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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch $375.20, Switch Lite $239.20, Ring Fit $95.20 Delivered @ Big W eBay


Edit - my little tweety bird just told me that tonight’s 20% deal is for all eBay plus items!

The price we were all expecting from Prime Days, now delivered by ebay!

Don't forget to click through Shopback to get an extra $10 bonus plus 5% cashback -

The use of coupon codes will not qualify you for the regular cashback, but you will still be eligible for the bonus.

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    Cmon ebay! Stick it to Amazon!

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    Feels like we have had a while with no good deals, today is popping off!

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    eBay barely offered any good deals during "Plus Month" - they had to ride Amazon's coat tails on Prime Day to prove they still know how to offer real discounts

  • +1

    Is this the latest iteration of the Switch console?

    • +2

      Tentatively, yes.

    • +4

      I'm with you, got my switch maybe 2 years ago for 325…. Not worth more then that tbh but strange times indeed, supposed recession but ppl just throwing their money at gpus, new gen consoles.. Weird

  • When is this going on sale? I can only see 'later'

    • +2

      It says "From 8pm-9pm AEDT. Min spend $120."

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    After all the dodgy specials and racing for a pair of $99 airpods from some silly batch of 100 every hour, ebay has to present a super stunning deal for me to pull the trigger.

    But for all those in the market for a Switch and with no trauma - go for it!

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    Lol, eBays outdoing Amazon on Prime day

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    But Amazon is $409 with Minecraft

    • Wait where?

    • +1

      Given the price of Minecraft, seems like this is a better deal … Unless I can find someone to pay me more than $33.80 for Minecraft.

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    Nice gamble dealbot :)

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    This is so not funny. After all year long they hold the price up and suddenly today they went on price war.
    I went for $409 console + Minecraft since I have no use of eBay Plus membership (apart from those rare Eneloop deals, but we can always go to IKEA for LADDA nowadays)
    If you can sell the Minecraft for $35, the price will end up about the same anyway.

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    Guy above is right really - these are deal prices at a smidgen higher than a year ago. Good prices for now however!

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    Oh no. Took me a while to make peace that last night's Amazon deal wasn't worth it, then this shows up!

    Before I pull the trigger does anyone know if those $50 vouchers for signing up to eBay plus work?

  • What if I buy Switch Lite and realise it doesn’t have games I want or I don’t enjoy it very much, what other uses does it have?
    Does it have a web browser? Can I play YouTube? My own music player or a Bluetooth player?

    • +1

      No to all. If you don't want to play games that are already available on it don't buy it.

    • +1

      I have a switch lite and only playing rocket league and mario 35 atm (both free2play).
      I sell all my switch games for $45-55 on FB market place when bored.

    • +1

      yes you can play youtube

    • +1

      There's a YouTube app but that's the only media playing app in the store that I could see… Never tested the YouTube app so can't say if it's any good though.

    • +1

      Wouldn't you just use your phone for that? Your phone screen is probably bigger anyway.

  • +2

    Just shows how much Amazon is ripping off its 'prime' "members"

    What a joke.

    • +1

      Prime is the best. Free shipping. Movies. Music. Twitch. It’s not bad value. Far better than eBay plus

  • -1

    Code working ?

    • Not available yet

  • Switch lite is good deal I think

  • -1

    Anyone know time

    • +6

      Right now it's 11:50am AEST.

      • Lol wtf I meant when the deal starts

  • Edit - my little tweety bird just told me that tonight’s 20% deal is for all eBay plus items!

    Well if it does I'll give you a medal .

    My tweety bird of history says no way but 1 hr of damage might be ok for them ( only for people to line up products and be diverted away from Prime Sales ) :)

    I'm still on the bet of Eligible only in Ebay + items .

    • whats the verdict?

  • canceling my amazon switch order to get this

    • cancel after getting this.

      • opps, thats what i meant :)

    • Switch or switch lite

      • If you want to play on big screen (TV) Switch.
        Switch lite is only handheld.

  • +1

    I'll wait for black Friday
    Hopefully they'll do the same as last year.. or better..

  • Amazon dropped the switch to $399 without the game haha… Guess they caught wind of these better deal.

    • That even worse value though…

  • So does anyone recommend switch lite? Casual gaming. ? Does it work with nes online ? Etc

    • +1

      Perfect replacement for a 3DS. Obviously you can't connect to the TV but if you just want a portable gaming system there's plenty of quality content on there. Can play NES online and all that stuff, there's only a few games that require the dock and that's normally motion control stuff.

  • Dammit I said to myself I'd buy a switch lite off prime if they were under $250 and of course eBay do it.

    CBF creating a fake eBay account or paying for plus, guess I just wait for black friday

  • It's live. Nabbed myself a switch. Thanks OP

  • Got a Switch and Ring Fit. Can't wait!

    $117 off from total + Cashback..not bad

  • $375.20 for Switch. $10 bonus and 5% cashback - should net under $350. Beautiful. Thanks op!

    • Was the $10 bonus from the first Prime purchase offer?

  • My apologies for taking 2 switches :D

  • +1

    Grey model out of stock @ Big W …

  • Managed to get a neon one! Kids xmas is sorted!

  • +1


  • +1

    Thanks OP, managed to get two charcoal lites. I had the coral and turquoise in my cart but ebay wanted to go through a security verification as soon as i went to pay for them… lol

  • Does anyone think they just spend money they don’t need to on ozbargain? I got the last yellow switch lite

    • Yes. I think so. Now spending more to buy games/screen protectors/cases/accessories and the list goes on.