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40% off Wahl The Classic Edition Clipper - $59 Delivered ($49 with Welcome Code + Shipping) @ Shaver Shop


Haven't had a haircut since March in iso. I finally pulled the trigger on this.

Made in USA
17-Piece Hair Cutting Kit
Thumb adjustable taper lever control for multiple cutting lengths
10 guide combs: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, left and right ear taper
Cutting Length: 1-3.5mm on the bare blade
Precision ground blades that stay sharper for longer
Durable hard case allows for storage between uses and better product care
2-year Warranty

Take additional $10 off with Welcome code and add Clipper oil 10ml for a free shipping: Your order total should be: $53.95

Do not forget 3.5% Cashrewards:

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    • Well, they will be processing too many returns then I believe ;)

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        Called Shaver Shop Macquarie, and told that the Classic Edition Wahl is made in USA and comes with Powerdrive. He sounded quite confident. Conflict?

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          Wahl AU website claims Made in USA, as does the SS website. The concern is the standard vibrating motor vs powerdrive.

          Is this a new device? Might explain the conflicting info on the websites and the stores. Oh well, we will find out when they arrive I guess.

          • @sinners007: but on the clipper it saids powerdrive technology

            on the website it saids vibrating motor

            so is that some intentional misleading here?

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      wrong see my post below, i just picked mine up and usa with powerdrive

      • their website says vibrating motor..

        what does the user manual say?
        can you post a pic of the user manual spec sheet?

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    Bought a Wahl clipper from the Shaver shop in 1993. I paid $89 (hey, it was a lot of money at the time), and I've been clipping my own hair, (and my two boys until they grew up and decided they didn't want to look like dorks anymore) since then. My clippers have never missed a beat in all those 27 years. Obviously they're the made in USA ones - no Chinese outsourcing back then. Mmm…now I forgot why I was even telling you this story…

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      I bought my wahl from shaver shop about 6 months ago and it's made in USA (on the clipper). It's a 'wahl traditional' model. I think the Wahl 'made in China' is an urban legend. Mine cuts good. As others have mentioned probably how well it cuts depends on the motor type and how sharp the blades are. My old wahl started to tug as you cut after a few years of use. I never looked after the blades and I think they were just getting blunt.

  • Someone else listed some Phillips branded clippers, and literally has 30+ 5 star reviews and go down to .05mm

    I find it odd these have 0 reviews, but they basically look like the original clippers from 20 years ago!!

    • It did have reviews earlier in the year before it was removed from the site. Now it is back, I'm not sure why they didn't bring the reviews over as well.

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    I just picked mine up from the store

    made in usa with powerdrive motor :)

    • Thanks for posting pictures mate. Much appreciated.

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    I may be wrong, but isn't a Powerdrive motor a vibrating motor, just a slightly more powerful version?

    One site describes a different Wahl clipper as designed with a quiet PowerDrive Vibrating Motor which gives you 35% more cutting power than standard clippers.

    Other sites seem to mention Powerdrive as a cutting system: Powerful and long-life vibration motor for non-stop use with Powerdrive cutting system includes 35 % more cutting action than standard clippers

    I would say this Classic Edition has a Powerdrive vibrating motor and, as confirmed by neosin above, is USA made. In any case, I doubt you can find a Wahl USA made clipper at this price. The next best bet is the Comfort grip at $79

    • what do you think of this costco wahl clippers?

      • USA made, unknown motor but probably on par with the classic edition as it states durable long lasting, lots of combs and a bonus trimmer. But it's more expensive.

        • yeah slightly more expensive about $17

          I am more interested in the quality of the clipper

          the bonus trimmer is also good cos it is cordless and can be used for beards etc..

          It is not listed on wahl website

          • @pinkybrain: Odd that's it not oh the Wahl website so a bit of an unknown entity there about the motor. But it's USA made so can't go too wrong. If you really want the trimmer I guess it's worth it.

            • @OldBugger: yeah…they probably only for costco wahl special products..
              it is still odd that is not listed when I check the model number (Model Number = WA79651-820) that costco provided..
              so can't find out what motor is used

              Yeah the question is whether the trimmer (battery operated) is worth $17..

              I know that aldi often sells their beard trimmer kits for around that price..(and comes with more extra stuff included)
              so for one chinese made wahl trimmer probably not worth $17..

              this review also seems to indicated battery powered wahl trimmer (different model) is not that great

              thanks for helping me decide..

  • Had mine for over 15 years and still as good ass the day I bought it.
    I paid well over $100 back then.
    At these times we really need to support companies that still produce quality in countries that have a certain level of consideration for workers rights.

    • your clipper might be better quality cos it was 15 years ago

      nowadays most clippers don't last as long or is poorer quality (due to the parts being imported from oversea ie china vs actually made in USA) and then assembled in USA

    Around the same price point, someone made a post about these and have very good reviews. Only real difference I see is these can be washed, and blade goes to .5mm.

    • That one is cordless and may not last longer than a wired unit due to the battery may eventually die in a few years time.

      • yeap, batteries will not hold a charge after a while

        if you can open the clippers, you can replace the batteries

  • Picked mine up today only took about 20 mins for the notification. Powerdrive model and made in the USA so seems pretty good. (

  • Hey there,

    Sick of cheap clippers!

    This(The Classic Edition Clipper) or the Salon Series V5000 Hair Clipper ($119 with $10 sign off)

    I know difference is double in price, anything else anyone can point out the difference.

    Please, any suggestions is helpful.


  • Anyone received their shipped items?

    Been more than 1 week now.

  • ive had a few wahl hair clippers in the past and all have been rubbish. if you have thick hair, steer clear of anything wahl.

    i stick with phillips (multigroom) for beard and head shaving, they are the dogs danglies.

  • USA made Wahl clippers are the best clippers I have ever used. My last set lasted 10 years and several drops. I only chnaged them beceause the blade replacement cost almost as much as a new set. The Wahl Classic Edition Clipper at $59/$49 is an incredible buy.

    There is a reason all hair-dressers use them.

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