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MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS GP OC 8GB $539 Delivered @ Shopping Express


starts off as $649.00, but once added to cart a bunch of codes apply and is now $539.44

this is what is says:

Sub Total $649.00
Aus Post or Couriers ($11.41)
Aus Post or Couriers + Insurance Cover ($38.95)
Shipping Cost To Post Code 2074 $11.41
Discounts Applied
OZB2070S OZB2070S Remove Coupon OZB2070S -$50.00
10.10GPU 10.10GPU Remove Coupon 10.10GPU -$64.90
207MSIV 207MSIV Remove Coupon 207MSIV -$11.41
Discount Total -$126.31
GSTInc. $49.04
Shopping Cart Total

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  • +38

    People will still tell you "$650 firm" on gumtree lol

    • $650? More like "Bought for $950, will consider offers above $750"

      • +12

        Hate it when I see that crap. It's irrelevant what you paid for it new at the time. Only thing that matters is what it's worth in current market.

        • +1

          Still, it's the buyers decision to set the price. If it's too high, then no sale. Not sure why the hate

    • +1

      It is also interesting that some girls sell their lipsticks 20% off, because they only used 20% and the rest is still new.

  • +1

    Some will send a courier to pick up and will pay using bank deposit only. Beware of scammers on Gumtree. So many of those out there!

    • How is that a scamm?

      • Guessing they referring to showing a fake bank confirmation receipt and in 2 days time realising you’ve been swindled when the money still doesn’t appear.

      • This. I was legitimately trying to buy an odd item in SA, offered to pay by direct deposit, they could wait for it to clear, and I would organise a courier to pick it up. Seller wouldn't do it.

        • Lol, was he worried about chargeback on a direct deposit?

          • @dbmitch: Yep, that is another scam

            I've posted something on gumtree and told them I know about all the scams and it's cash only.

            Not a single person has tried it on yet

            Tell them you're wise and they'll move to an easy target

          • @dbmitch: I have no idea, honestly couldn't figure it out.

    • Always meet in person

  • +3

    People still use Gumtree, stuff that !

    • Yeah screw using gumtree any more, next level of time wasters and low ballers.

      I got a near new MSI RTX 2069 super during covid when part availability was low and prices were high so was a decent deal, this 2070 is a good price. Bit worth upgrading now, when highest offer was $400 for the 2060s, not be too bad but bit heaps more performance and mine should do me well till mid next year to see what the prices of the 3070 really are for a reputable Brand (ie not the cheapest Galax equivalent)

      • Just gotta be patient if you're not selling in a rush, people tend to think you're desperate to sell if you're on gumtree. My last sale I had a lowballer insisting no one would buy at my price even though it was already way cheaper than retail (bought at discount and sold same price coz had to offload), no reply when I messaged him later saying someone had bought without trying to negotiate.

        • Yeah that's the go, just find ebay better for computer/tech stuff if you get to list for free (deals come around), market place i'd consider a bit better than Gumtree still :). Depends what it is but agree, good not being in a hurry.

          I almost wouldn't mind small upgrade to the 2070 super for this price ($140 upgrade), this is doing the job nicely though not that I'm a heavy gamer

          • @G-rig: I'm with you on ebay, I just couldn't be bothered shipping, let them come and pick up haha.

            Agree this is a great price, it feels like there may be even better deals coming soon seeing as they are doing discounts almost weekly.

            I'm just waiting for the 3060 to hit to see what it'll be priced at (and may push 2070 prices down further), no rush as well here and 3060 would be more future proof I guess? Not a heavy gamer too but I do like my FPS games lol…

            • @snackerjoe: yeah, some items local pick up easier.

              No rush except for the one you own drops in value as well but that's how it goes, can't wait forever for new offerings. Advertised the 2060S a while ago when everyone was in a frenzie with new models being announced, getting some sh1thouse offers but $400 fair. Probably wont bother and not think about it again till mid next year :). The 2070S is higher in the list, maybe 13% better. Could get an original receipt and claim on price drops at least.

        • Guy already knew it was cheap, he just wanted to get it stupid cheap, and wasn't surprised when you did sell it.

          • @dbmitch: Correct, I didn't sell it - no need to give things away.
            Will just get the 3070 next year

          • @dbmitch: It was already stupid cheap, it was the optimum nutrition 2.27kg tub @ $60 (normally ~$90), I just got one too many. He kept trying to insist no one would buy (his offer was like $40 IIRC) so I enjoyed rubbing his nose in it when I sold it.

      • Gumtree's my go-to for furniture and appliances, but screw tech.

      • I got a near new MSI RTX 2069


        • Typo :)

  • +5

    these 2070s used to be close to a grand in april… now its 539
    what a time to be alive

    • +1

      Well the 3080s are out now, so kinda makes sense.

  • +1

    Shit! I purchased yesterday afternoon for $599 after the code along with the rest of my build. Do you think they'll refund me the remaining?

    • Probably not

    • Yeah I don't think so unfortunately, 10% off is their deal of the day that started at midnight.

    • In their FAQ's -

      "I received my item but I changed my mind, can I return it?
      As long as the item is in brand new condition, where the packaging it not opened or unsealed in any way, we can accept a return for refund on the item's sales price. If the packaging has been opened, we may charge a 15% restocking fee, as we will no longer be able to sell the unit as brand new. Please contact us at [email protected] before making any returns for further advice."

      Also regarding changing order -

      "How can I make changes to my order?
      To make changes to your order, you need to inform us before we dispatch your order. After notifying us, you will need a confirmation from us whether an order can be changed. Once an order has been dispatched, you cannot make any changes to it."

      How would I confirm with them if they're closed on the weekend and their phones aren't manned even in business hours (I tried calling yesterday for another reason)

      • Message them on Reddit

        • Thanks I'll give it a go

  • this is good price… feel sad for gumtree users 650 firm.
    i was about to pay 600 in Sept but then saw galax deal followed by Gigabyte and grabbed that one. lil expensive than this one but no complain. cant wait for 3060 prices to settle whenever that will happen. i guess 6 months from now at least…

    • +10

      I also feel sad for those gumtree users … said nobody ever.

  • Starting to think me getting 1660 super at $360 is a bad idea now… I had to get it because I got a pc without gpu and 3080 won't be available until at least November anyway

  • Thanks OP, just ordered one !

  • Nooo I bought a $489 2060 super, it still hasnt arrived yet, should I return that one and add $50 to get this ?

    • If they accept it without a restocking fee yeah. 2070 Super is much better.

  • +1

    Shows as $534.10 for me in cart https://i.imgur.com/iyHj0cu.png

    • +2

      For bank transfer.
      PayPal/CC adds 1% surcharge

    • Same for me

  • So very tempted…

    How bad are 3070 stock levels going to be?

    • Exactly what I'm thinking. Buy the 3070 or better when the Ryzen 5000 are out and stock is more stable.

    • +3

      i've read a few times on reddit and on here that this specific model "ventus" runs hot and loud (e.g. 80c at full load) — could be a reason for you to steer away from these :) i'm honesty waiting for the msi trio ver to hit below $599

      • I read that people underclocked them to 80-90% which dropped temperature enough and didn't hurt performance

        • +1

          I think you'll find they undervolted them.

      • No wonder all the premium models have three fans for 2070 or higher

        • Bit quieter? Not sure if 3 fan would fit in my meshify C, got 2x 140mm silent wings on the front.

          • +1

            @G-rig: Yeah I have Meshify C too, I believe most 3fan will fit (upto 315mm I believe) other than MSI gaming X trio which requires minimum 330mm clearance…

            • +1

              @Bappy: sweet mate
              Great case hey

              • @G-rig: I haven't setup mine yet but I was looking for high airflow case and this has its name all over it.
                I only wish it had USB-C port on the front panel…

                How do you find the noise level? I get you have very good quality fans… I have got the Arctic P12 fans from the recent deal too, lets see.

                • +1

                  @Bappy: Checkout Lian Li lancool 2 mesh - just ordered one after quite a bit of research

                  • @TheButLover: Yeah both Lian Li and Phantek P400A/P500A has excellent reviews too - but I already got the Meshifi C (and MSI MAG Forge too)

                • +1

                  @Bappy: Yeah it's a pretty nice case, easy to work in and the tempered glass side is pretty classy.
                  It's quiet and cool, like you say i spent a bit much on fans but hopefully they'll last.
                  2x 140mm front intakes, 1x 120mm rear, 1x 120mm top rear exhausts (all silent wings 3).
                  Also got a dark rock pro 4 which fills up the case nicely. I got it on a glass table behind my monitor and it's very quiet. Having PWM fans is the go, i just leave it on the silent profile mostly (Dragon Center app).

                  Most new fans would be fine (with new bearings), just play with speeds/voltages perhaps.

                  USB-C would be nice but cheaped out a little on the mobo (B450 Mortar max), it has it on the rear only and never far away from a power point for PD charging.

                  • @G-rig: Thank You

                    Edit: NVM - Seems like you got a ATX MotherBoard

                    Another question? How odd does the m-ATX motherboard looks on this ATX case?

                    I am also on the same boat, bought a cheap B550 micro-atx board, I know it will look bit odd on Meshify C however saving grace could be it's a very compact case and I have the tinted glass version

                    • +1

                      @Bappy: Mortar max is a micro ATX, doesn't look odd at all, pretty good really. The meshify C isn't a big case as you say and the CPU cooler and GPU takes up most of the space. The gap above the PSU shrowd isn't too huge either, looks good.

  • Great deal OP.

    There are used ones on ebay right now with bidding currently at $570…

  • +1

    Very tempting, I am holding till it goes under $500 but might regret later

  • +1

    Is the 2070 super enough for 2k 144hz gaming? Thanks

    • +1

      Depends on the game but it sits around 100fps in most demanding games so 1440p 144hz is pretty much perfect for this card.

  • +1

    Getting close…but I won't buy it unless it's under $500!

  • -1

    Amazon prime day in 3 days. Should I wait

    • +5

      Don't think amazon au sell many gpus

  • There are chumps on eBay buying second hand 2070 supers for over or close to $600!

    This is a great deal, I nearly bought a 2070 Super in August for $940…

  • Wow getting a lot cheaper. I paid 630 to get the gigabyte one but I did need the SSD.

  • Can't get the offer now, anyone else?

    • Still working on my end

    • I had to use incognito mode

  • Finally jumped ship and decided to get this rather than wait for the 3070. Good deal and free delivery.

    • That must feel so good hahaha

      • It really does! I figured how badly the 3080 cards launch went and decided to grab the first good 2070 super deal I see so I can finally finish my build. Gives me peace of mind now.

  • Don't think I can wait any longer for 3080 considering I didn't pre-order and am just waiting for a store to get stock. Might snap this up.

    Edit: Sold out when I went to checkout. FML

    • Same, dunno if they will restock

  • Getting there. Got the Dell 165hz. hmmm…

  • Gah, this is actually tempting. Must… Resist…

  • annndddd its gone..!

  • Ran out. Damn.

  • Is it better using this over a 2080 Super for ultrawide 3440x1440 100Hz ?
    Reviews for 2560 x 1440 show 10fps extra on average and its hard to tell if a 2080s for $200-250 more is better in the long run.

    • If you're asking if its better than the 2080 Super - then the answer is straight up no. 2080S will always be better than 2070S.

      If you're instead asking if its worth the additional performance for the price, then its subjective. Personally i dont think so at a $250 difference.
      The alternative is to wait and hope you can snag a 3070 or 6xxx series card.

  • She's gone :(
    Tried to check out and said it couldn't fulfill my order.
    Oh well, back to waiting again

    • Came to $534 in my cart too, but OOS

  • +2

    What about this one? The 10% works to $576 but can't get the codes mentioned above to work. Anyone have an idea? Three fans.


    • What is the 10% code

      • 10.10GPU

    • I was looking at this one too.. Been looking for a white card but still think I'll hold for another week or so at least.

      edit: If all the codes worked this would be a no-brainer.

    • Thanks for that, I bought one. I'll cancel the MSI that I bought yesterday for $599.

  • So these codes OZB2070S, 207MSIV were enabled only for this card and it gave an extra $61 off.

    So Shopping Express why not enable the codes for others as well, like the Galax, then you'll sell them out on here.

  • That's a very good price for a 2070 Super. Price to performance its worth it.

  • Finally, definitely worth considering if it's below 500.

  • isn't shopping express futuonline aka ks computer?

    why don't they just use one name lol?

    • Most people don't know this and they know their customer service is shot. They have two other names they can fall on.

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