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[Prime] Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies 192/176/160/144 Pack Size 2/3/4/5 Boys & Girls $31.56 Delivered (S&S) @ Amazon AU


Promo is $40 for each for Amazon Prime members but the S&S discount seems to differ depending on the original price of the flavour you choose.

The cheapest it’s ever been I believe. Enjoy!

Note: Maximum 2 boxes per flavour

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • Wow! Thanks OP, ordered one box

  • +2

    Awesome. Came up as $31 for S&S upon checkout!

    Max 2 boxes.

  • Thanks OP got 2 boxes in current size and 1 in next size for my boy. Cheapest ever for sure

  • My one month of prime just paid for itself.

  • showing me $50 with Prime

    • Price updates at checkout

    • It changes in checkout.

  • Add in cart with s&s and proceed then it becomes $31.

  • +1

    Newborn Size 1 came out to $32.50 and size 2 came out to $32

    • Thank you. Ordered 2 boxes of size 1

  • Gold OP! One are current size, two at next size.

  • Got 2x boxes of girls size 3,4 & 5
    Freaking gold find OP

  • Already ordered last night at $40, gutted

    • Now is the time to double down

    • Should be able to cancel if Amazon

      • +1

        I just cancelled and re-bought just then. Just have to do it quick incase its getting prepared for delivery

        • lucky. i literally purchased and cancelled within ~6mins but got a cancellation rejection straight away!…so i just bought another pack haha

          • @ExtraSalt: How do you cancel an order? thanks

            found it now… thanks

  • Thank you

  • Been hoping for another nappy sale!

  • +1

    This is a ripper deal thanks @cooni. Works out even cheaper than the Aldi nappies and we have found these to be far superior.

    • +1

      Exactly same boat as us. We’d use Aldi nappies during the day when we’re not expecting a poo… now it’s full time Huggies.
      Grabbed 2 boxes each of size 4 and 5

      • too bad i dont have any babies - baby fever UGH

  • Can you cancel the s&s immediately after ordering?

    • yep.

      • Thanks! Stocked up for my little one.

        • no worries. Just wait until your money has been withdrawn until you cancel so you know it's gone through. Alternatively, its coming tomorrow so you could just wait for its arrival before you cancel.

      • +1

        Noob question. How?

        • +2

          all good, so i usually purchase S&S with delivery every 6months to be safe.

          To cancel, just hover over 'accounts & lists' & choose 'Your Subscribe & Save Items'. Otherwise, after your purchase, you'll get an email from "Amazon Subscribe and Save". you'll see a link provided called 'cancel subscription' under the 'First Auto-delivery By' date

    • +3

      Cancel it after it ships.

      Set it to 6 months to be extra safe

  • +1

    What size for a new born and for the next 6 months. Boy

    • He'll likely need size 3 before 6 months.

    • +1

      ur name always gets a guffaw from me

      • Haha me too now

  • Are these (Huggies infant) the same as Huggies Ultimate?

    • Looks like they aren’t ultimate

      • Yeah, maybe just different branding or something. Apparently ultimate appear to have better reviews.

        • I don’t know anyone that persists using Ultimate beyond what they receive as gifts

          • @cooni: Huggies Essential seem to leak more often than it did when I used Ultimate (or this Huggies Infant)

          • @cooni: 13month old still in ultimate exclusively.

            Only ever buy them when I can get a months worth for <$45 though.

            Works without dramas for us, so see no reason to change.

          • @cooni: We do and often find Ultimate out of stock in Colesworth whereas there are often stocks for Ultra Dry

        • We tried both and found Ultimate better for our son, so they are definitely not the same. In particular, my son had way fewer rashes with Ultimate and we keep using it until now.

          You can read more about it in Huggies website https://www.huggies.com.au/nappies/huggies-nappies/questions

  • Rrrrrt

  • That's almost 45% off Colesworth price.

  • Coming up as $56.25?

    • Price changes at checkout

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one box.

  • Came out as $53 for 2 packs of 160

    • +1

      Did you mean 63?

      • Item Subtotal: $101.02
        Postage & Packing: $0.00
        Promotion Applied: -$57.79
        Subtotal before GST: $48.47
        GST: $4.86
        Order Total Including GST: $53.33

        • You're lucky to get an extra $ 10 off. Mine is also showing $ 63 at checkout. Same item and quantity.

          • @Gorodemon: Might be the apply10 code for using the app - although when I tried to use it it said invalid. Perhaps it was applied automatically.

        • You must have had $10 credit from something?

  • Cheers OP, grabbed a couple of boxes.

  • Just had our first baby 2 weeks ago. We recieved a big pack of cloth nappies as a gift. Good way to save money and reduce waste. Not as gross as they sound either!

    • +2

      scooping poo out of a cloth nappy doesnt sound too fun.

    • Can’t think of anything worse!

    • Well time is money and some people use disposable nappies in their gArden. Pee is fantastic nitrogen fertiliser and the beads in the nappies or whatever they are are good water absorbers but haven’t really looked into if it’s good or bad to be used in garden as to the make up off each nappies contents XD

      • Disposable nappies in the garden? It's estimated that disposable nappies take 500 years to break down. You wouldn't want to be putting them in the garden!

        If you use a liner on cloth nappy it's pretty easy to clean up. As a parent, dealing with poop and vomit is just part of job!

  • Got size 2 & 3 on S&S $32 each

    • Oh man, just realised I didnt use CR or SB, anyone know if it works with the deal?

      • +1

        Baby 0%

        • Thanks, makes me feel better (:

  • My wife seems to think these are not the same huggies you buy at coles and woolies.
    Anyone else have the same thought?

    • There’s something different about them, but I haven’t noticed any difference in function - that is, better at not leaking compared to all other cheaper alternatives.

    • 3 different products - essential, ultra dry and ultimate.

    • Only difference is packing, I guess. Used Coles, woollies, Costco, Amazon. They won’t let them go under the same label if they would be different in a country like Australia where it would expose them to ACCC inquiry for misleading info etc.

    • They're the same or if not identical then they are just as good.

  • Thanks OP, ordered in 2 sizes. Will last for sometime

  • Seems like size 3 for girls has been ozbargained

  • S&S means subscribe and save. Took me a while!

    • +1

      need to select "subscribe & save"

  • Thanks OP, had ordered these last night at $40 (non S&S) and was able to cancel and re-order this morning and saved $8 per box. Amazing!

  • Expecting our first in 6 weeks.

    Can anyone give some insight/experience on how long they will be in Size 2 and Size 3 for?

    Just thinking how much i should buy.

    • +1

      you can only buy 2-months supply for each size. so grab them all.

      • So I’ll need at least 2x of each?

        I wasn’t sure if I would say only need 1x of size 2.

    • +1

      Depends on their size at birth and how fast they gain weight. Mine was 3kg at birth and I bought 2 boxes of newborn nappies and used 1.5 of those boxes. Bought 4 size 2 boxes and I thought it was gonna be too much but size growth has slowed it might be a good amount.

    • +1

      Im expecting agian in December.
      I have 1 box of newborn, 2 boxes of size 2, 4 boxes of size 3 and 4 boxes of size 4.

      My daughter who is 15 months is in size 5 and has used around 5-6 boxes and I got more now as she still has a few more months in size 5 and whatever I dont use ill store for baby on the way

      • Thanks everyone!

        1x newborn
        2x size 2
        2x size 3

  • +1

    I think 2 boxes of Size 1 and 2 is sufficient. I have a 6 month old (8 kg) and wearing Size 3 at the moment (6-11kg). Once you reach this size, weight will slow down. Too bad I can't buy any more than 2 boxes of Size 3.

    • If you can order 2 boxes for me I would be happy to order 2 boxes for you in size 3.

  • It's looking pretty ozbargain'd. Only size 3's left.

  • I don't really need this at the moment. If I place the S&S order now and then changed the date of my first delivery to 4 months in the future, would I still be charged the current price for the first delivery or would it be the price at that time?

    • Ah screw it. The baby is still 5 months away but I ordered 2 of each. All the way up to size 4.


      • +1

        trust me, you'll thank yourself when don't run out of nappies and you've just binned your last dirty one.

      • you wont regret it!

    • You won’t have any regrets. We did the same (buy months out from the birth) when they were on special. You can’t have enough nappies :)
      Stock up on wipes as well. You won’t have enough of those.

  • Thanks op

  • only size 1 and 2 left.

  • If you S&S for this, what would be the price charged when the date is up, is it the price at that time, or the price we bought it at? Would be worth keeping if could get the same price

    • Price at that time.

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