per below:

  1. Open KFC App, press Order Now and choose your store.
  2. Select Colonel's Offers
  3. Add a Cheap as Chips Meal Deal to cart
  4. Press cart button at top right corner and it should show "You May Also Like" where you can now choose various ADD ONs, in this case we want to select "4 Pieces Original Recipe ADD ON and/or the 5 Tenders ADD ON", then add it to order.
  5. Once back in the cart, press the 3 dots menu on the Cheap as Chips to remove it. You should now be left with the ADD ONs in cart.
  6. Checkout, pick up and enjoy!

Get in quick before they figure it out and remove it!

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