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[eBay Plus] Bose QC35 II $287.20, OPPO A52 64GB/4GB $197.60 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


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  • Good deal! The Bose 700's are on sale for $400 at the moment (Amazon Prime) - but these are a great alternative if you don't want to spend that much.

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      Is the Bose 700 even worth the money compare to this?

      • Depends on what you value more I guess. The 700's have better and more customizable ANC, but these are more comfortable. Don't think that question has a definitive answer, just personal preference.

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          I think the reviews for the 700 have been very mixed, and recent firmware updates have dramatically impacted the noise cancellation, unfortunately.

          The 35's for this price are solid and well regarded even to this day. Even the 25's still also perform relatively well today.

      • I listened to Bose 700 in store vs the QC35 and thought the 700 were quite significantly better sounding. Just how much is that is worth to you is subjective.

  • epic

  • wow whats wrong today

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    Can you do a diy and change the battery in 5 years time?

  • This seems so cheap. Can you join eBay plus on a trial to get this benefit and then just cancel it? lol

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    Its going to be a hard explaining to the wife when she sees the credit card statement next month………………….

  • Would love to use mine as gaming headset but you can't out of the box. They have released qc35 gaming edition with mic that just snaps into place but no word on if it will be sold separately.

    Does anyone use there 35's for gaming (team chats)? If so, what's your setup like. Cheers 😊

    • You would want the gaming edition.

      Normal Bluetooth doesn't support stereo sound and microphone at the same time, so they are terrible for gaming.

      QC35s are brilliant for travel, or phone calls in busy areas like cafes.

      • thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know if it's the hardware side of things (35's) or just in the plug and play adaptor that provides the support?

        I haven't seen the price for the gaming version but I image there would be better options on the market given the Bose name your paying for.

  • doesnt work

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      ah it will work tonight

      • what time?

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          Flash sale starts 8pm AEDT, ends 9pm AEDT

  • listing saying "limited quantity available" even now. How many people will get the discount price :)

    • There's also silver colour

      • Is this deal only on Silver colour ?

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