This was posted 3 years 6 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[eBay Plus] 20% off All Plus Items (Min Spend $120) @ eBay

Flash sale starts 8pm AEDT, ends 9pm AEDT

UPDATE: confirmed that the discount is fully covered by eBay (hopefully no price jacking).

UPDATE 2: have also been told by dealbot and sources that its possibly 20% off all eBay plus listings!

Saw this banner on the home page being advertised as the biggest eBay Plus sale ever. I knew eBay would pop up to ruin Amazons sale, gotta love some competition

Min spend

$120 (adding multiple lower value eBay Plus items to reach this amount would also qualify)

Max discount

$200 per transaction
Multiple items may be purchased in 3 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

Excluded items as usual:

(88433) Other, (130) Tickets, (123416) Other Tickets, Travel, (9800) Cars, Bikes, Boats, (3252) Travel, (3253) Flights, (183477) Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs, (10542) Real Estate, (316) Services, (11116) Coins, (184609) Gift Cards & Vouchers; and

Excluded sellers:
  • Coles Supermarkets
  • Fantastic Furniture
  • Lenovo
  • Officeworks
  • Myer

Here are the T&C

Worth checking your eBay watchlist tonight and we'll see how this goes…

Don't forget to click through Shopback to get an extra $10 bonus and 5% Cashback

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  • +6

    Max discount kinda sucks :/

    • isn't this just 20% and not up to 20%? or am i blind

      • +4

        "maximum discount of $200 per transaction". Keep your order between $120-$1000 to get the full discount.

        • +2

          defin grabbing the switch

        • so we can only do 3 transactions?

          and each one the maximum is $1000 spend

          so we can spend 3 transactions at $1000 each
          and get back $600?

          • @pinkybrain: Mostly correct. The maximum spend doesn’t have to be $1000 but if you do over $1000 then you don’t get the full discount. For example you could do one transaction for $1200 but your discount will max at $200 which would only be 16.67% discount.

            • @Slo20: yeah that is why you should get close to $1000

              and leave the extra for a second transaction.

    • +1

      10 items per transaction, up to 3 transactions. So you can buy up to $3k ($1k at a time)?

      • seems like this is the case from my own above question and answer

        so max you can get back is $600 with $3000 spend (of 3 x $1000 transactions)

  • +6

    price jacking already happened?

    • Not yet :) Keeping an eye on my list

      • it will occur by 8pm

        • haha, at 7:59 PM :)

          • @b0nd: yeah they still got heaps of time…

            "ebay discounts is a joke"

            this should be a regular chant every time there is an ebay discount promotion

            • @pinkybrain: I have 5 items in my list - keeping an eye on price now and getting ready for the joke anytime before 8 PM

    • +3

      My body is ready

      • +2

        wallet too?

  • Ebay is just competing with Prime day

        • +41

          Its losing.

          It is losing.

          It's losing.


        • It's

      • +4

        They better tighten up then

    • if competing is defined as in fake discounts (ie pricejacking)

    • +5

      Actually, they're not. They don't want to compete, so they're throwing some confetti in the air to distract people.
      If they dropped the 'eligible items'.. that would be competing.

  • Already bought Samsung SSD last night with 10%

    • Enjoy it; a bird in the hand…

    • You can claim with ebay price guarantee.

      • See if they have any deal with SSD tonight.

    • no worries, most likely it will be pricejack close to 20% today

      so you won't missed out on much

  • +4

    Price jacking makes it redundant, next….

  • Any deal on ssd or gpu?

  • +3

    They’re touting is as “the biggest eBay Plus sale ever”.

    Well, let’s see..

  • +3

    Poor eBay trying to stay relevant on Prime Day

  • -5

    Just tested it on an Ebay Plus item that's not in the exuded list or excluded sellers.. didn't work at checking.

    This must be on only "SELECTED Ebay PLus items"

    • +3

      starts 8pm AEDT

      • Thanks, missed that one

    • +1

      This must be on only "SELECTED Ebay PLus items"

      Also Tonight.

    • +1

      It’s a flash sale between that only runs between 8pm and 9pm tonight, so it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

      • Got it thanks.

    • There's always one

  • +4

    It’s a waste of time trying to find items that are eligible.

  • Just spent $250 last night, spewing

    • +2

      Don't worry, it is ebay plus items only and they usually are more expensive anyway (20% off might bring them back to normal price).

  • +1

    Only for 1 hour? Wtf

    • +2

      yea, hopefully this is actually good. eBay might be discounting out of their own pocket

  • +4

    Probably good to add to the description to stack with the Shopback offer
    (Bonus $5 / $10 for Min $10 / $30 spend) + 3% cashback

    • Will it stack if code used? Summoning GotYourBack!

    • Read the terms and conditions: it's unlikely to stack.

      • +2

        The use of coupon codes will not qualify you for the regular cashback, but you will still be eligible for the bonus.

        • Well that's a welcome change of pace… guys I was confusing it with last night's Amazon deal.

  • -1

    Any decent 49 - 55” android tv’s included?
    I can’t see anything good :(

    • with a max discount of $200.. its not going to be anything special for TV's

      • All the TVs listed in the sale are under $1k. Max size 65", a TCL TV.

  • +1

    can some one with plus confirm if is available to goodguys

    • +1

      we'll see when the clock strikes 8pm aedt

      • bargains sometimes make me blind :(

    • think they are not included

  • +1

    Amazon Prime vs Ebay Plus:

  • Catch to follow?

  • If it's across the board, it might bring the Xiaomi 34" monitor to $480.

  • +1

    wtf is an eligible item

    • +3

      Item's that have been jacked by >15%

    • Stuff that no one wants

    • Anything at or above RRP

  • chances on nintendo switch from gamesmen or something?

  • -3

    Only if they offered me a FREE eBay+ membership otherwise no deal.

  • Can you purchase overseas products in this sale?

  • +1

    I am going to build a budget gaming PC, Is this available for small retailer like PCcasegear, computer alliance etc?

  • +2
    • thanks!! it looks like it's only got 15000 results tho, that's not even "millions of items" as they advertised. maybe adding more to the list?

      • Probably since it said millions, saw this link on the banner on the home page saying to "Peek at the range"

      • The amount is fluctuating every couple of minutes actually going down. How odd.

        2000 items gone.

    • +5

      "20% off* millions of items"
      and right below it
      "1-24 of 15,038 results"

      • It might be millions of items.. but only 15038 categories of items (e.g. 20% off… a million paperclips we have in the warehouse!)

  • +1

    "Eligible items" again, /sigh. Wish it was plus site wide

    • it might be sitewide for plus items as there is another banner on the link @applause sent above, saying "eBay plus exclusive: plus badged items only"

      • Had a quick read through the T&Cs and don't think it'll apply to all plus badged items. Awesome if it does but not holding my breath

  • +3

    $120 minimum spend is a bit of a killer

  • +5

    I don't know which I hate more: the price jacking or figuring out what is Eligible.

    • Or items disappear from listing when sale starts 😂

    • Managed to snag a Gigabyte 5600XT for about $385 plus 5% cashback from SB.

      Shame I missed the extra $5 or $10 cashback from SB.

  • Seem very good price for the Xiaomi 34" monitor if they don't jack it tonight.

  • I've used the Ebay Plus free trial. Is there anyway I can purchase the membership for a month only?

    • I wish, but no. The time worth joining is on June 1.

  • Looks like no has learned about the Crappy Eligible Items of the past !

    96 upvotes and not even live .

    • -8

      lol - No matching items found

      and i searched for ubiquiti

      '20% off millions of items' and yet the search results on the offers main page shows:

      '1-24 of 12,809 results'

      good old feebay

      • +1

        please check again

        I've searched that term and see multiple results from Computer Alliance. chances are that the page is currently updating between now and 8pm

  • Any good webcams or microphones on sale?

  • +3

    Why start at 8PM? To give everyone time to jack prices?

    • +4

      To stop people from buying from Amazon all day in anticipation for what the eBay sale will bring

  • -8

    Between 'excluded sellers', 'excluded categories', 'eligible items only' and price jacking this is a joke.

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