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Hozelock Ultimate Hose 50m $67.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Was looking for a good quality garden hose for a while now. Looked at bunnings and this particular one 30M came up as $89 from Bunnings. After searching, found Amazon is selling them for $67.20 (and the cash back). Funny enough but if you buy the 30M it will cost you more.

I think it's a good deal. Will see if everyone agrees.

My second post, take it easy.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • cashback?

    • I meant shopback and cashreward

      • i dont think you can put it as part of the title.

        • Removed!!!

  • Posting after ages… I will remove

  • Anyone know if you can put a 50m hose on a cart or reel or is that too long?

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      The worst thing you may have to do is cut it down to the size you need. Use a connector if you need the length.

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        Also worth noting that longer hoses result in lower water pressure. If you're in a modern estate where pressure coming into your property is often only a bees dick above the minimum requirement, this is pretty important. Even a 30m hose is pretty terrible on my new property, sprinkler has pathetic coverage, takes close to 2 minutes to fill a standard $1 plastic bucket (9L).. could prob take a nap while waiting for that bucket to fill up if I was using a 50m hose.

        • Would need a thicker hose for longer runs.

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    thanks op, bought…. please note the bunnings hose is 19mm vs amazon 12.5mm

    • Thanks for the info.. I thought 12.5 is the gold standard… my bad.

      • 13mm is the most common imo .. so yegh same

      • 19mm much better for longer runs in terms of flow.

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    The bunnings link is the 19mm version, amazon is 12.5mm. Double check to make sure your fittings are sized correctly. I made this mistake about a year ago, had quite the exchange to do as nothing fitted.

    Bunnings do carry the 12.5, and at $89 for 30m, your amazon find is still a good one :-)

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    UPDATED, thanks all…

  • I wonder is garden hose sold in the UK is made to the same UV rating as hose sold in Australia? Maybe the UK product is more resistant to damage from freezing?

    • My Bunnings ones are 3-4yo and they have lots of cracks.

      • Just to clarify, are you talking about a Hozelok Ultimate that you bought at Bunnings or some other hose from there?

        • Yes yellow Hozelock ultimate hoses, i have 2 and the FIL has one bought at the same time.and all of them have cracks. However this hose is still miles better then the expensive Nylex Kinkaway hoses i had prior, they were so bad i dont know how Nylex kept a straight face selling them.

          • @LowRange: Return or refund?
            "30 year guarantee proves this hose to be long lasting, durable and crush proof, having gone through the most extreme testing in our Hozelock labs."

            The last hose I bought was the cheapest Nylex bunnings had for about $15 for 15m.

            I only wanted 2 fittings which would have cost $17.80 so was cheaper to buy the hose with fittings!

            I've found the nylex fittings to be very good so far.

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      I'm not sure about the Hozelock hoses but if you're looking for quality Australian-made garden hoses, which last the test of time in the harsh Australian sun, I can highly recommend the Hose Factory: https://hosefactory.com.au/hoses/garden-1-2.

      • My experience with Hoselock for the last six years has been fine. I've bookmarked the Hose Factory though thanks.

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        Thank you. I'd much rather pay extra to have something manufactured locally and arguably have a better quality.

  • It's the 12mm not the Bunnings 19mm version

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    Buys $67 hose, uses 10c Supercheap hose attachments 😎

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    All these hose but you still so thirsty.

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    Great deal, now i don't have to go around cutting pieces from strangers front yard for my Gatorade bottle

  • Wow, cheap hose, i hope the service is good

    • Just add $8 for few cans of coke.

  • 6kg of garden hose, free shipping from UK alone makes it worthwhile :D

  • Does anyone have any advice as to a decent portable hose reel? Does such a thing exist?

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    If you want THE BEST garden hose you cannot go past the Made In USA FLEXTREME FLEXON

    A generation ahead of all the other rubbish on the market

    Got mine on fleabay, was $70 i think

    • are you refering to this? it doesn't look so promising.

      • Got one, as has another member of my family, been tops, no issues

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    Why is everybody squirting over this hose?