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40% off Wahl The Classic Edition Clipper - $59 Delivered ($49 with Welcome Code + Shipping) @ Shaver Shop


Haven't had a haircut since March in iso. I finally pulled the trigger on this.

Made in USA
17-Piece Hair Cutting Kit
Thumb adjustable taper lever control for multiple cutting lengths
10 guide combs: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, left and right ear taper
Cutting Length: 1-3.5mm on the bare blade
Precision ground blades that stay sharper for longer
Durable hard case allows for storage between uses and better product care
2-year Warranty

Take additional $10 off with Welcome code and add Clipper oil 10ml for a free shipping: Your order total should be: $53.95

Do not forget 3.5% Cashrewards:

Do not forget 15% Cashrewards: (15% cash back @ Cashrewards expires on Sunday 11th October)

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  • Hi OP, can you give feedback? Last time there was a similar deal from shavershop but it was China-made and was crap. Got jam a lot and cannot cut thru thicker hair

    • Will do, after mine arrives :)

      • @limucat, I have used it now couple of times and no complaints. Quaility is good and it did not jam at all (I did oil before and after haircut though). I really liked left and right ear taper, it just makes it easy to cut hairs on side.

    • My USA made one lasted roughly 10 years then suddenly died.
      Shavershop told me to stay clear of the China made ones if I can.

      • surprised how this is possible if a product is quality controlled and they allow such to be sold in market under the same brand / model.

        • Bought the Costco one and it cut thick hair fine.
          However despite oiling and keeping it in the bag the blades are extremely rusty after one use. I want to return it to Costco but it's more than 5km from me…

          • @lainey13: so you bought the exact same model I listed above (with the extra beard trimmer)?

            that is disappointing that Costco is not stocking a quality Wahl clipper from USA.

          • @lainey13: Did you wash the clipper or cut wet hair with it? I’ve been using this exact kit for a while and its sharp as day 1 and no rust at all. I oil it may be every second time or so…

        • @pinkybrain
          Using the same model, no issues so far. They arent meant to be washed with water. The trimmer uses 2 batteries as opposed to 1 (from previous year’s model) and is quite powerful. the returns are super easy if you arent happy.

    • On the website it says it's made in USA.

      I guess if you receive it and it's not covered in Logos saying USA (which most things from there are) … then you would have grounds to return it for a full refund as it's not what the item was supposed to be..

    • Yeah, can confirm. The China made ones have this extremely flimsy feel to it and also pulls on hair when cutting. Would not recommend.

    • Exactly the same

    • What brand? Wahl are made in the USA, and their salon series is considered the top notch. I'm not sure where this model fits in their range though, something like the 6000cc is over $200

    • I have the Wahl EasyCut (a cheaper model) and really like it. It's very solid (read: heavy!), and cuts through my thick hair no problem. Even when I'm going from a few inches long to clippered short. The clippers I had before these just got jammed and tugged at my hair. Can't fault it.

    • I’ve got one. My bros and I have used it a lot since the lockdown. It cuts nice but the attachments are bit loose that they rattle when you turn the clipper on and it’s annoying. You’re gonna have to hold the attachments with one finger for it to stop rattling. Just make sure you oil it after every use to keep the blades sharp.

    • I can't get the welcome $10 off coupon

      I tried signing up for an account and opting in for emails but I haven't received any code

      Can someone advise?

  • would these be ok for dog clippers?

  • I'm pretty sure this is the one we have and it's terrible. It wouldn't cut through hair and get caught all the time. Changed to new blades and used the blade oil today. It still didn't do anything - got caught in my husband and son's hair. Ended up just cutting with hair scissors. :/
    Can anyone recommend a better clipper?

    • Oh no! that's not good. If this one is not fit for purpose for you, have you looked at their Salon Series: ?? I heard that they are expensive but good.

      • Thanks I'll check it out :)

      • Yeah, this is a crap shaver. iirc the Salon Series have bigger motors and finer teeth giving a sharper cut. Would be worth comparing costco model mentioned below.

    • Are you sure? Where's yours made?

      I haven't had any issues with Wahl clippers ever, I've had 3 different machines and all have been flawless. It's possible you got a dud or something?

      • No it would be because of the motor of which there are two different types. One is a consumer type that is in the cheaper ones and the other type is what comes in the units sold to professional hairdressers. I forget how to tell the difference but if people just ask Wahl Australia which models have the same motor as the units sold to professional hairdressers they'll tell you.

      • Mines made in China. You might be right, may of got a dud after seeing others comment favourably.

        • FWIW, I have a Wahl Performer (China made) that cost $20 years ago and still cuts well, however the motor very occasionally jams up when first turning it on.

    • Did yours come with the case and has it the Powerdrive motor written on the front? There was a almost identical looking, yet cheaper, version sold at shaver shop. It was Wahl and white but no case and inferior motor.

    • This could be good:

      I bought the same with battery from shaver shop in March, and have been cutting my hair with satisfying results so far (well…the wife hasn't asked for divorce, or for me to sleep in the guest bedroom)

    • If you buy clippers off Amazon, free delivery at A$39.00+ and free return if it doesn't perform to expectations.

    • In the past I had a $15-20 pair from kmart, worked fine for my hair haha

    • I don't know if they're still being sold, but I've been using a "Remington ProPower Titanium Hair & Beard Clipper HC5400" for about 6 years now and I can't fault them at all. I have really thick hair and it has never gotten caught or stuck no matter how long my hair is. If I remember correctly, I bought them from The Good Guys for around $50.

    • can you post pics of your clippers with the case?

      someone below who also bought these and says they are great.

      so conflicting info..

    • Mine used to do this - If it gets caught all the time then it needs an adjustment - there is a giant philips screw on the side that is used, there are adjustment instructions in the manual, but IIRC you turn the screw until the clippers start clattering then you turn it half a turn back. Which way to turn the screw is in the manual, and half a turn I think is correct.

      But this adjustment is essential, Please do look in the manual.

      Most people don't do it, my clippers are fantastic.

  • Got it. You are a legend. These clippers are very well reviewed and USA made. I missed out on this earlier on in the year before it was removed from the shelves. Others were selling it at over $100. With case, all combs, Powerdrive motor, this is a bargain

  • What is the coupon code?
    I closed the screen when it pop up and now I cannot find anywhere.

  • I'be got these. They are not great. The blades even when oiled regularly, struggle.

    Unlike the professional series at your hirdresser, obviously the blades are superior.

    • Was going to get one. After hearing two people on this post commenting they are not great, I guess I’ll pass :/

    • Mine used to do this - If it gets caught all the time then it needs an adjustment - there is a giant philips screw on the side that is used, there are adjustment instructions in the manual, but IIRC you turn the screw until the clippers start clattering then you turn it half a turn back. Which way to turn the screw is in the manual, and half a turn I think is correct.

      But this adjustment is essential, Please do look in the manual.

      Most people don't do it, my clippers are fantastic.

  • Time to get me some coronacut

  • Didn't really want to play lucky dip.
    Wahl website specs on this model say it has "vibrating motor". the cheap models are also listed with a vibrating motor. "Power drive motor" seems to be the next level up so probably best to stick to clippers that at least have that.

  • 10 guide combs: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, left and right ear taper

    can't seem to do standard 1.2.3 or 2.3.4 fade cuts with these combs?

    • 1 (1/8") comb 3mm

      2 (1/4") comb 6mm

      3 (3/8") comb 10mm

      4 (1/2") comb 13mm

      5 (5/8") comb 16mm

      6 (3/4") comb 19mm

      7 (7/8") comb 22mm

      8 ( 1" ) comb 25mm

      10 (1.1/4" ) comb 32mm

      12 (1.1/2" ) comb 35mm

      • I see that, you can't do fades with 3mm and 4mm apart as far as I'm aware…

        • You can. I can do a decent fade with blades 1, 2 and 3 - you use the adjustable taper lever to achieve in between lengths.

  • I've had the professional series for over 6-8 years+. I've only recently bought new replacement blades ( first replacement never had them sharpened) cost $110-120. Beware of cheaper series

    • Ive had colour pro clippers for about 8 years too and was going to buy new blades after a tooth chipped off in transit while on holiday leaving a sharp edge (always carry them in their case, the plastic blade guard isnt sufficient protection). My colour pros were made in USA and from memory they were an OB/shavershop pickup for about $50-60 and have been brilliant clippers, blades always oiled and never needed sharpening. These Classics use same 2050-500 blades ($27) as CPs so I just bought these clippers instead of new blades. Worst case - I have new blades for the CPs and spare Classic clippers for the day when the CPs eventually die. I expect I might die first.

    • link for the professional series that you got?

  • Just curious how long is your hair now after half a year OP?😆

    Have used the $30 wahl clippers (but had a $20 voucher) which i got at tgg 3 years ago. Its like a lawn mower, heaps of grunt. I used to use remington but that was weak as.

    I also have a vs sassoon cordless which i got for $29 3 years ago as I dont have a powerpoint in 1 bathroom. Its weaker than the wahl but stronger than the remington which is both corded and a bit of hassle to hold the cord away from you can cut at the same time, but you get used to it.

    But for the price ($30) its nearly the same as a single haircut so cant really go wrong

  • Thanks OP. Bought with a #1/2 comb instead of oil to get over $50.

  • Is it easy to cut your own hair?

    • Much easier if a friend can help, but is possible. For a men's cut with short sides and back using clippers and scissors, check out Brad Mondo's YouTube video, found it really good. Even if you want to clipper all over, this is still useful for blending shorter sides, and round the ears.

      I reckon for cutting own hair, what'd make it much easier would be to have a camera and a screen, so you can see back/sides of head.. maybe a hangout video call between a phone and a tablet, have phone propped pointed at side of head, tablet propped in front showing phone's camera output, so you can see what you're doing on each side and the back.. haven't worked out technicalities yet..

    • Yep. Very. If you can shave your own face, you can buzz cut your own hair.

    • it is… if you do a buzz cut or shave it

    • I don't like my hair to be cut so short.
      Do any clippers come with larger guide combs…50mm or more?
      Would love to ditch the barber and cut my own hair.

  • Thanks OP. has been thinking for a while to replace my $29 10yrs old kmart clippers! seems a great deal.
    bought the cutting cape with it for free shipping.

  • how do I get $10 off

  • Its made in USA with power drive. 100% recommended. Purchased it few weeks ago

    • is this as crap as some others (above) have said ?

      they also said they own this model

      • I have this kit - for me it's fine. I often thought that the manufacturing of these must be heavily subsidised by the US Government (or they are assembled in jails etc) as there is no way I can see a 1st world country making something of this quality, shipping it here, us retailing it and it being then shipped to the customer can be achieved for the low price.

        The only crap part about it is once it all comes out of the plastic carry case - it NEVER all goes back in (case too small) unless you want to spend 10 minutes fiddling with it.

        EDIT: just checked, I paid $39.95 delivered with $10 coupon on 25/3/20, so the price has been cheaper before - I should have posted it as a deal!

    • Let me clarify that i purchased it in a physical store and cant say that this is the same product. But the price, shape and color looks similar.
      If any one buys it and is not satisfied with the product you can always return it.

  • I have these and they work really well. I would get those shaver guard spray oil lubricant things to keep them running smoothly too.

    I use it before and after each cut. If I don't then they don't cut as smoothly.

    Had this set for 2years+ so far

  • Can someone recommend a good cordless clipper?

    • batteries will die after a while

      get corded ones more better
      and more powerful

      • Thanks. I mean a rechargeable All-in-one clipper/trimmer. Something that can do a beard etc.

    • bought a german/euro one from the shaver shop

      has lasted a good year so far, must more convenient than corded

      was $99 on sale.

      despite being made in the eu, it feels extremely poorly made lol. would have preferred made in taiwan/china, much better at plastics and electronics.

      at $50-150 you get what you pay for.

  • I haven't been to a barber since buying a China-made corded Remington HC822BP for $24.95 from Target in May 2008. 😉

  • I have one of these from a deal a year or two ago. Starting to die on me now and losing its cutting power. Was alright until this started happening. I probably use it like 6-7 times a year in first year but probably double that to trim down the covid beards before hitting it with a razor.

  • I've had mine for 16 years and still going strong.
    Oiling before every use is a must.

  • I have this…I bought it around a year ago and it has been great.

    As others have recommended, I oil it before just about every use. I'm hoping it will last a long time.

  • I'm impressed by the turnaround time, ordered last night and it's been sent first thing this morning.

  • Phoned Shaver Shop at Top Ryde. Bloke tells me that the clipper is made in China. So I’m not buying it.