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AMD claims 19% IPC gains, price hike of 50 USD for 6 core version

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  • Been planning an AMD build for a while now and was hoping to get a zen 3 ryzen 7, naively expecting it to be around the current pricing of the 3700x. Looks more like I'll have to either settle for the 5600x for that price, or maybe get a zen 2 cpu as the prices drop (hopefully).
    Guess I'll just wait around and see what the benchmarks look like once the new series comes out and decide from there which is the better value.

  • I'll wait till the reviewers do their benchmarks first.

  • Where can we preorder the new AMD CPUs? Are they available to preorder now?

  • I bet Sony and MS are both kicking themselves that they could have had Zen 3 cpus if they had just waited a bit longer :)

  • I think I'll probably just pick up one of the current generation now when I see a decent deal going on any of them. Was waiting for this release to see what it looked like. I'm building a 4K gaming rig and realistically GPU will still be the limiting factor. So hopefully some good deals pop up on 3800-3950s.

  • now I'm torn 3 ways between getting a 3700x, a 5600x, or a 5800x. my build so far is pretty decked out im gonna have a 3080 and my monitor is 1440p 165hz. i game and also do blender rendering I wanna ask you guys what u reckon i should consider?

    • 5900x my dude, easy choice if you don't just game

    • 5800X is a weird middle ground where it's quite a bit more than the 5600X for 2 extra cores, but only a little bit less than the 5900X for 4 less cores. I wouldn't consider it in my opinion. Either 5600X if you don't mind losing some productivity power due to less cores but want the maximum gaming performance, or go all out with the 5900X. Personally, I'm grabbing the 5600X.

    • You do blender, go the big bastard if you can afford it.

  • 5900x looks to be the clear winner, 10% price increases for much better gaming performance and still useful for productivity

    Very excited, since I mainly do video editing and play CS GO at 1440p, hopefully breaks 500fps with this in the rig

  • Nothing beat the 3800x for $420 AUD from Amazon UK.

  • Of course always wait for 3rd party benchmarks…

    But the fact they were confident enough to show FPS in a wide range of games indicates to me that their info is accurate. If they had just shown a single arbitrary chart with x% faster than Intel in games then I'd be a lot less confident.

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    • I always fry up my spuds French style. Or more technically, pommes de terre frites. Anyone ever tried em that way?

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    id like to see how hot they get, and if the new 12 core suffers from the new chiplet design

  • Intel could instantly be competitive if they just allowed memory and multiplier overclocking on their cheaper parts. The $215 i5 10400 could've been great, but Intel broke it's knees and artifically handicapped the chips performance so it doesn't compete with faster Intel chips.

    Intel needs to get their heads on straight, they're not the same Mafia they used to be, they have to compete on price, the one reason to still buy intel (better gaming performance if you're willing to spend the money) is gone. No one will be buying those i5-10600k's you're so desperately trying to protect when the 5600X is the same price but better in every way. Just let it go.

    • People still buy intels because they're seen as the safe choice. You almost never get the same value for money with the safe choice.

    • If you consider OC headroom, the 10600K can do 6core 12thread at 5ghz. I don't see how the 5600X will beat that, especially in gaming. Price wise I think they will be very close so why would anyone choose the 5600X unless they have 0 interest in overclock?

      • There's more to performance than clocks. Clock for clock there's a big improvement to Zen 3 and it should be faster at the same clocks as Intel. The 5600X will probably be around or faster than 10900K performance in games (just above overclocked 10600K). Games don't scale well with threads and Zen doesn't scale well with clocks anyway, I'd expect the 5600X to be only marginally slower than the 5900X in games

        In workloads outside gaming, the 3600X is already usually faster due to better SMT implementation by AMD

  • When games needed single thread performance - AMD "More cores!"

    Now games are using more cores - AMD "More single thread!"

  • I'm holding out for ddr5 which will finally be available next year now we are starting to see some modules. My ivy bridge has lasted this long and I've got the new consoles to play with until then.

  • I don't see how a 5800X 8core 16 thread 3.9ghz base, 4.8ghz boost and literally no OC headroom is going to beat a 10700K 8core 16 thread that can OC to 5.1ghz all core.

    Not to mention it looks like the 10700K and 5800X should be similar in price, with the 3900X (12core 24thread) will end up close in price too if productivity is more your thing.

    It's important to consider market prices, as well as OC headroom.

    I'm happy for AMD though, they are closing the gap to Intel in gaming, I just don't believe there are there yet.

    • IPC increase was done from architecture redesign and changes to the way cache is used, frequency is a little miss leading for performance purposes. Intel has led in the past in the IPC space over AMD at similar clock speeds more so in Zen 1.

  • I bought a Ryzen 4800H laptop recently and I love it so much, amazing value and great specs never throught I would jump from a quad core to an 8 core with higher boost clock speeds after one upgrade.

    Next up will be to replace my desktop, which I must admit is not a priority because my watercooled old school 6 core i7 4930k over clocked to 4.2Ghz is still punching strong for me with out issues since I bought it in early 2014. However now with these new AMD chips if the Aussie $ can strengthen a little or I can make some extra pocket money somewhere the Ryzen 9 5900X looks like a juicy double core count jump to my current system

    • How'd you get a Ryzen 4800H laptop? Have had the HP Omen 15 on back order for a month and a half. Still no sign of it.

  • 1 thing that's pushing me to the more high end parts is the more expensive it is, the less the $50 USD price hike makes a difference.

  • Like everything new, prices will be high but AMD CPUs seems to drop in price faster than Intel. We are still on covid era so low stock will inflate prices. Last of the AM4 chips. Would be better to pickup a zen2 series 3900/3950 if you want something to last years then wait to see how zen4 pans out with new socket (AM5?), DDR5 and maybe pcie5 support.

    • Would you still recommend the 3900x even if you're building a new system now? (Not rushing to complete it, as I have the new XSX coming and a PC that can play most titles at medium settings atm).

      • Wait if you plan on playing games on medium settings then the best bang for buck AMD CPU is the 3600. If you do more multimedia then sure go get 3700x and above. 3800x/3900x/3950x have the better chiplets if you plan on over clocking and money isn't an issue. You could also get wait abit, get a cheap zen2 within your budget and pick up zen3 later down the track

  • What do you guy think this board for the new Zen 3?

  • Someone sell me their 3700X for super cheap, thanks.

  • Just started to plan a new system.

    But no one has 3080s in stock for weeks. Got me worried what if new Zen 3 chips sell out as well?

    It's a terrible time to upgrade despite of the shiny new tech.

    • Yeah, that was my concern with the Zen 3 series, so I picked up a 3900xt in the eBay 20% off flash sale the other night. I would assume the 5900x would be at least $800 at launch, may have supply/demand issues on launch and I'm building a rig for 4K gaming/work (which I do use VMs for). I had essentially waited 12 months for the Nvidia 3xxx series to do my upgrade, couldn't be bothered delaying potentially another couple of months for a CPU which probably won't have a noticeable impact on my use case and is likely a fair bit more expensive.

  • Waiting for benchmarks on Zen 3 to see where the bottleneck is for rtx 3000 series and big navi. No rush though as I'm on a 3700x now.

  • Hey recently picked up 4x8GB 3200mhz CL16 ram via primedeals @ 136$ wondering if i should aim for a 2x16GB 3600mhz cl16 set instead. I read that 5000 series benefit more from 4000mhz.

    • If you’ve opened it and already have it in your system then you should check if it’s an E-die, if they are then they can commonly hit pretty high frequencies by overclocking.

      If you haven’t, or if you can then get a refund. 3600mhz ram is pretty cheap and definitely worth it if you’re getting Zen 3.