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Blackwolf Mega Deluxe Double Self Inflating Mattress $299 (Was $659.99) + Shipping @ Freddys


Hi all. Was looking for more comfortable bedding for a next camping adventure and came across this. Price was fantastic but was hesitant on how good it would be. Pumped it up at home and spent a night on it.

Can’t be happier :)

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  • sorry to be a downer - i am sure the blackwolf mattress is good.
    But not sure about the rrp, on blackwolf website the rrp is $299 for double.

    you can get the queen size at snowys.com.au for less and a new version.

    • Tried to do a search on the RRP but couldn't find what is reported. Can you link your RRP $299 on Blackwolf here? I might give Freddy's a call.

  • What's the difference between these and say this other self inflating mat, which is a third of its price?

    • The price and the brand.

    • Size and cover material.
      I have had the dune for years and recently bought the blackwolf on a clearance direct from blackwolf after looking for years.

      Main reason for my change is the size when rolled up. The blackwolf is 65cmx25cm as it can be folded in half. The dune is the full 1.4m wide and about 40cm round. It's huge!

  • Snowys (very rarely) does discounts on the
    Exped megamat - our experience is this is markedly better than the BW. That being said, the BW is very good, better than the Adventure Kings/Dune stuff.

    • The exped is insulated too so good for colder weather.

    • I waited for a sale on the exped megamat and it's awesome. (Snowy)
      Buy once and sleep best. I've had cheap crap and made it do, getting older, I want comfort and reliability and quality, nothing worse than a crap nights sleep to ruin or day and night and trip.
      Your back will thankyou and long after you've forgotten about the price you've paid…

      (The new megamat 15 looks the goods, wondering when one of those is on sale)

      • I have both and would only buy the Exped again.
        The Blackwolf has a faulty inflate valve and getting support from both Freddy’s and Blackwolf is proving difficult.
        Exped packs away easier but is slightly bigger rolled up.
        Snowys and Exped for me..

  • Thanks for the comments and discussion guys. I chose this over the 2D hexatherm based on a slightly better R value (9.5 vs 8.6) and also found it slightly more stiff sleeping which is just a personal choice. The biggest negative vs the 2D is probably the inflating valves too small on the old one.

    Exped also seems to have been a great choice, but went blackwolf as I am sucker for their gear already and the functionality and reliability of the (two) tents I currently own. The packed size was also a bit of a bonus. I do like Exped's square edges though and how the two singles can be put together for double much better.

    I went off the RRP posted on Freddy's which I think definitely could be questioned but I couldn't find the old RRP on their website so sorry if was misleading.