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Free Large Pizza by Downloading The App @ Domino’s


Got this email from Domino's where you get a large pizza by downloading the app.

VOUCHER: 1 Free Large Pizza Choose from: Premium, Vegan, Traditional, Vegetarian Plant-Based, Value.

Voucher code is sent via text message and valid for single use through the Domino’s App only. Selected stores only. Valid for pick up or delivery. Minimum delivery order $22. Valid for one week from date of issue

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    Make sure you are installing the 'Domino's' app and not the 'Domino's Offers' app, they are 2 separate apps.

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      $22 minimum order

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        Only if you want delivery. No minimums for pick-up.

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          Add $3 more for "Extra-Large"
          (But.. I doubt it's "50% larger")

          PS There ought to be an app
          that checks such claims… ;~)

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            @IVI: If you know the diameters of the pizzas, you can compare the values with this site.

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      Quick Hack on the Dominos App- just tried it, you can do half-and-half pizzas & get FREE access to Melbourne Range Pizzas & Premium Pizzas too with customisation - for free.

      100% works as I just ordered Half-n-Half from Melbourne Range & Premium Range on pick up and got $0 on final checkout

      OP you should include this in the descript!

      • +12

        Thanks for the tip! I did this and got garlic prawns and chicken camembert. Ate it with my pinky out

      • you are genius bro

  • Thanks OP! Just got the SMS code for the free pizza

    • How long took you to get reply

      Upadate received now

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    OP, Its both for new and existing customers. However not sure about those who already have this app installed.

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      Had this app previously from another free pizza promo and the popup still came up when opening up now, so seems to be eligible for everyone.

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      So if you already have an account, you just need to sign in after downloading the app, to get the code?

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        yes, I did that way and got the code

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    I have had the app installed for years, just went in to check and it had the offer of a free pizza there as soon as I got in. Got a text about a min later with the code after accepting.

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    when is the expiry date for the code?

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      7 days from issue.

    • Valid for one week from date of issue

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        Doesn't explicitly mention the Expiry Date. So if we got the voucher today, 12-Oct, is the last date to use the voucher 18-Oct or 19-Oct?

  • Do you need to be signed into that account to use the code?

  • Worked for me, existing customer. Signed in from popup. Thanks!

  • Minimum delivery order $22 is the killer. I just wanted a free pizza :)

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      you can pick it up

      • Didn't realise that. Thanks

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    I opened the app and it said claim your free pizza, I then clicked claim and it did unable to claim ..

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      same here

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        Figured it out. I was logged in but my name and phone number was listed as unknown.

        As soon as I changed both I received the SMS.

        • how do you add a phone number? i legit cant figure it out, it just asks me to order or to claim the offer, i cant see any edit account option??

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            @Iggemo: I assume you can do it from the app where it says 'Unknown' instead of your name. Otherwise I just logged into the Dominos website from my PC and went to 'Manage account'

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            @Iggemo: Tap on the profile avatar that says "unknown" then enter your name and phone number. I had the same problem they can't text the code if there's no number associated with the account.

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            @Iggemo: Login to the app, click the X to close the offer that pops up NOTE: don't say you don't want it just close it with the X, then press 'manage account' at the top, enter a name and phone number, save it. Then the offer pops up again. Accept it and you get the SMS.

      • It doesn't work thru the link. It works using a code that will be received via SMS once you login to the app/create a new account.

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      I opened the app, was not logged in.
      Saw the offer and accepted.
      Logged in.
      Received offer via SMS in under a minute.

  • Awesome, cheers O.P.

  • Opened the app (which I hadn't downloaded before), and saw the offer, logged in but then it said 'We're sorry, we're currently unable to create your voucher, please try again later', gah

    • same here

  • Thanks Op

  • Thanks!

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    Just a heads up, requires account which requires phone number

    • +3

      Hard to receive an SMS message with out it 🤦‍♀️

  • I downloaded the app and is not a member. Do I need to sign up to receive the code?

    • +1

      Yeah you need an account

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    Got it. Confirmation screen shows Jesse Pinkman fist pumping his free pizza.

  • Thanks OP, got the code and it works, dinner sorted

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    Selected stores only

    • The store in Wodonga never seems to honour the nation wide specials, they have their own little set of codes that they use.

  • Obviously need to pick up

  • When does this expire? Any last date to avail this offer?

    • A week from issue

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    Didn't work for me. Already had the app installed. Uninstalled and logged in. No popup.

  • We're sorry, we're currently unable to create your voucher.

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      You need a phone number put in your account in the app.

      • how do you add one? All it asks me to do in the app is to order or to claim the promotion

        • Just go to your profile and add one. Maybe try on a pc if you can't see options in the app.

          • @Abbi: thanks got it on PC

            in case anyone else has issue, click "unknown" in top right hand on desktop and then u can manage account, couldnt find any way to do it on app

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    Have had the app installed for ages. Opened it up, no voucher pop up. Logged in, still no pop up. Deleted and reinstalled, still no pop up. Any ideas how to get it up?

    • I even got an email saying there's a free voucher in the app!

    • On Apple there was no pop up, when I did it through google play there was

      • Worked fine in iOS for me

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    Thanks, what step am I missing? Downloaded app in ad link and signed up. No voucher sms?

    • +1

      same here

    • +1

      Same, opened a new account and put my number in, no voucher.

      • -1

        Dominos stinks, can’t wait any longer now I have to make my own lunch.

    • +14

      Same here. No freebie for me

      Update; my phone is jailbroken and installed many ad blockers. If you have something similar running or have a jailbroken/rooted device, just disable the ad blockers and you will get it. I just got mine 😅

      • +2

        Thanks for the tip, mate. This was exactly my problem. I have an adblocker on my network. Got the pop-up after disabling it.
        Anyone missing the popup, sees this one

      • Legend! That was my problem. Disbaled adblocker and it popped up straight away. Thanks mate!

      • I disabled my VPN and then got the pop up

      • Legend. Needed to disable Adaway.

      • Bang! Turned off Pi-hole and got the pop up. Thanks for the tip.

      • so, in the future, there'll be people who watch adverts only
        and make announcement to all those with ad-blockers…haha

  • -1

    My personal mobile number is worth more than a $7 pizza.

    • -2

      A dominos $7 pizza isn't even worth $7. Better to get frozen one for $3.5 from coles.

      • +4

        Or for $0.70 in Quick Sale.

        • +7

          Or a free pizza here

          • @muncan: I see what you did there.

    • On this subject, anyone got a cheap and easy way to get a second mobile number, ideally digitally? Been a few deals that would benefit from multiple numbers.

      • Umm get a burner SIM from Kogan etc for cheap?

      • +1

        Get an Aldi $5 sim and activate it as a one year plan

      • I THINK you can receive SMS on $2 Testra SIMs from the supermarket. ie. Activate the SIM/account but don't recharge any value onto it.

        • +2

          You don't even have to activate them to receive sms

    • k

  • Thanks! Got one.

  • +1

    People in Bondi….."No thanks, I'd much rather pay for mine" :)

  • Got it on my dominoes app too :) Thanks OP

  • +1

    "We're sorry, we're currently unable to create your voucher. Please try again later" ozbagained??

  • worked for me. cheers

  • -2

    Doesnt work, ozbarg-ed.

    • +1

      Give it 10 minutes for the SMS to arrive.

      • +1

        Says unable to create your voucher, doubt an SMS will come through though. I think its got to do with the original account having no mobile number attached.

        Sign up with new account / new mobile number it works.

  • How come I didn't have it

  • got the offer but no sms already 5 mins after clicking… my mobile is in there, correct

    • Takes about 10 minutes, is what i observed.

    • Mine took around 10 min

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