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[Prime] DualShock 4 $48 (Black/Green), Nintendo Switch + Minecraft Bundle $409, The Last of Us Part II $48 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Update: PlayStation DualShock 4 Controllers $48 Available 14/10 5:30pm (Black/Green)

More detail on Amazon prime day has been revealed from yahoo! finance for Electronics and Video Games category.

Nintendo Switch and Minecraft bundle for $409

Step 1: While stocks last, add 1 x select Nintendo Switch Console [Neon Blue/Red] and 1x select Minecraft – Nintendo Switch Game from the selection below to your cart.

Step 2: Ensure you are logged into the account associated with your Australian Amazon Prime membership and proceed to checkout

Step 3: The total purchase price for the two qualifying items (must be purchased in a single order) will be automatically adjusted at checkout to $409.

This Offer is valid until the earlier of 23:59:59 (AEDT) on 14th October 2020, or while stocks last

Here are the estimated price

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Updated: The Last of Us Part II $48


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Video Games

Select Nintendo Switch Consoles (Neon Blue/Red) and select Nintendo Minecraft Games for $409
Save up to 51% off RRP on select PlayStation DualShock 4 Controllers ($44.08-48.98)
The Last of Us Part 2 - PlayStation 4 for $49.97 (sold by Amazon AU only). Save 50% off RRP
Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset for $568 (sold by Amazon AU only). Save $55 off
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console Black for $399 (sold by Amazon AU only). Save 28% off RRP. Limited stock available
Save 15% off select Playstation 4 video games

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  • Who would buy Oculus Rift S at $568 since Quest 2 is only $479? Releasing tomorrow too! FYI just sold my Quest for $350, getting ready for Quest 2!

    • Some people would choose Rift S over Quest 2 because it has:

      1) Sharper resolution (2560 x 1440 vs. 1832 x 1920) and better refresh rates when running heavy apps.
      2) Abitlity to play ALL the VR games on the market. (You still can play them on Quest 2 with some accessories, not as good as Rift S though, but you still need a VR-ready PC for it).
      3) COMFORT - I heard that Quest is not as comfortable as Rift S, not sure if they have fixed it in Quest 2. Just imagine you have to put the whole machine in front of your eyes compare to just a screen (Rift S), so…?

      If you are just after some video clips/movies/light apps in VR, Quest 2 is great. But for gaming and comfort, I still prefer Rift S.

      • The quest 2 has two screens, which are 1832x1920 each. The rift S has one 2560x1440 screen that is used for both eyes. The quest 2 has a higher resolution, and also runs at 90hz compared to the 80hz on the rift s. The quest 2 has the ability to use quest link and play PC VR games, and also the functionality to use WIFI 6 and wirelessly play PCVR with virtual desktop at practically the same latency as quest link. Comfort will be be subjective to a degree and i haven't seen what others think yet, ive only tried the rift s, but i think i will buy the quest 2 later in the year.

      • You can't really prefer the Rift S over the Quest 2 for comfort when you literally haven't tried it.
        And the Rift-S is 80hz. Quest 2 will get it's full 90hz unlocked soon.
        And Rift S is only better resolution in width, vertically it's less.

        The difference spec wise is nowhere near as cut and dry as you're making it out to be.
        In fact the defined RGB pixels in the Quest 2 reduce SDE significantly and may provide a noticable clarity update over the Rift S screen.


      • Others have already addressed your points, I will just mention one thing:

        Rift S is being discontinued by Oculus in 2021.

        It also hasn't received any new hardware/software updates by Oculus for a very long time compare to Oculus Quest. Packaging the abandoned Rift S as a deal at this time is a huge rip-off.

      • You've been misinformed.
        The rift s is last year's version of the quest 2 these days.

    • I was waiting to see if they did a good sale on the Rift S, I was expecting a huge discount because yeah the Quest 2 beats it in every way (once you have a link cable).

      I wonder when Oculus will do their 'get rid of stock' sale, it's gotta be soon as it's discontinued surely it's not selling anymore.

      I'd grab it for sub $300 if I didn't have VR, but (profanity) that price.

  • Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset for $568

    Wow, what a bargain!
    I just paid $479 for the Quest2, that's a saving of -$99

    • Is the experience of the quest not worse, with way lower processing power than the computer the rift is likely connected to? Genuine question.

      • Quest can also play PC games by connecting it to your PC wired or wirelessly.

      • The experience on the Quest would be worse.

        Because of limited bandwidth video data is encoded on PC, transferred through wireless or link cable, and decoded again on Quest.

        I have a good wireless connection but the video is significantly worse than my lower resolution WMR headset and the latency is noticeable. This is not an equally good substitute for a PC headset. The Quest ecosystem is great, though.

  • Switch is still too expensive this late in its life.

    • -Agree

      IMO not a deal unless under $390

    • But people are still buying it at this price this late in its life. Price drop maybe when next gen releases, but then again maybe not considering this switch price will be half of what they're selling for anyway.

    • Regardless of how 'in demand' it is: $400+ for a 3½ year-old 1080p gaming device is unjustifiable, especially when each of the first party games are perpetually priced at $69 and there's a 100% chance of experiencing Joy-Con drift within the first two years of use.

      Gonna entirely skip it and wait for the 4K Home version to be announced, I'm only buying it for Metroid, Mario and Zelda at this point.

      • You're not Nintendo's market. $400 for a console to entertain kids, I reckon parents can justify that.

        P.S. I'm also waiting for some kind of Pro version and Metroid more importantly.

      • 4k on a 11inch screen, you realise thats dumb right

        • I think their TV is larger than 11"

        • you realise switches can be hooked to a tv

        • That's why I said the Home version ;)

        • The Switch is not really a 1080p gaming device, the screen in the console is 720p. Even a step up to 1080p in a Pro version would be a significant improvement. Yes, you can play 1080p when docked, but I don't really think that counts (at least to me).

          • @joshau: 720p on handheld is good enough.

            Have you guys played Raiden V ?

            Can’t even see the bullets properly be cash the dots are already tiny ass

      • 100% is not quite right, I've got a launch Switch and my joycons have been flawless.

        If you don't think it's worth it, then more power to you. But as others have pointed out, the price point is justified for them for what it provides. A year or so ago it wasn't too difficult to find it for $300-350, but post-rona it's a bit of a different landscape.

      • I have had a switch since launch, and family members/co-workers/friends in total have about 70-100 switches among them and none have had JC drift. I don't think its as prominent as you think.

        Definitely an issue, but not 100% likely.

      • there's a 100% chance of experiencing Joy-Con drift
        Well this is just false.

        Neither I or any of my friends with a switch have experienced drift.

      • Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

      • I've had mine since it released in 2017 and never had drift issues touch wood

      • I have been running 4 sets of Joycon pairs since close to launch in 2017 - no issues with drift yet.

        I have however had the rubber thumbstick lift up on a few of them though (and they are quite hard to get back in place nicely when this happens).

      • Had my switch for 2 years now and there's no joycon drift. A big issue for sure, but not "100% chance of experiencing Joy-Con drift within the first two years of use"

      • Regardless of how 'in demand' it is: $400+ for a 3½ year-old 1080p gaming device is unjustifiable

        R U OK?

        What you want to play Mario Kart at 4K? Does it really matter?

        If U want 4K content you get a PS/Xbox

        Can you take a PS4 with you in the car?

      • Some would argue $600 for a 1440p gaming device is too much too, the PS5 still sold out of preorders though.
        At the end of the day people buy these systems for games, if they only cared about resolution they wouldn't be buying consoles.

    • I bought it for $325 soon after launch….no idea how its gone up in price

    • Given in the US it just broke the all-time sales record ($ value) for August I'm going to suggest Nintendo are pretty happy with their price positioning at the moment.

    • Agreed. I bought my son one last black friday sale for $330 including mart kart 8 code.

  • No love for xbox controller?

  • I have to say, so far it's a little underwhelming for how much it was hyped

  • Yeah, first 2 years of prime day deals were decent in the US,
    I reckon we are following the same trend.

    Only difference is that there were plenty of price errors on the US Site on prime day the previous years. I was able to snag a Sony A6000 camera for $94.xx last year.

  • Nintendo Switch $409… yeah nah

  • No xbox games :(. Also the PS4 pro seems like a clearance sale for the new consoles.

    • It's not even a good price. I bought my ps4 pro black friday sale not last yr but the yr before for under $350.

  • so far not many real bargains yet, hopefully there will be some tomorrow

  • Hopefully heavily discounted Xbox controller so I can use it with my PC.

  • Select Nintendo Switch Consoles (Neon Blue/Red) and select Nintendo Minecraft Games for $409

    Does a console come with a game or is it separate?

  • Do we think Samsung phones might get good deals too? FE? S20+?

  • Here’s some prices on Oppo phones -

    OPPO A52 Stream White: $245.02 (18% off)
    OPPO A52 Twilight Black: $245.02 (18% off)
    OPPO A91 Lightening Black: $396.87 (20% off)
    OPPO Find X2 Lite Moonlight Black: $647 (14% off)
    OPPO Find X2 Lite Pearl White: $647 (14% off)


  • Can anyone confirm if computer parts (e.g. cpu, mobo, gpu etc) would go on sale?
    I'm really hoping for a r3 3300x and a gtx 1650 super to go on sale :)