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[Prime] Energizer Batteries MAX Alkaline AA 30 Pack $10, AAA 24 Pack $9.48 Delivered via Subscribe & Save @ Amazon AU


Discount applied at check out.

AAA variant 24 Pack $9.48

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • $12.50 for me?

    • Use S&S and cancel when it arrives

      • No need, just cancel the subscription and put 'I want the initial discount'

        • I've tried that before and it says they will attempt to cancel any active orders not dispatched

          • +2

            @bricabrac89: No, the initial order will go through. I have done it literally every other week.

        • Where do you select “I want the initial discount”, and what do you put as reason for cancellation?

          Edit: Nvm, I found it

          • @Jackfruit: Pay by gift card, then you can avoid subscription. You will get an email later "Information needed: update payment to complete new subscription" which you can ignore.

  • You need to select Subscribe and Save.

    • I thought so but the price difference between one time purchase and SS was never 25%?

      How soon can i cancel a SS?

      • anytime after delivery/before the next delivery (you'll get a notification email)

        • Thank you

      • +1

        I've been cancelling the subscribe straight after placing the order. Have received all packages just fine.

        • I just placed an order for this item with S & S from app. Can you please tell me how to cancel S&S ? Thanks

          • +1

            @Yankyviking: On the app, go to menu in top left, go to Your Account. Then select 'Subscribe and Save'. Select Subscriptions. Then cancel away from there.

            • @phuzz: Thank you. I found the option. Shall I wait until this order enters the shipping process? Because on the cancellation screen, it said

              “ Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription?
              We will also attempt to cancel all open orders of this item that haven’t entered the shipping process.”

              • @Yankyviking: be safe and just cancel it after it has shipped and safely on its way to you.
                i've always just cancelled straight away and it still gets delivered (done this probably about a dozen times by now). heck, even im worried now after seeing that message.

      • It looks like the sale is a 50% credit on original price, so S&S = $22.5 - $12.5 = $10. I got $10 promo credit from gift card bought at midnight so it's become $0.

        • Off topic, but how long did it take for the $10 promo credit to show up? I bought the gift card 2ish hours ago and nothing yet.

          • @cloudy: I bought the card at midnight and it showed up around lunch today.

        • Where do we find that $10 promo credit? I got the email for the egift card, but can't see where that promo credit is.
          Is it a code or automatically available in your account btw?

          • @hanofee: Automatically available. I didn't even notice until I purchased this and when it went into Payment I paid zero dollar.

            • @Bigboomboom: Thanks. It's only deducting the 50% off and about $5 I still have as leftover gift card, so I don't have it yet then.

  • +3

    Can get Vartas at Bunnos for this price anytime

    • Nowhere close to as good.

      • +1

        Really? I find them excellent. Good capacity, made in Germany. Never had one leak yet.
        I have had Energizers leak a few times.

      • I think the varta alkaline are fine. Their rechargeables are not good.

    • Vartas are a$$

      • +3

        Should be called Vart-A$$

        • Haha

    • -3

      I can get 'Duragizers' (#1 Best Quarity Guarantee Global Mfg Co Ltd) at my local $2 Shop for HALF the price of the Vartas.

      • For years I thought Duracells were the best quality, followed by Energizers but the quality of both seemed to slump some time back. I have had both brands leak and wreck equipment. These days find I Vartas the best of the commonly available ones and cheap too. Perhaps the brand is not as famous, but they are actually made in Germany and I have never had one leak yet so that's what I use.

        • I don't get the fascination with "made in Germany" for batteries, but whatever floats your boat (or powers your personal massage device, as the case may be)

          • +4

            @OzDJ_: Generally, made in Germany = excellent quality

          • @OzDJ_: Most things made in Germany are great quality.

            I personally don't get the fascination with things made in Australia or USA.

        • My antique Sanwa multimeter runs on 2x1.5V batteries, but after 1 of the batteries leaked, somehow it still runs and works properly on 1x 1x5V AA.
          There were two batteries inside with an expiry date of 1994. The Duracell still runs strong at 1.44V and the Energizer leaked somewhere in 2012.
          I still think that Duracells at least the ones back then are the best quality batteries, 26 years past after the expiry date.

          • +1

            @Winston100s: Yes back then Duracell were good.
            Now they are DuraLeak.

    • +2

      Vartas are good for me too, no issues.

  • Perfect. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, great deal, picked up one of each.

  • +1

    $25 for me

    • same for me

    • +1

      Do the subscribe and save and go to checkout. The order summary will say 10 dollars.

    • You save an additional 50% on this item at checkout

  • perfect, thanks op.

  • I assume the second order if you S&S and dont cancel will be full price (not $10).

    • +1

      Yes, whatever the current price is at the time

  • +5

    How do I buy these without my Eneloops noticing?

    We’ve been in a committed relationship for years.

  • +1

    Tks OP went 3 X AA and 1 X AAA :)

    Good no negs from Greenies .

    • Greenies won't neg long as you dispose of them properly.

  • I can confirm the price is changed at the checkout page

  • awesome thanks!

  • -1

    wtf do people do with batteries? eat them? charge their car with them? I only need a couple rechargeables and bob's your uncle

  • +1

    Thanks for posting this. Topped up enough batteries to last another 2-3 years.

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories › Shoe, Jewellery & Watch Accessories › Watch Accessories › Batteries

    so 2x AA 30pk $20 should qualify for cashback:

    • +1

      S&S is not eligible for cashback. Without the S&S, it'd come back to $25, so you get similar $5 off either way. I'd prefer S&S then expecting cashback tracking though

  • Showing $25 now

    Edit - Ignore that, price is discounted at the checkout. I should really read before posting! ;)

    • that's 12.50 now thu

      • Use "subscribe and save" and cancel the subscription when it's dispatched.

        • Whoops… Does that stack with the 50% off?

          sigh hands in ozbargain license

  • +3

    AAA is out. Got to the checkpage before I realised it had defaulted to a standard price third party.
    AA is still in stock.

  • Received both today. quick delivery.

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