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Arlo Pro 2 - 4 Camera System (VMS4430P-100AUS) $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Compatible with Alexa. Use voice commands to view your cameras on Echo Spot/Show screen. (Alexa device sold separately)
100% Wireless Camera - Free of power cords and wiring hassles
1080p HD Wireless security camera system with night vision - High quality video with sharper and brighter details. Night Vision turns on automatically in low light so you can see clearly
Flexible Powering Options – Use wire-free, plugged in. Rechargeable battery
Weatherproof - Arlo Pro cameras are weatherproof so you can place them indoor or outdoor
7 Days of Free Cloud Recordings - Arlo Pro comes with recurring 7-day free cloud recordings. Live stream or view recorded video and audio for up to 7 days

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    • These are Pro not Pro 2, which means no 7 day recording n no full HD etc etc

    • I own both types, can confirm The pro does have 7 day recording

  • are these any good, can they get number plates of cars at the end of your driveway?

    • Yes I have checked it reads number plate but not in night. These are ok for this price and send timely notifications and solve the purpose, otherwise you can go with 4K/2K which comes with life time cost of subscriptions :)

      • lifetime cost of subscription? I tried to find it. Can you post link?

    • Not since April'20 when Arlo significantly reduced the bitrate (video quality) to save themselves on the "free" storage space.

      The video quality of Pro 2 is now pretty awful - hard to distinguish videos from my old original 720P Arlos and the newer "1080P" Pro 2.

      Buyer beware - I would not buy Arlo again.

      Also, the idiots are implementing the most awful 2 factor system (2FA) I have ever seen. You cannot set your desktop or laptop to a "trusted" device - it doesn't remember it, so you will need to authorise it from you phone EVERY time you want to access the Arlo system. I chatted with Arlo "Support" (use the term very loosely) and they said "that is just the way it is". And the 2FA is compulsory, not optional.

      This is a good price, but perhaps there is a reason for that.

      Arlo has absolutely gone down the toilet since they left Netgear.

  • pro vs pro2 would be my guess.. so, yes, different

  • this or the Reolink Argus 2?

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    had this for 2yrs, can't complain. reliable and handy.

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      Hi, just wondering how long would battery last for your use case?

      Thinking about getting one.

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        noticed it isn't the frequency but the longer recording consumes battery more.

        for front door (busy but brief recordings, +10 per day), about 2 mths
        for back yard (busy but relative long, +15 per day), about a month.
        for non busy area (less than 1 per month), about 6mths.

        • Mine would be a similar use case, looks good for the price. Will see if Bunnings can beat price by 10%. Thanks mate. Much appreciated.

    • Really ? Your video quality didn't drop in April this year and become pixelated and mostly useless like everyone elses ?

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    Good price. These are definitely the ones to get - i.e. don't get tempted for the 4K Ultra. You only get 1yr of cloud recording with those and then they slog you for almost $300/yr. These on the other hand have ongoing 7 days of cloud storage at no cost.

    • does that mean say i have my own personal server, i can't record to that for free?

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        You can record to the local base station only(micro SD; not your own server), and you can view that footage with the phone app, but only when in your own WiFi network. If you're remote - nope, nothing unless you subscribe (something like $22/mth). You get alerts (usually delayed, so they're next to useless) and no way to see what has happened until you get home. Ridiculous really. It's good gear but the service model for it sucks big time.

        • AFAIK the Pro 2 base station takes a USB stick, not micro SD.

          I am not aware of any way to access the videos on that USB unless you remove the stick from the Arlo base station and plug it into a computer and access the video files from there.

          • @Andy01: Yeah what I was referring to was the Ultra

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    I have a love hate with Arlo. You have to be prepared for the terrible app. An example that happens regularly, get some notification alert, tap it, tries to open app, closes, try again, asks for fingerprint, tap fingerprint, logs in, logs out, closes app, open app, tap fingerprint, wants to use two factor and sends sms, enter sms, says I'm logged out, log in, tap fingerprint, logs in, shows available camera, tap stream, wait a minute with no live stream, throw phone out window.

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      You made a mistake, you should have thrown the cameras…. not your phone ;-)

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        I would, but I have to get out of bed, get the ladder, climb the ladder, get the camera ;-)

  • Is this the cheapest it's ever been?

    • According to Camel3 and on amazon

      • Does this qualify for any cashback?

        • No to both shopback and cashrewards

        • You may try Bunnings if they price beat by 10%.

          • @Shark tooth: Bunnings have it for the same price. But I noticed that their photo looks different with a different base station?

            • @TomGum: this morning their price was in 800s. Now the best bet I think is 7% CR.
              Edit- apparently electronics has 0 % CR. Sorry

    • Bunnings won't price match. Has to be in stock item not special order.

      I wonder if the $50 off latitude pay will apply on the Harveynorman deal?

    • Harvey norman version looks yellow :D

      • Got it from HN for $698

        • Returned the HN one and ordered one from Amazon for $598. Saved $100!!

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    Hi guys,
    I can confirm that my Bunnings Villawood is 10% price beats. Just have to do thru Special Order process cause they dont have stock as well, and wait could be a week to collect order. I bought 3 cameras kit for $538.20.

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